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Guitar Hero: World Tour (Band Bundle)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all molloyd1992's reviews (6)

Many people have been complaining about the drum kit not working properly like the yellow symbol not working or pads being set off without even touching it. Mine done exactly the same no matter what pad i hit the yellow symbol set itself off throughout a song- then when i hit the yellow symbol it didnt go off which was ridiculous. after contacting RED OCTANE- they sent me a midi-usb cable which you use to attach the drum kit to the pc using the drum tuner kit (which you can download free from red octane) from here you can change the sensitivity of the drum pads up or down- but the only downside is you have to also have the game and drum kit on the console too to test the sensitivity. hope this helps. :D

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| | See all Chloe1993's reviews (1)

The game is good and everything is easy to set up. The microphone works fine, but on my drums one of my symbols didn't work and the other one barley works and then one day the green button decides its had enough! :@ then the red one works about 25% of the time with a good smack and the blue button is the only one that works properly! (which is barely used in a song :/)! Then with my guitar the strummer didn't work very well and the game just kept missing notes when there wasn't any.

I took the whole of the bundle back and got it exchanged fine, the Guitar works like a dream, so does the microphone, but unfortunatly the same problem occured with the drums :(!

If i was about to buy this, i would get the drums from another manufacturer like locitech. :)
Hope this helps!

  Well worth it the price, but it has its issues!!

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

First off, i couldn't decide between Rock Band (with all the gear) or Guitar Hero: World Tour (with all the gear), but all the reviews said exactly the same thing...

...The equipment for GHWT are far better and I can say im not dispointed.

I'm in no way a GH fan-boy though, and my plan of action is simple. I bought this one to get the better equipment and the game (which is good anyway) and THEN I buy Rock Band 2 (without gear) to get better music and generally a better game.

That way I have the best of both worlds (hoping its true the equipment works on RB2).

Back to the review...

...basically you get what it says on the tin. You get a guitar hero game, which allows you play not just a guitar, but also drums and sing. You can do all these individually by yourself or as a group.

Your not forced to play along side someone else here!!

Simple as that! If you liked the previous Guitar Hero games, you wil know what to expect and you will probably like enjoy it. The only issue is that it doesnt do anything new.... its Guitar Hero with a drum set and a microphone, and thats it really.

Once you play one GH game, you've played them all and this is nothing different. There are the odd changes, but nothing ground breaking. It feels more like an expansion to GH3 then a whole new game, but it hasnt really fixed anything, but still works great.

Now, the equipment....

....I can say i've had none of the Drum sensitivity issues and mine work fine out the box, and the same can be said for the guitar.

The only issue I find is when you connect the Drums and Guitar, the PS3 automatically assigns them to controller slot 6 and 7 and this causes the game to not recognise them as connected.

Now this isn't a major issue because the PS3 still recognises them and allows you to move back to the splash screen and re-assign them to controller 1 and 2 (which fixes it) and bobs your uncle, its all fine.

But why it does this, is beyond me and it is a bit frustrating!!

As for the build of the gear....

...the guitar looks a lot better then the GH3 one, but its fundimentally identical, which is good. The only differences are the layout of the buttons, a new star power button, and the slider bar.

Now... I havent used the slider bar because I find its too fiddley to do so, and you dont have to either. You can just select the keys anyway.

The drums too are awsome! The built is strong, they weight quite a bit so they dont fall over, you can feel the quality in them and they wont break anytime soon. They kick peddle may be loose, but it hasn't slid around on me so far.

But nothing is perfect; I find hitting the symbols doesnt always work as you have to hit them on the center and not the edge and the kick peddle takes a lot of force to get it to work.

But the drums are a lot harder to use then the guitar and no doubt take time to get used to them, and they wear you out no end!!!

Other then that, the gear is great, works great, looks great and the game is fun too!

GHWT is not a perfect game; it has its issues and some small things have changed from GH3 which make you wonder why because it makes things a bit frustrating. Butt over all the issues are outweighted by a great game and great equipment.

I still plan to get Rock Band 2 though, but at least I have good equipment to use. My advice (if you can afford it) is buy this for the gear and the game and THEN buy Rock Band 2.

