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Heavy Rain

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (269 reviews)"

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  5 Star - Brilliant

| | See all Moodus's reviews (3)

If you ever played the game Farenheit and enjoyed it, expect something 10x better.
If you love a game with an in depth storyline something that is going to get you hooked this is the game, playing the demo alone I was hooked and wanted to know what happened next. In the demo you only get to play 2 level (or small parts of levels) But both are completly different. If you love a game with multiple things to do, interacting with objects and having many different outcomes for you this is the game. As a writter below mentioned the fight scene they are so right, it's not simple button comes up and you press. You have to be quick and if you miss it or do the slightest thing wrong the computer gets the upper hand. At first they seem too quick and you do miss a few but after a while you get use to it and start getting into a pattern and feel more and more engrosed into the action.
Also the graphics, wow. If you love games with supurb graphics as well. Your going to get it. i only have a standard deffinition TV so the writting on the screen is a bit awkward but still, wow! Will look amazing in HD.

Basically if you love, interaction games, where the action is more in your hands. A storyline that can change depending on your actions. Have multiple outcomes to just a few scenes, then this is a game for you. Plus the added bonus of amazing graphics. This game is must have for ps3.

  brilliant inventive game

| | See all alex625x's reviews (2)

just like the other reviews, based on the demo. awesome game, one of the best atmosheric thrilling games i have played. can't wait to play it all the way through. buy it.

  Couldn't Believe IT!!

| | See all MightyDadzis's reviews (6)

Im one of those guys who is dragged into the whole online gaming.. But it stopped me seeing what a game is meant to be... I played the demo this morning and its like being in a movie. Everything you do has a consequence.. e.g when in a fight sequence if you lose the fight then the outcome is different to if you win.. there is no GAME OVER basically!! Can't wait definitely a must have!!

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| | See all StandTalluk's reviews (6)

Going from what I have seen on the demo.

Finally a game which is a little different to what we have seen on the PS3 so far.

The control system is a little different but very easy to get used to, the game keeps you on your toes, the graphics are awesome.

Can't wait for this one!

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  The first of a new breed ?

| | See all tecker's reviews (1)

This review is based on the exclusive demo for completing the online 4 days challenge - anyone who hasn't completed this challenge can download the demo from the PSN store on Thursday 11/2/2010 (UK).
This game is like a breath of fresh air; intuitive controls, seamless gameplay, incredible voice acting and awesome graphics! It really is a step away from the "gun-ho" style of game and introduces us to a more involved and almost personal style of game play. Subtle nuances and actions affect how the game progresses and spur you on to get more involved with the game, this combined with the moody nature of the game sucks you in!
This demo has reinforced the fact that this will probably be one of THE games of the year for 2010, so glad I preordered the exclusive.

Well done QuanticDream!

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| | See all outlaw212's reviews (10)

havin completed the the heavy rain four day challenge last nite i got a code to get the demo early and my god im glad i did this game is more than outstanding its epic glads i preordered it cause i have a feelin its going to be a sellout get while ya can i say

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  Change Is Good.

| | See all RamboSi's reviews (5)

Well, ive been watcing this closely. And it looked amazing in the origional trailers. But then the trailers over the last few months have seemed to be a bit of a let down.

BUT, i played the demo from start to finish. And all i can say is, this is a must by. The voice acting, motion capture and atmosphere are brilliant. But, the part you all want to know is that yes the graphics are the best ive seen on any console. And the gameplay is so different its actually engrossing, and you feel you Have to keep playing. Overall, Brilliant.

  Based on the demo

| | See all amanbhogal's reviews (6)

Having completed the Heavy Rain Four Days Challenge and being offered an exclusive code to download the demo, I almost had to play it immediately. This is a videogame which i have been highly anticipating for since its first appearance in June 2009, and now with only 2 weeks left, the anticipation is growing bigger and bigger, and the demo only adds to my impatience. It is superb, and one which any gamer should consider playing, simply because it is different - different in a way that it throws conventional Third Person, First Person Action and Adventure where one must kill this person, carry out this mission, and drive around a map like a total loony, out of the window. Quanticdream has clearly taken a huge gamble here with creating a game that will undoubtedly not favour with many people, but their commitment to finish such an intelligent and complex mature game really shows their confidence. The entire game works on all levels: in a film, the context would be cliche, but in a videogame, it is unique. The dramatic music, the AI, the graphics, the HUD, the contextual controls, and the pitter-patter of thundering rain really strengthens the basis of a disturbing, compelling and utterly enthralling atmosphere for a compelling and enthralling videogame. As Playstation UK Magazine said, put all conventional ideas aside: Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, and you WILL be presented with a superb and undeniably unique masterful presentation of adult adventure thriller. As soon as the videogame is released on the 26th February, i will write another review.

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| | See all stug182's reviews (7)

i got the demo last night and i can tell its going to be absolutely engrossing and enjoyable until the end, the graphics are just second to none, the voice acting is amazing, the story is very interesting, the controls are simple to master, defiantly going to be one of THE games to purchase in 2010 sorry Xbox... :P

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