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Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection

Rating: PG (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (64 reviews)"

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  Kick nostalgia into the gutter

| | See all flash1969's reviews (6)

I like nostalgia, really I do but all these games are so dated, I wouldn't mind if the games were true classics like Scramble, Defender, Pheonix or some classic platform games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario which I know all aren't Sega. The Sonic series are, ok, maybe worth a go but even then you get bored very quickly. If you do buy it here's how it will go, you start off thinking I'll start off with the earliest game, then you play.....for about a minute, then the next earliest......for about another minute, then another and another. Then you think sod this i'll try the latest game and then you play that for about 5 minutes, then the next latest, then the next. Then you play Sonic and have a little bit of fun although still bored and wishing you were playin Battlefield, Uncharted or Assasins Creed. Then you give up, pack the game away and promise yourself you'll never get it out again.

  Slightly disappointing

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

I brought this game as I am an older gamer and wanted to relive some of my childhood memories. Although I would admit there are a few great games on the disc, some of the more popular titles have been missed off, suchlike Afterburner, Castle of Illusion, World Cup 90, Cannon Fodder and Senisible Soccer. This will certainly pass the time for a few days but after completing Streets and Rage and Sonic the novalty factor wears off and you could find yourself losing interest quicker than anticipated. A real shame as in my opinion this is not a Mega Drive ultimate collection.

  For fun not for hardcore serious gaming...

| | See all spatulawalrus's reviews (4)

If you want a weekend or even a week of no sleep and constant gaming then get out the online PC games instead as this is mainly for the people who want to have fun and for the nostalgia.

We think it does bring back your childhood as we played these as kids and I tell ya, were still as happy with the graphics to date!

These are how we remember games and we are not 'with the times' where games take forever to load and are looking realistic, it spoils it for us, we like simplicity, fun and something you can even do for 5 mins or for a few hours and still not be disappointed.

With over 40, we still have some to get through but we love all of them, and I am sure our son will have so much fun with these when he's older.

I miss my megadrive and I still have my dreamcast and it all still keeps me very happy :)

My husband and I recommend this to anyone who played them as kids, wants a bargain or wants to remember what gaming is supposed to be about, entertainment, passing time, and even seeing who can get the high score.... there is too much stress nowadays, and games are now a top cause when back in the 80's etc, they were a relief/release from stress, something to sit back and forget about problems with :) I am so happy they brought this out!

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  Fun as hell.

| | See all GullGnom's reviews (11)

I loved this collection, not only for it's promise of nostalgic blastermastering (!?!) but for the sheer amount of joy i had playing this on the ps3's wireless controller sitting comfortably in my couch. The oldies out there know what I am talking about :) I am also one of those nerdy dudes that still have my old Nintendo's and Sega's (yeah, all of them!) and also play these games often on and old 28" crt screen, nothing beats the cartridge versions on a an old tv, hence the four stars out of five. The graphics will actually look better on the old setup, for no effort is made to make the games look better on your hd tv, but for what this package promises, blissfull nostalgic playing on a wireless setup for the kids born in the 80's, it truly delivers an awesome punch, I just wish they had included more games on the disc, for I suddenly have craving for more retro fun :)

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  Great for a blast from the past

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

...But only in a few games. Buying this to 'relive' your childhood unfortunately won't work, as some/most games have lost thier sparkle that had when they first came out and others you probably don't even recognise. The collection in it seems ok at first, but most of them you won't ever get round to playing before you realise some retro games are better off where they belong. It may be fun for the family to get round and have a bash at a high score on a level as this is what the megadrive was about. But if you buy this and expect to spend hours on each game, you will be sorely dissapointed.

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  Great for early 80s kids

| | See all vikkio1982's reviews (8)

As an early 80s child i couldn't wait to get my hands on this game and and play the games i used to play as a a child and show my kids. I will be honest and say i only wanted it for the sonic games and streets of rage and i wasn't dissapointed. The games are just the same as we played all those years ago and therefor the graphics ain't all that good. You have to remember these games are 20 years old and are so far behind the times, but this is what you are buying it for. my 6 and 4 year old love playing on it and i STILL love it too.

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  Nostalgia, but nothing more.

| | See all Wardy83's reviews (8)

For all the kids born early 80s, the Sega Mega Drive is surely a big part of their childhood, therefore you automatically presume this is going to be awesome because of all great memories. The cold hard truth is, these games have aged so badly, its unbelievable. Could of been better with a more varied selection of games. Id give the game itself 2 stars but I added an extra 1 because of all the fond memories.

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