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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Fear)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (61 reviews)"

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  fear me

| | See all RoberttheGoose's reviews (7)

I never have been a big fan of 1st person shooters, but when my dad hired this one out i havent stopped playing it!!
Lush graphics and addicting game play makes this a top class game, and even when you get to a tough part, you still keep playing it untill the next scene

  Must buy

| | See all BIGPAPPAPUMP's reviews (1)

Played the first episode of fear loved it and been waiting for this with baited breath and i am more than happy game play brill story brill graphics brill and if you like to be scared and lots of gore this game is for you.

  Just an easier polished FEAR

| | See all Eskimooo's reviews (2)

This game looks great, especially the outside levels.

However, I've been playing this on the hardest level (up to level 11) and there's no challenge. I've used slow mo twice. Yes I get killed a few times but the AI are always doing the same. (I thought that FEAR was the benchmark for the AI being so good). Also, the auto zoom doesn't seem work. Its easier not to use this.

Its very linear. No chance to get lost. Which would help with some of the scary moments. The torch never runs out of energy. Basically, no tactics or indeed thinking to this game.

Also, you are introduced to the different opposition in much the same way as the first game.

Nothing new, just looks better.

  Excellent, just dont play online!!

| | See all Crashnburn79's reviews (1)

Awesome single player mode. Excellent graphics and lighting effects, very eerie in parts. Whatever you do just don't play online, its terrible (bland maps and poor character movement). If you wanna play online do youself a favour and get COD4 if not buy it now you won't regret it.


| | See all ChooseYourFate's reviews (49)

I really liked the first f.e.a.r game and this one is far better.
Its gameplay is great and graphics are fantastic.
Not to mention is scaryness and believe me it has its moments including right at the beginningwhen your going through the house (you know exactly what i mean).
I think its a fantasic shooter with a pretty cool storyline.

  The first game to scare me

| | See all RevolutionBlues's reviews (31)

All my gaming life I never believed a game could be truly frightening. Then I played this. Few are as atmospheric, too.

Of note are a good, varied weapon choice (including my favourite, a scoped sniper rifle), decent AI and the Power Armored Unit which makes you feel indestructable (you're not) as you wreak utter devestation with its guns and missiles. Graphics are top level seventh-gen stuff - better than Resistance 2.

Oh, don't play alone............


| | See all commandowood's reviews (16)

Looks really good, controls easy . Weapons are cool
Graphics are what you would expect, good quality next gen.
The game to too short but a very good
Spooky game dont play when its dark

Better then fear 1 but the first fear was longer

  Brilliant Game

| | See all Scyzer500's reviews (12)

Bought the game on a whim, wasnt expecting to much, however ive thoroughly enjoyed myself with it. Its scary, its action packed, its nerve wrenching...its just brilliant. Highly recommend it!

  Creepy Shooter

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

Looks really good, controls are quite easy to pick up, weapons are cool & I like the slow motion thing (reminds me of the Max Payne games).
Graphics are what you would expect, good quality next gen.
The game does send a bit of a shiver up your neck at times like when you are walking down a corridor you get the feeling you are being followed by something, turn around & find that you are!