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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Fear)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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  Not finished it yet but looks like Monolith are back on form

| | See all BareOsaka's reviews (29)

Well, I wrote a review of the 360 demo and mentioned how I really wanted this to be Monoliths revival after the dismal Condemned 2..... And I am very happy to say this game is Awsome!, lots of jumps and scares and a good amount of gunplay aswel. Graphically it's great with very fluid and smooth environments (I have encounterd no glitches or lag at all which is great) some nice details in the lighting and nice water effects.. I like the way the game plays with the characters/your head, this is something Condemned 2 tried to do but failed misrably as it ended up being rediculous, OTT and stupid!

Im only about 4hours in but I already feel this game is worth the 5star rating. Like said before if you like the original or fancy a decent fps with good story and scares then this is perfect...... oh and if you have 5.1 crank it up!!

  Great Sequel

| | See all Piercy13's reviews (9)

If you are a fan of the 1st game then you will love this one as it is much better. Can get a little repetative at time so sometimes its good to have a little break, but you can also play this for hours.
Graphics are a bit grainy but compared to the first theres a massive improvement.
Better story mode.
Online play is good but can be really annoying as other playing have ray guns that will kill you with one zap.
Still a good game and really enjoyable.

  I liked it!

| | See all girlgamer23's reviews (3)

I thought this one was better than the first one! Not as jumpy but maybe because I was expecting it to be! Again its quite short but most of the PS3 games are!! I would say definately worth a go!! Enjoy!

  Not as good as Killzone

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

When I found out that this game finally had a release date I couldn't wait to get it because the first was awesome and everything the critics were saying made it sound really good. So I bought this the week it was released and boy was I dissapointed.

I played this game just after finishing Dead Space and at the same time as Killzone 2 and in comparison it was the worst out of the 3. The graphics are horrible compared to Killzone, the atmosphere isn't as good as Dead Space so it isn't scary, the story is pretty rubbish compared to Dead Space (although it did have more of a story than Killzone), The online is broken (it crashes a lot, you have to wait 10 minutes for the game to start and according to it I have never finished a game when I've played more than a dozen) it has pretty much the same guns as Killzone (Flamethrower, Sniper rifle etc.) and the enemies in both games even look kinda alike.

But what did I like?. Well the enemies were smarter than in Killzone (they try to flank you a lot), the slo-mo is awesome and the game is longer than most other shooters but that's it.

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  not too good

| | See all gamemaster07's reviews (10)

i havnt bought this game coz i was scepitcal about it like the first one so i borrowed it of my mate and i must of been playing it for an hour and after that i just got bored i mean i didnt play it long but basically the first couple of levels involve you going from room to room and killing the people in the room basically it has no flow the overall visuals and that are good all though sometimes i couldn't focus on what i was shooting at it is also very scary which is good i liked that but if you get bored that quick its not worth it really

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  please, have no F.E.A.R

| | See all OMNITURBINE10000's reviews (5)

I waited a long time for this game to come out, i think the original is pretty good and couldnt wait to get my hands on this game.

The moment i did however, i regretted it, the dial a clone bad guys from the first game are still in it, although they have added a new type of enemy but its a bit of a cop out if you ask me, the weapons are nowhere near as good as the first game, my favourite weapon on the first f.e.a.r was the dual pistols, the pistol on this version is pathetic and you cannot dual wield.

Despite the fact that in the first game, the enemies all look the same and the vast majority of the game is set in one boring place, the second game also suffers from the same problems, only this time the gameplay and weapons have suffered also, not to mention that the story (after finishing the first game) is very, very obvious.

All in all, a very average first person shooter, nothing special at all and if anything, a bit of a let down, for the price of this game you can buy metal gear solid 4 and the orange box (great first person shooters), you will get far more enjoyment and value for money and an all round better gaming experience

I recommend avoiding this title

  Good but not great

| | See all ChipZilla69's reviews (4)

Graphically a little grainey compared to Killzone2 but some good effects. Gameplay is excellent and bullet time can be fun. The game ended a little abruplty for my liking which left me somewhat unsatisfied. PS - I didn't find this scary at all, in fact I thought Alma was quite hot...

  Love It

| | See all Jonezybaby's reviews (9)

Great fps, great graphics, addictive gameplay and scarier then the original!
Worth playing through first game first to get the jist of it.
F.e.a.r 2 starts minutes before the original game ends.