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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (92 reviews)"

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  oozes atmosphere and quality

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

A true classic if ever there was one at a stunning price (time of writing 14.99).

Graphically top notch using the Unreal engine that right from the very start shines and builds atmosphere. But then you and the sound and story, it then really starts to shine. You really feel part of the story and you understand every facet of the story. But don't let that worry you about affecting game play, because it doesn't it works as part of the game play wonderfully.

The characters all shine from the average splicers to the amazing Big Daddies. And then there are the little sisters, kill em or save them. It's worth playing the game at least twice to enjoy the difference.

And then there are the plasmids or power ups. All work extremely well and make the game very very enjoyable.

This is a CLASSIC game that you must play on all formats. And when Bioshock 2 comes out in feb you will not only want to play but need to feel that atmosphere once again.

Buy, buy it now

  Real Gem of a Game

| | See all samad5's reviews (21)

Bioshock has it all; a refreshing deap original story that's paced well, wonderfully crafted undersea world and great weapons & upgrades. It's by no means a short game and the need to simply survive and build up your armour first and foremost mounts to a thinking man's shooter.

The only drawback is the occasional slowdown when things get really frantic - something you'd expect the PS3 to handle easily as it's a year + old 360 game. But aside this Bioshock provides thrills and spills amass and is well worth the 14.99.


| | See all bunkerbill's reviews (24)

When i purchased this i was already told about how good it was and by god its one of my favourites.Good story, game play and i bought the dlc which is great.I cannot wait for the sequel.

  Underwater utopia indeed!

| | See all RVallant's reviews (3)

Amazing game that has absolutely everything for a gamer. Brilliant FPS a unique underwater-city setting, a recognisable and popular enemy in the "Big Daddies" and one hell of a story with some fantastic politicial and ideological theories presented within. This is simply a game every gamer has to try at least once, if not for the gameplay then for the story and unique world presented within.


| | See all Woollster's reviews (2)

This game is amazing and is living up to the hype i finally brought it after playing the demo and i am enjoying every second of this game a must buy !

  very well lit

| | See all TwoTouch's reviews (5)

This game is beautifully crafted. I really enjoyed it. apart from your weapons (which are upgradable throughout the game but only one single upgrade to one weapon only every level or so) you have you have what are called splices which give you the power to freeze, burn electricute even unleash bees and a whole host of other powers that i won't go into. The game and story are so stylish. well voiced and just great all round. One of the best fps I've played on the PS3. Buy it own it keep it, there's a good reason it's still expensive enough.

  Welcome to Rapture!

| | See all Samred's reviews (8)

This game is just truly amazing and after playing it you can really see why it has quickly become such a popular game!

From the moment you set foot in the city of Rapture right till the very end it had me captivated.

In a world where we are becoming more obsessed with realistic games (only carrying two weapons, etc) comes a breath of fresh air! Fight it out in a unique under water world with various weapons and abilities that allow you to wreck havoc upon your enemies. For me the graphics were superb and brought this world to life, both in Rapture and in the ever constant Ocean that surrounds you. The controls are easy to get to grips with and the game is easy to play and get involved with, but of course it's never that easy and there is plenty to challenge you and keep you coming back for more.

One of the best things about Bioshock though has to be the story and the way that it is revealed to you through the game, it makes you want to find out what happened to this Utopia, why and where did it all go wrong for the citizens of Rapture. Throw in a few little quests, varied opponents and decisions that affect the story's outcome and what weapons, abilities and trophies that you acquire throughout the game and you have one of the best games ever released on any format!

I was so happy when this was released on the PS3 and although I haven't played the X-box version and so can't compare it, I thinks it's a game every PS3 owner should have! If I do have one complaint it's that there is a lack of a Multiplayer mode and online features, but still that doesn't stop this from getting 5 stars and Bioshock 2 will have a Multiplayer option....Excited a bit.....yes I am!!