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Assassin's Creed II

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (122 reviews)"

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  Worth the Price

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

this game is enjoyable, but i think only once, i completed it in roughly 15 hours. and managed to get all the trophies but two. the gameplay and storyline is good. but the controls can get annoying, as sometimes you press to jump in one place but jump on a building and die. but little things like that can be frustrating when chasing or being chased during a mission and then having to redo it all over again.

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  A big improvement on the first

| | See all CaptainShoe's reviews (23)

Overall looks, gameplay is a massive improvement on the first, there are still elements that seem to be repedative but no where near as bad as the first game. If you liked or loved the first then this a must buy.
The enemies are harder than the first as in i could do just one move and defeat all but you have to vary your attack with some of the guards in this game.
The story line is good, the end is a bit weird unfortunately i wasn't paying too much attention so not sure where it all came from but it should lead nicely into the AC3.
Its a good game and a must buy for fans of AC1 and for anyone new to this series it wouldn't be too difficult to pick up from where the first one left off from.

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  100% better than the first

| | See all nikkiw267's reviews (8)

I loved the first Assassin's Creed, the repetition didn't bother me and the graphics were awe-inspiring. Assassin's Creed II brings it to a whole new level. I could still see how some people might argue that it is repetitive, but so much less so than the first game.

The combat is a lot more advanced and hence a lot more fun. There are loads of side missions and extra collectables which aren't essential to the game, but fun to collect nonetheless.

Some of this game, to me, had a slight Tomb Raider essence about it, not a bad thing though. Definitely recommend buying, great fun!

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  A buy you won't regret!

| | See all Maoist's reviews (4)

I bought this after a couple of recommendations from friends. I never played the first one but have been told this is not as repetitive. It starts like any standard game then BOOM, the story hits you. It grabs you and immerses you into the life of Ezio!
The graphics are very good and gameplay is very enjoyable and addictive.
If you collect trophies, this is one you shouldn't miss, platinum achievable in under two weeks easily - it took me 11 days :)

  Amazing game...

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

The thing about this type of game is that it can get repetative, but with the original being a great game it did get very one line after a while, the whole effect wore off and it became a rinse and repeat strategy. However they have completely revamped the whole game for AC2, long and detailed story and huge environment to explore. Graphics in this game are amense, water graphics are some of the best I've ever seen or the best.

The benefit to this game that makes it non-repetative is theres so much to do, from rebuilding cities, collecting feathers, treasures etc, to customizing your ezio with clothing, armor, weapons etc, to learning new moves and attacks. Lots of side missions to complete as well as a full package of trophies. Very solid game.

  Concerned at first

| | See all IbuyGamesOnline's reviews (1)

Okay so I had been looking at this game for quite some time, watching reviews, reading them and such. Because I knew that the first Assassin's Creed for PS3 was a laggy experience.
But I ordered it and it arrived and I had pretty much no reason to have worried that much.
The only simple problem I can find with the graphics is that when you are in large, crowds of people, with big buildings around and such. The FPS can drop a little bit. It didn't annoy me really, but I noticed it.
Besides that the graphics are amazing. The towns look alive and realistic. And some said that the in-game cutscenes look terrible.
Probably because it simply uses the game-engine. But that just makes the thing a bit more realistic.
And that's what I like about this game. It just seems, like, you really are there. You are Ezio and you are influencing on the things about to happen.

Gameplay is also a lot better and more varried.
Especially I love the increased number of weapons. My favourite has to be the smoke bomb, as it's simply just awesome.
But if you've had any big worries about AC2 for the PS3, you can put them down. It's a huge improvement over the first one, and is a must buy for ANYONE who liked the first one, or even those who found the first one lacking in terms of gameplay, but still are interested in this sequel.
I highly recommend you buy it.


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  Great Game

| | See all RichD7's reviews (11)

Much improved from the original with less returning to the real world and more variety in side missions. Good fun alround.

However, I am annoyed that they felt the need to remove two levels from the game so that they could make some extra money later. Very poor show but it's how DLC is going these days. Maybe if everyone stopped buying it, then we'd see a return to the old days - of getting the full game we pay for.

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| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

just finished this game and absolutely loved it! i enjoyed the first AC but this one is so much better in every way. its true that the first game is quite repetative at times but trust me you wont get bored with this one. great graphics, great story line, great side missions, massive areas to explore and so much more! well worth every penny and deffinately one of the best games in my collection!

  Such a good buy!

| | See all MiniPeart's reviews (5)

This game is amazing, i love it. after having the first assassin's creed i couldn't wait for this to be released. i found the first one a bit repetative, but with this one isnt one bit. such a great game! i recommend it to any fans of the first one and any RPG fans.


| | See all GaryB2008's reviews (1)

Im a Fussy player and get bored of games quite easy but A C 2 Griped Me From The Start with Days Of Game play Weeks If u have the patients to do all the side missions its well worth the price. only 1 downfall but not a major disappointment is the stealth i was expecting more but if they add more stealth to A C 3 then they should have another winner on there hands.

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