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Heavy Rain

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (269 reviews)"

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  one of a kind!

| | See all fatman7's reviews (1)

this is by far the best game i have ever played! i found myself not able to put the control down no matter what time of day or how tired i was. this game draws you in and does not let you go until you complete it. even after that with 8 differnt endings you just come back for more. it is an emotional rolercoster, and just when you think you know where you are and what is happening you realise you are wrong. if you dont play this game you will be missing out on a piece of gaming genius!

  one of a kind

| | See all wineman's reviews (52)

heavy rain is different, for me, different in a good way, an outstanding way. people say that this would be better in a film, which i highly disagree with, the point is to choose what YOU want to happen and what you want to do. in a film, there's only one way it can end, as you're not doing anything other than watching, the point of heavy rain is to do it yourself, as if you are the actual people choosing what to say/ do. this for me is one of the most emotional games ive played; not just because the game can end in different ways, but because you get so attatched to the characters, especially ethen mars.

sometimes you just want to jump in the tv and help him, even though that sound a bit wierd, but it's just such a different game, and such a success in my eyes. this game isnt all about pressing a button and the screen move on, not only do you have to pay close attention and be fast (which for me is tense and quite enjoyable), but you also have to do a number of things to try and figure out where to go and what to do

the people involved should feel proud of this game, as it gave me goosebumps and made me feel for the characters so much. after completing the game i can see why its a 15, purely because it can get so emotianal. this is for me one of the best games in 2010.

overall, if you are a person who enjoys playing shooting games and nothing much else, then save your money, if your one of the people like me who like most types of games, and pay close attention to the detail and story of the game, then please, GET THIS

  Even better with move

| | See all theresok's reviews (1)

The free download to upgrade to the move edition is well worth it and I went back and played again feeling even more envolved than the first time.

  Goose Bumps

| | See all Klommel's reviews (1)

This is the first time (and probably the last) a game has ever given me goose bumps. The story is so perfectly set-up, that you feel a relationship with the main characters right away.

The game starts a little slow, but it serves it's purpose. While you get to learn the characters, you also get to learn the new inovative controls.

During the game, the scenes are breathtaking and scary. The lightning, ambiance and graphics are just about perfect. The movement however isn't always up to speed. I got trapped on a stairway once. Could get of it.

All by all a superb game. Will play it more than once, but for now I just enjoy the impression it made the first time around!

  does it work.......yes!

| | See all PJRed99's reviews (118)

ok so its not very interactive and whereas older games of the same genre failed pretty badly,alot on sega mega cd (which i actually enjoyed) and dragons lair etc this has leaps and bounds surpassed it all and works very,very well.
although i doubt ill play it through more than once,just the one playthrough so far has been amazing,little choices change so much,i feel attached emotionally to the characters and it really is one of a kind.


| | See all Jade321's reviews (4)

I was stunned when I played this, it is more like an interactive movie than a game, but I enjoyed every second of it. There were many intense moments throughout the game and if you don't do the littlest thing right it can change the game completely! It was such a different gaming experience to anything I have ever played before and I was so intrigued to see how the story would end and who the Origami Killer was, which I won't talk about, because it would only spoil it! For something different and to show what the PS3 controller can actually do it is absolutely amazing and I think a lot of people would enjoy it if they have a strong stomach!

  Heavy Rain = Epic!!

| | See all smeedy's reviews (11)

When i first heard about this game i actually said to my dad that this will be an amazing game and it is which is great, to be honest this should be more like a film but the great thing it isn't because you can interact with the game and your interaction in the game can have an impact on character choices and alternating endings, I love this game and its may possibly be my favourite game!! Just Buy the game you wont be let down!!


| | See all vegeta692001's reviews (6)

This game is fantastic the graphics are mind blowing i'm playing it on a HD projector which offers a 91inch screen and it's amazing. I have only finished it once so still hours of fun left :)

  best ever ps3 game that has a great edge to it !

| | See all playgirl21's reviews (3)

i bought this game thinking-oh no dont know if i will like this at all......but...
omg !! its fantastic love the whole story and the characters are great and you can play the 4 lead characters aswell throughut game which is far more interesting. i really liked the game play as your actions have consequences either good or bad ! so you have got to make what you think are the right choices, this game has over 50 endings depending on what your actions throughout were

this game will suit men and us girls to !! as its not a gory,scary,alien,soot them up type game at all. the game has been made as if your watching/taking part in a film! .very cleverly made and the game has great twists to it aswell ! heavy rain also uses the ps3 controls syaxsis very well.

i really hope the makers of heavy rain make a second !!!!!! :P

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  Great Story / Average Game

| | See all Trefusis's reviews (243)

As a demonstration of what the PS3 is capable of, this is a decent introductory game.

While rough around the edges, and with some appalling screan tear, it at least utilizes the controller and provides the player with an engaging story.

It's not a long game, but if you are prepared to replay the same scenes, you can alter your choices to see how the storyline pans out differently.

While hardly the groundbreaking interactive experience the makers claim (only those too young to remember Dragon's Lair will consider this an original experience), it still provides characters you can almost care about and a decent twist ending, which are lacking from most games.

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