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Far Cry 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (130 reviews)"

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  Stupidest game ever

| | See all gilo1596's reviews (6)

What is the point in a game where everywhere you drive you get shot or catch malaria. Yes the open world is all very cool and beautiful, but there are many equally as good open world games out there, if not better. Missions are miles from each other and the story leads to nothing. Wont be buying any of the Far cry series in a hurry.

  Excellent game

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

Wow. For me, this is cutting edge gaming. I like the total immersion in a beautiful, hostile and huge landscape that allows me to explore a variety of habitats in all kinds of vehicles (including a glider!).

The minimal gamer data intrusions on-screen allow for much more of a feeling of entering the African world. On a widescreen HD TV, this is absolutely breathtaking.

Specific game play details are widely available, but I am very satisfied with the array of weapons, confrontations, variable character behavior for repeat play and startling action set-pieces.

The fact that day becomes night, the weather changes, fires left unattended can burn out of control and that weapons age and fall apart over time enhances all elements of this absolutely terrific game. Hard to imagine areas for improvement on this one given the premise.

And let me say again the terrain for open exploration is huge. Must be about 20 square miles of savannah and jungle. That is very big for a seamless open and widely variegated naturalistic landscape.

The mission is simple. You're a bounty hunter looking for an arms dealer equipping both sides of a bloody (tribal?) war.

Oh yes, here's the coolest thing of all. There's a fantastic Map Editor that allows you to design your own level. Yes, create a world of rivers, plains, jungles and structures. There are over a thousand choices! And then you and your friends can enter it for game play.

Highly recommended. This world is hard to leave...

  very underated game

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

I love this game there is so much to do the world map is just huge there is loads of side missions to do or find and u can approach any mission the way u want u can go in at night and be stealthy or u can just run in all gus blazing or u can set a fire and burn them out it really is great fun the story can get a little boring at times but nothing to make u want to not finish it the online is ok its not as good as killzone,resistance or cod but it is still good for wht it is and some of the maps are just so big the map creator is also amazing its so in depth u can create anything and I mean anything for the price tht it is now buy it it defo worth a try at least

  Excellent Game

| | See all nawdoublea's reviews (49)

Before getting this game i read over a bunch of mixed reviews, the bad reviews saying about the amount of travel and lack of save points, i now own the game and can see that those reviews are utter rubbish, the travel makes it all the more real, a car is never too far away plus there are bus stop points to quicker travel, also i was not expecting many safe house's to save a game but as far i have come across plenty.

I am very happy to have got this game as its just an excellent open world FPS, its no Call Of Duty but it does not try to be, the only connection is that it is a FPS, an excellent alternative to anything else there is.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I think you can consider this a FPS and a RPG rolled into 1 package and it is quite an enjoyable package at that. The open map part of it i like a lot which allows you to explore the area you are in and the shooting is excellent in this game also. It has a few glitches but not enough to put you off the game which i think has some of the better graphics out of all the games i have played. Enjoy


| | See all limete's reviews (5)

Great graphics, but not so good gameplay. Quite boring, to be honest. You just drive and drive, and get shot at EVERYWHRERE. But still, gbp10 is super inexpensive, and therefore worth a try!

  Some crippling bugs, but excellent nonetheless

| | See all Gibbo76's reviews (11)

Bought this ages ago, and am on my second attempt to complete the game, but this game (even with patches) still has some massive technical defects.

I've invested over 70 hours total in this game only to get to a point where (due to my game saves becoming corrupted - a known issue with this game on all platforms), I'm unable to complete a mission. Result? Delete all game content from the PS3, and restart everything from scratch.

I enjoy playing the game, and gasp sometimes at the level of realism in the environments and even the AI (enemies talk to each other about you, which changes as you become a more reputable Merc) is very good. But I still can't get over some of the technical issues (heath bar not regenerating, game saves, no auto-save when missions are completed).

A bummer to have to start again, but it is giving me the opportunity to do everything right, and subvert all the missions/do all the side quests...

  Far Cry2

| | See all WtfNonames's reviews (6)

Very good game , i reallyt enjoyed the interaction with the AI characters.....especially when you are up on a cliff overlooking their camp and you rustle a bush or fire off a bullet , i love the stuff they come off with "im gonna kill you man , you're dead" lol genius!

the only thing that lets it down a bit is that the story gets a bit repetitive the more you play , but i found myself obsessing over finding the diamonds and making sure i completed every side mission lol - addictive and fun too.

plenty of hours of gameplay here.......shame the online function wasnt better , it really could have been much more successful

  Crack! Oh sorry, I just had to fix my finger...

| | See all fuzzbuzz's reviews (27)

Not bad at all, slow, repetitive, but not bad at all. Okay, it's repititive and wherever you go it'll take two days for you to reach it (exaggeration), and yes you get attacked every ten feet. But it's not bad at all.

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  Had a lot of potential but didn't reach it

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

There is someone i would like to address. That is the reviewer below me who calls this the best ever. I really can't see that at all and i wonder how you think that. It has some potential with the desert and animals all looking very realistic. The whole setting looks pretty good actually but the story is bad. Another thing thats annoying is that at every mile or so on the road there is some local tribe or something that attacks you and it is quite frustrating. Could have been great