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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Fear)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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| | See all worldrally1's reviews (4)

Sorry guys but this series doesn't add up to any of the hype. This is a mediocre game at best and does serve well mostly as a time passer. I don't think I will be re-inserting the disc any time soon. Would recommend going for the Resident Evil types games, or even prototype 1 and 2 as the only way you're going to get a shock from this title is if you turn the lights out, put the volume up to max and the brightness as non-existent. Seriously bring back the horror franchise that is "Doom" PLEASE.

  Good game - Scary at times but expected a bit more

| | See all Gabriele78's reviews (2)

I bought this game in May 2010, having not played the original F.E.A.R. ; overall I must say I enjoyed playing it, and it made me jump with "fear" a couple of times.

Graphics are good, there are various scenarios/environments where your shooting skills get tested, but, before buying it, I had a feeling this was going to be a 5 stars game although I was left with a somewhat bitter taste having got to the end.

I guess the experience value must also take into account the price of the game, and given that the game is now under 10 GBP, I'd definitely recommend it.

There are rumors of a F.E.A.R. 3 and I hope that developers will push the game a bit further forward and give us gamers a truly memorable "horror" experience.

  Great under rated game

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

Although not as 'scary' as the original, the gameplay is still as great, even better. Level design is very well done and the AI is still top-notch. Blood and gore seem to have been took up a level this time round, and make a very good job of bringing this FPS forward from the rest of the pack. although you may struggle to find a online game anymore, when you do you will be treated with some great modes and design. Free map packs available bring comedy to this game and the single player add-on pack may cost a bit, but adds to the already very well told story. a defininate purchase for those gamers who love the FEAR franchise, or just purely love a good story and gore in a game.

  To easy but good affects.

| | See all janice147's reviews (2)

This game was completed in 3 days, we had it on easy setting as we had never played this type before, very easy to kill the enemy so would recommend using harder settings, it's also very very confusing as the story is not explained at all, wasnt impressed with the ending, there is obviously a fear 3 due out as the game just simply ends, the story is obviously not finished, bit of a dissapoinment.
The ghostly affects are very good but are rare throughout the game, we did jump afew times when something jumped at the screen but it was rare, they could have done so much more with this game.

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  Great Game!

| | See all RustyRus's reviews (28)

Its a great game if you just wanna go out and shoot up some zombies and ugly things. Not complicated so just endless shooting action. very fun and great value for that price!


| | See all corpsstandard's reviews (1)

I brought this game based on some of the reviews I had read about Resident Evil 5, the basic message being that this game is much better in every way! All I can say is I'M REALLY DISSAPOINTED, the game play is really basic FPS and the graphics are what you would expect from a PS1 shoot'em up.

My advise, if you like a good scare and shoot'em up then DEAD SPACE is the game you should get, (it's also cheaper).

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  Reminds me of Resistance 2.....Better than the first FEAR!!!

| | See all 5iveyFive's reviews (22)

Very good controls, great AI. Good lead in the until you hit the first real challenge, a Armored Mech then it all takes off and you will be rivited to the game. Its brilliant, good atmosphere, will have you coming back for more.


| | See all OneWingedAng3l's reviews (3)

I thought this was an average game. I thought it had a great atmosphere and the sequences with Alma where truly scary. i jumped everytime she popped out. But i thought the major drawback of this game was it was very short!!! and also you work you way through the game and recieve a pretty poor ending in my humble opinion

  Not so sure

| | See all colbason's reviews (11)

When ever i play a game i like to follow the story and maybe because i missed F.E.A.R 1 i cant catch up but this story is just horrible. You start off in some wierd place running after a ghost then you fall into a hole and from there i got lost.

Another problem with this game is graphics. A lot of people have said this games graphics rate 8 or 9 out of 10 but really if you look at other games on the ps3 it rates at about 5 or 6.

The gameplay is not that good either. Again people have said it rates highly but no it doesn't. I hated playing this game, it seems restricted maybe because of the bad graphics or because your charecter runs so slow either way i hated how the controls felt. Also this game kind of reminds me of Goldeneye rogue agent. Not because i didnt like it and it had bad graphics but because i couldnt follow that story either. I Never knew why i was in a place on any mission on both games and when men appeared they was just cannon fodder. Yes Waste as much ammo as you want you pick up ammunition every nano-second.

The final problem with this game is the ease. I bought this game for trophies. Studying what trophies there was you needed to complete the game on the hardest difficulty so i stuck it on hard and eased through each mission at the first time of trying..... you tell me that its hard and your a lier. This game only has one good feature and thats the trophies but they aren't much fun to get. Oh yes and this game just isn't scary anybody who thinks it is will probably be scared of themselves