Then you have both sides!!!

You pay for what you get, and tthis is worth it for the equipment alone which are very well built.

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  Very pricey, fun nonetheless

| | See all ImranS's reviews (40)

First off the reliability issues regarding the drum pads have not affected me so maybe I am one of the lucky ones! The actual build quality of the instruments seemed solid to me and despite not being very heavy were sturdy even during the most intense gaming sessions.

I have to say that Rock Band is a better game and has a more varied catalogue but from my experience the build quality of the instruments are better here and until EA decide to release the Rock Band 2 instruments this side of the Atlantic then this the more reliable option.

At £150 quid it is too expensive but if you can pick it up for less than £99 as I did then it is definitely worth a punt just for the all round entertainment and laughs a game like this can provide.

  A Must Not Buy!

| | See all POPCORN1's reviews (6)

I wouldent want to put anyone off buying the game and guitar but the drumset is incrediably unresponsive i had to follow tutorials on youtube to mod the drum pads(i dont reccomend) so they could play one whole song! To the finish and i had to use the drum sensetivity tuner from the redoctane site which is free but takes 2 weeks to deliver but all in all the guitar is a good entertaning investment and the rock band drums are fully compatibe with this game just to let you know my opinion

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  very good...............but

| | See all TysonPNEFan's reviews (10)

this game has had me thinking about it all day just waiting to get home from college and play on it for the rest of the night. Im Tyson and im a guitar heroholic. I couldn't stop playing on it, i even bought extra content for it i never wanted it to end then i started to have trouble with the guitar, the strum bar wouldn't work, theres only a 6 month warranty on the product so i opened it because the warranty was void fixed it and a day or two later it did it again so again i opened it and tried to fix it but this time it stopped working and every so often the strum bar would give it for a few notes or play two instead of one. When i bought it, i pre-ordered it which meant i got an extra guitar with until tht also failed on me and i cannot fully fix tht one either. So it ended with 6 months of complete happiness and i can't play on it much anymore because the guitars are faulty and they cannot be replaced so the addiction to guitar hero has now ended with me until i have the money to pay for another guitar which could be christmas now.

  Washing my hands of guitar hero

| | See all todd1986's reviews (1)

Now i love guitar hero but i now am going to swap to rock band. Upon purchasing the band bundle everything was fine...until the drum pads started playing up eg turning itself off, flashing up with the playstation menu randomly, cymbal not working, cymbal too sensitive. So i went on the activision support and ordered a replacement...took about a month to come to me. Everything was fine again until the same problem occured with the drum pads about 2 days after receiving it. I have rang activision and they say they now need a copy of the receipt which i dont know where it is. Id seriously advise you not to buy. Shame cause i love guitar hero.

  Band practice in your front room

| | See all thepackage1's reviews (16)

I bought this back in November having owned Guitar Hero 3 before this. We play this alot with friends and is such a great, socialable game. The tracklist is extensive with something for everyone spanning '70s through to the '00s. The new, wireless guitar and drums are excellent, fast, responsive (the drums feel and play just like an electronic kit but for a fraction of the price) and when playing on hard/expert difficulty you really do feel like you're playing the song. This game will open the flood gates for bands to release GH games (such as the Metallica one out soon) and will create hours/days/months of playability so is well worth the investment. I love it.


| | See all xtremegamer's reviews (3)

I recieved this game on the day of release and I have to say that it is awesome despite some problems. First of all was the drum sensitivity issue which is corrected with a usb device and a computer. If you go to redoctane.com you can fill out a warranty claim for the said device and set the drum sensitivity as you see fit.

The next problem I had was with the guitar being faulty, which again through redoctane was replaced.

Despite these faults the game is excellent, its brilliant to play alone or with friends and family and the online is superb, although it would be funny if you could hear the person singing.

Nevertheless its a must buy, especially at this price.

  Rock On

| | See all Watcher666's reviews (7)

Great game, except why can't the drums, guitar and microphone be bluetooth so you don't have to plug those stupid USB dongle in.