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Assassin's Creed II

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (122 reviews)"

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  The most playable PS3 game there is

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I did not play the first AC so the story did not make that much sense to me initially. I think this is something that could have been quite easily combatted with a simple yet subtle recap or explanation. This isn't a huge failing as far as I'm concerned because the story was a tad weak through out the whole game but... My God! It certainly made up for this with some fantastic game play.

The puzzles were challanging but not so hard that you wanted to cheat and give up. The control interface came so naturally as well. You seldom make controller mistakes when scailing tall buildings and most of the attack sequences are quite easily remembered. Graphics were excellent (but Uncharted 2 is better).especially when viewing landscapes.

If they make a sequal, I will definitely buy it. I just hope they make the story a bit better.

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  Unbelieveably good

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The game itself has just left me speechless. When I was playing it for the first time I did not realize how many things you can actually do in this game. You can do small side missions including assassinations, you can follow storyline, you can acquire armors and new weapons, you can change colors of your suit (unless it's the final one). Storyline is superb and I can't imagine how Ubisoft is going to manage to make Assassin's Creed III better than this one. It has raised the bar to unimaginably high levels.

  Good but a bit long

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This game shows the life of Ezio Auditore Di Firenze and follows him in a journey with his family. his brother, father and reind petrucio. the bad thing is is that the story line is not that easy to follow

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  Easily one of the best games of 2009

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First things first, on release of this game I thought it would be loads of repetition like in the first one!

They have completely over hauled all of it, the game play is intense and different at every turn; not more daft blending in just by pretending to pray! You actually have to make the effort of avoiding guards!

Overall the story, game play and originality is very rich!


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I stepped away from gaming for ages as I got sick of the same old usual button mashing kill everything in sight with as much fire power as possible but we got the PS3 at Xmas for Guitar Hero and bought this with it... I took my time getting into it , visually its spectacular but wasn't too sure about the game initally.

Once I got into it I really really couldn't put it down, its one of those games that you tell your partner '5 more mins' and that turns into another hour , it really is that addictive.

So much to do , so in the way of story line, the city landscapes are outstanding, there is so much thought gone into this. The sub plots and secondary tasks are great , I'm still struggling on the final piece I need to get the Armour from the Villa .

Whether you're going in mob handed fighting guards single handed or with your hired thugs, diving off rooftops and doing stealth assasinations or getting involved with intricate puzzles and tasks this game never fails to make you smile......

I've completed the storyline but still running around going back in on assassination contracts and all the sub plots that I didn't manage to finish... I love this game and would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of hack and slash mixed in with something that lets your brain work a little....


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All i can say is this game is such an improvement from the first one. Although the AC1 was good as well dont get me wrong, i just thought it lacked some kind of edge to what this one has. A huge improvement o9n fighting many different counters moves to conjure and you can now disarm opponents without a weapon and kill them with their's which is great fun. There is a huge improvement on fighting, weapons, graphics, scenery and missions etc. This game is great always stuff to do and very breath-taking. The only bad bit is that when you pick up someone elses weapon Ezio drops it after one move which gets really annoying when all you want to do is put a spear through a guard and he keeps dropping it all the time lol. If they had soem kind of pick weapons as you go systme instead of only being able to change at an armory lol Overall fantasic game and definately buy if you liked the first one.

  Even better the first one

| | See all engilshwarrior's reviews (1)

I've kind of said it already. This game is a must buy, and even more if you brought the first one.
The gameplay is magnificent. They have added more to it (and without giving much away) they are brilliant. For example you can now pick up/take and use other wepons apart from your own.
Compared to he first one, they have kept it running along the same line but with far more extras. Theres a lot more to do (like swim!)and a bit more freedom as well. Its not like in Assasins I where there are a set 8/9 things to do at each level. For example the secondary assasination contracts vary, its no longer the case of doing the same thing over and over again. They've got rid of most of the unneccsary repitition which is really good.
The graphics are just fantastic, they are so good its worth buying it for that alone!
One thing that I can say which they should have kept are the road between the cities (eg when you are travelling from Damacus to Acre in Assasins I). They have got rid of the guards, viwepoint and most the people on the road. You now spend more time in the cities killing guards there!
Finally, in terms of realism it has improved (obviously the leap of faith is as unrealistic as we can get but we'll just forget that!). When next to guards you can no longer just bow your head and blend in like in Assasins 1. They act more real in the sense that they will warn you first, then attack you if you disobey again and so forth. Notority has been vastly improved.
All in all, Brilliant game, just buy it. A small warning to consumers who HAVE NOT play Assasins 1. Assasins 2 kind of expect you to know the controls (ie that you have Assasins 1). In terms of the extras in the game and controls, they do teach you in the game but there is no tutorial like in the first one to explain the basic controls. Read the manual (boring as it seems), it will help you and avoid fustration. Lastly some advice, when running round sharp corners dont sprint because you may find that you unexplainibly start running up the wall and keep on doing that. Let got of x and just run. That took me a while to realise! Have fun!

  assassins creed 2

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very good
very well put together although i say that i still feel it is short the story has about 20 top leaders to kill the assassination techniques with the hiden blades are good very enjoyable how ever the sword style is somewhat lacking something i would love it if the makers made it alittle longer with few more tombs i found them very enjoyable and the biggest let down i found was that you dont get al tairs armor untill nearer the end so you dont really get a chance to use it and i really felt that there should have been a chance to use ezio's father for a while up untill his death the story line would have been better enimies i found easey to kill too much blocking from them and no fancy sword style other then all this i found game very very enjoyable to play