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Official Sony PS3 Wireless Keypad

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Easy to use.

| | See all Flightmad's reviews (2)

Very easy to use, I've had one since I bought my ps3 in April but at nowhere near the prices on here, I paid 7 UK pounds and that was from a very well known UK high street games shop.
I don't use it all the time, depends largely on how much typing I'm going to do, not tried it with other bluetooth devices yet.

  Shame... Nowhere near as good as the 360 version.

| | See all Madaxe's reviews (2)

I loved the official xbox keyboard which actually felt cheaper and flimsier than this one, but was so much easier to use.
The buttons on this are too small and stiff to use quickly.
The position is uncomfortable to type with and unless you hold the controller quite low in your hands or have very long thumbs you have to re-adjust to use it properly.
No back light! This was a brilliant addition to the 360 controller keyboard. I don't know about anyone else but I much prefer to play games in the dark. Shame they missed this out as I probably would have used it more.
The touch pad function is a nice idea but it's not all that unfortunately. Occasionally leaps around allover the place and generally makes web browsing more hassle than it's worth.
Much easier just using the onscreen keyboard and predictive text, or a wireless usb keyboard/mouse which also works fine.

For people that want to use it in the dark don't bother unless you are willing to spend the time on learning the layout and shortcut keys inside out. I'm just lazy I suppose.

  Its alright

| | See all krissyinterupted's reviews (16)

I found going on Sony home and typing text to my friends a bit of a pain till I got the Sony Keypad.

It was easy to fit with a USB charge lead. If you use the sixaxis controller and add the keypad then it does take a little getting used to the extra weight. The buttons are a little small for big fingers like mine, .

Overall a welcome addition to your joypad if like me you spend a lot of time typing messages. It holds it's charge for quite a long time, about 6 - 10 hours of use.


| | See all Jackybhoy's reviews (3)

its a handy little attatchment and very convenient although its horribly ugly and uncomfortable when actually playing a game. its a shame sony tried to follow microsoft with the style of button pad. the xbox chat pad is far superior but this sony one does help out greatly with text chatting.

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  Strange to get used to at first

| | See all Fatboy666's reviews (15)

Just got mine and it fits perfect on the PS3 controller and looks very slick :) I haven't got massive fingers but they are still too big for such small keys but like I said you just need to get used to it.
You have to charge it up first but it took me a while to find the on/off switch to get it to come on :P
It has a touch pad which you can have on/off, easy access to your friends and e-mail list! Not sure weather I'll get used to the touch pad though but its still a good feature
But overall this will come in very good handy for when I'm online ect, makes life so much easier!

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  Perfect for playstation home and games with chat.

| | See all vorlons's reviews (18)

A really good product. Playstation Home is a dream with this one.

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  Good product

| | See all bigdon23's reviews (9)

this is a good product in that it is rechargable.

MUST BUY - if you type alot on your ps3

DONT BOTHER - if you have sausage fingers as the buttons are quite small

all in all a pretty good buy although mine spends most of its time in the draw

  Not perfect, but definitely makes life easier.

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Bottom line, if you are going to be typing a lot on the PS3 then you need this. Yes you could use a full keyboard but that means 1) using a USB slot and 2) having a massive keyboard lying around.

This offers a small, compact keyboard always attached to your controller. Its pretty simple to use and works like any keyboard would.

Only down sides..

1) Te keys are a tad small, and it takes a bit of pressure to ensure they respond with letters.
2) The "mouse style" directing thing which you activate by pressing a "finger icon" at the bottom is pretty much useless. But you have direction buttons to move the cursor anyway.
3) It has to be charged seperately from the controller. This is both food and bad. Bad that you have to charge it seperately, but good that it wont eat the controller power up.

Otherwise, its basically worth it to type easier, and definitely get it from play.com beacuse highstreet stores are A LOT more expensive.

  A cool upgrade to your "armed" Joystick

| | See all PulicePro's reviews (2)

For me this has a lot of advantages and disadvantages too. I had to remove my controller cover to make this accessory fit well. So now i have to buy another controller to use the cover on something! Really speeds up the writing chats and has a sleek design! 3 Stars from me. Recommended to any "unarmed" joysticks out there!

  Do not be a cheapskate and buy another

| | See all Daddage's reviews (44)

Takes the tear-jerking pain out of entering text on a PS3. You KNOW how tedious it is to use the controller and the text interface!

The buttons are small, but I have sausage fingers, and it works for me.
I'd rather have the odd mis-spelt word and some text in quickly than put up with the alternative.
Don't be tempted to save a few quid and buy a non-Sony one, as most of those require you to plug in a USB dongle. That's cheating. This is proper Sony, proper Bluetooth, proper fitting, and proper well made ;)
Charges up from out of the box in a couple of hours (don't panic if the lights don't flash whilst charging at first until it gets some juice in it!).
No USB lead in the box, but I'm sure you must have a couple knocking about. You only need the lead to charge it, and it's the quick way to pair it with the PS3 initialy (only need to do this once).
Has its own on off switch to save power when not in use.
Light, and fits perfectly. Good clamping system keeps it in place.
Be the envy of your PS3 chums - once they see it they all want one themselves ;)