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Tom Clancy's EndWar

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  Good but repetative

| | See all BurningReaper's reviews (3)

I bought this game more or less as soon as it came out, and for the first 2-3 weeks i loved it and i was never off it. but the downside is, once youve completed the campaign with one super-power the promise of being able to play as the others seems tempting, but its more or elss exactly the same every time round with only a few subtle differences. other than that i find this game brilliant

  Cracking game

| | See all TiaPuss's reviews (5)

Really addictive and great fun, played for hours online, some people online can be pretty nasty though so watch out !

  under rated

| | See all claxweedyin's reviews (2)

i played endwar back in the days when it first came out. it is one of the most under rated games in recent years. online play wis glitchy but addictive and fun. too many complaints about the voice control aspect, especially when controlling them normally was far quicker. its one of those games where, if more people had bought it, it would have been much better online. look to endwar 2

  A very good idea.

| | See all Lukeey's reviews (14)

I got this game (and a new headset especially for it) because i love Real Time Strategy games, and i'm also lazy so this was a match made in heaven.

that was until it decided it wasn't going to recognise my voice anymore and leave me having wasted £50.

i suggest this game if you have no accent what-so-ever.


| | See all pamhalladay's reviews (1)

I have to say that being a Tom Clancy Fan and having played most of the other games including Splinter Cell series, COD, Vegas, Ghost Recon that I expected more from this. I am only glad I paid £14.99 for it and not the full price. In comparison to other games it is just plain and simply boring - you command your troops around and they blast the bad guys - sometimes you win sometimes you don't but the game does not have enough staying power and you get bored very very quickly - For £15 if you want a strategy game then go for it - if you expect more out of your games and want to feel like you are really playing then give it a big wide birth!!

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  great strategy

| | See all n0bben's reviews (12)

this is a beautiful strategy game for ps3, and if you are playing with mic it's better, controlling your units on the battlefield with your voice, thats cool. But I will recomend to play the online part with a friend, then you will hace a good tactic and maybe win the whole war(?)

  good idea and fun

| | See all chinny89's reviews (37)

the game is a really good idea, much like the SOCOM games on the PS2 where you can call orders using your voice... but again some glitchy areas where the units your calling for aren't selected and you say it a million times and you end up giving up and just selecting them.

but i think the game is fun when you get used to it, online game play is a good concept where you have a battalion and they get stronger as you use them in battle, but its annoying if they die you have to start from scratch.

The game is fun and isn't the worst, the game isn't as popular so hard to find games at times but for this price its worth.

  good game online very fun

| | See all maxmangeorge's reviews (2)

this game is very fun, but through out the hole approx 30 min match you cannot blink , non stop consentration is a must if you want to do well.do not get the game if you dont have online gaming. single player is very short. but online is very good the games graphics for the kind of game is great. must get if you love your strategy games


| | See all Hunger5's reviews (8)

The first thing youve got to remember is that this game isnt a fps
Its nothing like tom clancy's vegas 1 or 2, or cod4/cod5
Basicly, instead of you being on the ground shooting the hell out of the enemy, your commanding your troops deploying units etc.
The graphics for this type of game are awesome, and the voice system thing is awesome, alot of people think its hard because the voice system doesnt hear your voice and always makes mistakes, but i found that it only does that when you stutter or dont speak loud enough.
Online is awesome, single player owns,
The only bad point about this game is that, maybe itll get boring after a while, but it hasnt for me and ive had it for almost a week now.
If you play cod4 or cod5 and want a change, i'd buy this
Especially at this price.

  Disabled Silent Play = Disabled Play

| | See all DrummerMike's reviews (53)

Basically, it's a good, solid, atmospherically war-like game; until you look like a prat that is. As soon as I was to play the game, I had to connect my headset in order to instruct my troops, orderly. But, if your an average, non-24/7 gamer, I'd expect an option of mouse use - though, seemingly, this game's entire obnoxious essence is you shouting at the T.V. screen to move your army forward.

Other than that ludicrous problem, the gameplay is pretty great and everything is viewable: allowing you to see your soldier's precisely ordered attacks. Online play is adequate and pretty much identical to the campaign mode - making it easier to handle.

So, evidently, this game doesn't bode well with the norm: few reviews and poorly compulsory interface. I wouldn't recommend if you are similar to my likings. But if your a fanatical gamer, this would be ideal for you.

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