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Buzz! Quiz TV - Special Edition (with 4 Wireless Buzzers)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  good fun

| | See all suly14's reviews (4)

this was perfect when more then two peple wanted to play on the ps3 or had friends over that couldnt play cod.

  Great addition to the buzz family

| | See all RTK421's reviews (4)

This game for the PS3 is in 720P

If you already have wired buzzers then there is no great need for the wireless ones. They dont add to the game play.

There is nothing really new here in the stanard game but they have made some improvements to the game play.

This game comes into its own when used in the online mode and is great to play questions from other buzz players.

Buy this if you are new to buzz or a big fan

  Huge Let down

| | See all BrazilEnut's reviews (4)

This was a hideous disappointment after the ps2 versions, the rounds are the same every time and it is really dull. The online is a pathetic 3 rounds which are always the same also. The second round of which you can see what the other people have answered which leads to people just copying your answers. It's not all bad it has a good end game in the offline mode where you answer questions to stop your platform reaching the bottom eliminating you, this is about all thats good about the ps3 version though. If you liked the ps2 buzz games, stick with them.

  Buzz off and buy this

| | See all Brainwavez's reviews (6)

I am not a fan of Trivial Pursuit, or really any of these types of game really.... until I played this. Play with a bunch of friends, one of the few "family-friendly" games on the PS3. It really is surprisingly good fun, and it gets quite personal when a loved one picks you as their target for a pie-in-the-face.... but then you laugh it off and play again.

The wireless buzzers make it much easier to play, everyone gets to sit on the furniture, instead of squatting around the telly on the floor. The buzzers come with a USB dongle that plugs into the front of the PS3 (I believe the buzzers work on the PS2 also) and I prefer these ones (appearance) to the ones you can buy separately. If you are looking for a game-night game for a mixed audience, this should be on your list.

Note: Because the controllers work via a dongle, they do not use up your small 7 BlueTooth controllers/accessories limit on the PS3.


| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

This is a very addictive game with friends or online. Me and my girlfriend normally team up against online competition.
It's a basic quiz show game. Maybe a little more variety would have been nice though.

  Buzz....buzz..... what a quiz :)

| | See all spenceboy's reviews (26)

This comes is an excellent presentation box - and this is the start of an excellent quiz game. Graphics and sound are excellent, characters are cool. It allows you to play on your own, play with friends or play online.

There are a number of games your can play (not on the online mode) and a good variant of questions. The only downside to this game is the fact that the online games could have more variation as its very fixed in structure and the last round I feel is very imbalanced with the scoring.

Other than that - you will constantly be picking this up just to have another go :)

It was a choice between 4 or 5 star but picked 4 mainly because i use the online most and this could have been improved slighty

And this is a great party game :)

  Great party game, just lacks a bit of variety

| | See all ImranS's reviews (40)

This is easily one of the best party games available on the ps3 and can be played with up to 8 players if you buy an additional set of buzzers. The presentation of the box itself is well made and this edition comes with additional quiz packs that would otherwise have to bought on the playstation store.

The range of questions are far and wide and the gameplay modes are good but can get slightly repetitive over time. Nonetheless this is a great game to dip into when the family and friends are around.

Overall a great multiplayer game but don't expect to spend too much time on the single player modes.


| | See all samwilson's reviews (9)

This game is fantastic - best buzz game ever.

Buy the special edition because you get a lot more questions andwhen your done you can trade it in at game because the special edition is in a box and the normal game is in a plastic wrapping!!!!!!!

Buy this game

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| | See all rixi18's reviews (1)

This game can you put it also in spanish? I really would like to buy this game but only if it's also available in this language. The settings of my PS3 are also in spanish. So normally it should work, not?

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