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Street Fighter IV: Collector's Edition (4)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Raging demon

| | See all kaiyo83's reviews (2)

Well what can i say, i am one of the biggest fan of street fighter out there, and always dedicate myself to gettin all the special edition stuff, the game itself is mind blowing, but not too happy they releasing newer version soon, anyway about the special edition, well personally i dnt think its all that, since the toy look rather cheap, and the book is small, i mean it cost me 69 quid, for this special set, i thought i would of got more, but oh well, i still happy.

  Sonic Boom!!!

| | See all Ev042Chs's reviews (10)

That's 1 word you all should know. Well, 2 really but it means 1 thing. Street Fighter has come home. Amazing graphics with the gameplay to back it up. Rules are simple: 1fighter against another, 1st to get K.O'd loses, simple. Capcom has brought the old series back with amazing grace and flair. My only annoance is what some people do online to win. But you can't hate the game for that. Stop reading this and get in. The collectors edition has some small models, not bad really and an anime that was O.K, not great but by no means as bad as some make out. But iy, love it 5 stars!

  Street Fighter...

| | See all ViViDElectronics's reviews (1)

Classic street fighter revamped for 2009 and done brilliantly, you still get the retro feeling with the 3D graphics. The remixed music is good although it has been better in previous years. Only regret is I should have bought the game not the collectors edition.

  Good but...

| | See all Saleem's reviews (10)

This special pack is only worth while to ultra fans of the game or collectors, the game game is good but...
- the figures you get in this pack are a little lame for ltd's
- the anime was an utter dissapointment and does not even match up to the original, even the alpha films were better than this!
- the main title music sux to be honest utter rubbish and is extremely annoying why change from the original music which was so much better!
Despite these dissapointments , it plays well, is challenging and does look quite nice.
Easy to pick up, hard to master (or in somecases put down).
If this was a review for the game itself it would have gotten a five star but this version only deserves a four.

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  Best 2009 game

| | See all Hafuzu's reviews (2)

This RPG game may look expensive but it worth paying £49.99 along with the collectable figures. For gamers who are interested in RPG or fighting, then this is the perfect game for you or your mates.
My opinion:
I used to play all the Street Fighter games on different types of console. When I saw the making of SF4 on youtube. I was amazed at the graphics, features and the new characters. I loved the idea of how the Capcom producers establish the fighting backgrounds and the characters in a 2D illusion when it's actually a 3D gameplay.

* Excellent game
* Play against online players
* Awesome soundtracks

* Possible chance it could cause frustration
* Injuries to the fingers such as blister and cramps

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  just 1 more fight

| | See all pjhollyrocker's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic, if you are a lover of sf then it is a must buy,but a word of warning,do not buy the collectes edition if you want to see the anime movie that comes with it because it stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The ties that bind is a truly awfull sf anime film with only 1 fight in it and a terrible ending.
Buy the game on its own as it is dfinatly worth £30

  buy it!

| | See all elkypelky's reviews (6)

Been a streetfighter fan for years but never any good at the game. I was quite sceptical about spending my money on a game i assumed would just be like previous versions dressed up with funkier graphics.I can tell you now that was the wrong assumption ,this game ROCKS! i am still poor at it but it is not stopping me from playing it hours on end.Graphics are superb and with the gameplay being so smooth it just makes for a great gaming experience. Hardened SF fans won't be disappointed thats for sure and for the novices ,there is a steep learning curve but don't let that put you off, the gameplay and graphics will definetely draw you back in to have that "1 more fight " mentality. The on-line feature certainly adds extra longevity to the game not that it was needed but it certainly played very smoothly everytime i was on, which for a fighting game is so crucial , there's nothing worse than a jittery fight with an on line opponent. There is only the 1 flaw i can think of if i really wanted to be picky and that is the animation/graphics for the cut in scenes are a bit mid ninties style making it look slightly dated but that aside this is a definete worthy purchase, plenty of fighting in it to make sure it's money well spent.

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  Best fighter ever

| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

This is without a doubt the best beat em up out there. So buy it.
I bought this limited edition but it's probably not worth the extra money, the figures are small and not very good, you get a dvd i ain't watched yet and probably the best thing is you get a free download of alternative costumes for about four fighters.
So all in all great game but you might aswell save a bit and just get the standard edition.

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  Best Fighting Game!

| | See all ChemicalX's reviews (9)

A great Game for any fighting game fan. The Collectors Edition is fantastic. I watched the full feature Anime of Street Fighter first and it very enjoyable. you get to know a little bit more about the new character Crimson viper in the film and the role she plays in the game.(likewise with the other characters)

The Figures are larger than what I thought they would be. You get both Ryu and C.Viper in their poses (well painted too)

DLC you get this pack where you can download new costumes for characters like Abel, El Feurto, Zangief, E.Honda and Rufus. Very Cool look online.

Strategy guide is really for more of an insight into the backgrounds and motives of the 4 New Characters that have been introduced. It's very useful if you want to learn one of the new one's as it gives you a breakdown of their combo's in a well illustrated comic book style format.

Online is very smooth. No lag so far. Smoother than Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken DR by a huge margin. You can check other people's connection online before you play them as well.

Longevity. This Fighting Game will last you... Trust me! There are soo many trophies to gain and if you have had enough of the arcade mode, you can do the Challenge mode which is a mixture of time Attack, Endurance and Combo challenges.

There is a lot more on this game like extra characters and gallery modes and medal collections etc...

My longest review hehe. In short, get the Collecters Edition if you want to know the story and get into the FEEL of Street Fighter 4!

Well Worth It!