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The Godfather II (2)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (70 reviews)"

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  Quite good but not perfect

| | See all Dunblide's reviews (1)

SO I was trying to find a game that replaces GTA - SA (Gang boss recruiting staff and dominating buildings)
This game is the game to do the job but I dislike how they include the buildings into the storyline.
The storyline is awesome, 5 rival enemies but they maybe a little bit too easy to defeat. Enemies do not respawn when you are in the house of the boss which made the game a little bit too easy.
I have spent 4 days on this game, 2 days with cheats, 2 days without and I was able to complete the game with fashion (without dying once).
The difficulty of this game can be better.

This game includes an online function, but I have not yet tried that function yet because I did not have the time to do so but I would imagine you are either a gang boss (clan leader) or a gang member (clan member) and killing players to take over stores and stuff.

This game is awesome, I love it. It totally replaces GTA 4 in my opinion because I was bored with GTA 4 and this game released.
Very similar game and all so I was enjoying it very much, though it would be funnier if you were carrying a mobile phone (yea I know it didn't exist, that's why it will be funny)

In my opinion, there should still be some free missions after you completed the story line so you can go on with your family and have fun with it but NOOOOOOOOOO
the street becomes completely empty, nobody is there to block your way and I mean even the citizens are gone!
So no free missions for 3,000 bucks.

SO..... after you finish the game all you can do is restart it all over again lol
well its fun to play it again and again but imo... 3 times and you will be completely bored of it.

  Brilliant Game, got hooked but some issues to be ironed out

| | See all Gamedaddy's reviews (2)

This game goes not have the best graphics, however since when is that the be all and end all of gaming??? This is a great game to play, I just wish it was bigger, longer and harder (that sounds a bit weird) but you know what i mean. The whole concept is brilliant, but I did feel it was way too easy and it should of made it a lot harder to wipe out a family and make there made men as hardcore as yours! Def worth the buy and i hope they bring out a 3rd

  Love it, But...

| | See all GreenFlag's reviews (1)

I love getting immersed in a game, but whats the point if it only lasts a couple of days? I didn't complete it 100%, but i did the missions and all the businesses and there didn't seem to be any point doing anything else. The online modes pretty decent, good enough range of guns, maps and modes.
The cars are ridiculous too.

  Enjoyable to start!

| | See all hudsonhawk's reviews (19)

I really enjoyed this game to start but after a while I found it quite repetative and graphics were disappointing for a next gen game!

  3 and a half star rating is a joke

| | See all ChrisMoltisanti's reviews (8)

I honestly do not get why people compare every single game to gta, no other game has the same graphics as gta but does that make them bad games? Call of duty hasn't got good graphics compared to gta but everyone loves it.

Brilliant game, yeah it's short but so what, anyone who appreciates good games will always play them again.

5 stars from me

  Very poor

| | See all Greg143's reviews (1)

Poor game, do not buy it! Poor graphics and little storyline. You will be wasting your money. Wait for Mafia II.

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  Good fun

| | See all dannyjames1's reviews (2)

I really quite enjoyed this game. It does have a few bugs and only took me a week to complete it to 100%, but im glad I did.
Great addictive fun.

  Nothing on the First Godfather

| | See all JonnySukhstrum's reviews (1)

This game will literally take about a day to complete and with very little satisfaction. They have tried with having the gang feature but have lost what the first Godfather had in playability. Was looking forward to this 1 but very let down.


| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

the first game on ps2 was excellent, this captures none of that magic and is really quite poor in comparison. hope mafia 2 is better.

  terrible game

| | See all pooper's reviews (2)

this game is a complete letdown from the first which had more guns, more places, bigger city more interesting storyline and a generally more believable gangster story. This game is slow, too small, not good enough. Too few cars i got no more than 6? Don't buy it if you don't want to waste your money