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Rock Band 2 (Solus)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  The best music game you can get.

| | See all redboroboy's reviews (4)

I got Rockband 2 the day it came out and I like it just as much now as I did then.If you want to play guitar on your own,with a friend or as a group or even sing this game is the most user friendly music game you can buy.

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

YES! Rock Band Two has done it right. This game is easy to navigate through and that makes it so much fun to play. With the downloading of the "key" you now have all the songs from your first Rock Band game, all the songs that you bought and downloaded from the Rock Band Store pluse all the songs that comes with Rock Band Two makes this game the best Guitar Playing that you'll ever find.

You Will Be Happy Choosing Bock Band 2...

  Party perfection

| | See all edmeup's reviews (3)

I managed to pick up a copy of the first Rock Band for a tenner and was immediately hooked, having already played through both Guitar Hero and it's sequel years earlier. Once I heard that you could export the Rock Band songs and any you'd downloaded to the second one, I went about trying to find a copy. Once I finally did find a copy, I started playing and pretty much haven't had much of a break!

These games outweigh the Guitar Hero franchise in every aspect, in my opinion. The gameplay is incredibly addictive and social, the graphics are great (not groundbreaking but then it's a music rhythm game, not Flight Simulator) and everything gets ten times better once you manage to get a whole band together with your friends.

The instruments Harmonix released for this game are far superior than those made for the original game. They're a lot sturdier and less prone to breaking due to being overplayed (which if anything I think is a testament to how fun these games are to play). I managed to get a cheap copy of The Beatles: Rock Band with the Hofner Violin Bass controller and it looks pretty darn stylish.

There's seriously nothing better than getting your mates round and cranking this up, especially if you buy Rush's 'Moving Pictures' album off the store. That's a brilliant album to play on drums!

This is absolutely party game perfection, can't wait for the third one.

  Better then GHWT and also awesome to boot!

| | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

Since this is what a lot of people will want to know; this game is better then GH:WT for a lot of reasons. Don't get me wrong though, GH is a good game, but its not as polished as RB2 at all.

RB2 offers you far more music (just look at the DLC on the PSN and compare).
Its offers you more options for customising and looking after your band.
It offers more locations to play in.
A more structured "world tour".
More mature music (IMO) compared to GH's MTV stuff.

It's a lot easier to just jump in and play at a party with your friends if you want to because you can just plug another instrument in and go.

It may sound daft, but RB2 just feels like a more polished game which offers better choices, more customisation, more music and just feels more mature.

GH:WT unfortunately just feels like the same old thing but with more instruments. It feels like it was rushed out.

BUT.... the GH:WT instrument are far better then RB's and I would recommend getting those instead as they DO work with RB.

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| | See all Elektrika's reviews (1)

As many other people have said all ready if you love rb you'll love rb2. I did, epically the humongous setlist of 80+ songs with the addition of rb's setlist and loads of downloadable content.

The game to defiantly buy.

  Virtual rock heaven

| | See all minipet's reviews (2)

After such a huge success the original Rock Band was, Rock Band 2 didn't dissapoint. The ability to create setlists, and the huge variety of songs (with DLC mostly every week) has never failed to amuse me.

In addition to the gameplay, the trophies have been very enjoyable to work for (with the exception of bladder of steel, which still frightens me to death).

Much better than the original in terms of gameplay, but the soundtrack (although still growing on me) is inferior, however great game, must have for PS3.

  what a great follow up

| | See all euge14's reviews (6)

If you like the first rock band you will love rock band 2
First it has 80 songs which is ridiculous you can play this game for so long without completing it fully it is really challenging towards the end great soundtrack no matter what genre you like you will enjoy all of the songs on here
The tour is a lot better you can only do band tour but you can play as one person in the band which is great for solo play
There are challenges that have however many songs and you just have to try and get through it online community is awesome
And all practice modes especially the drum trainer are great fun

If you like music game this beats guitar hero world tour any day so please take my advice and buy this great game

Well done harmonix


| | See all RyanNIRE's reviews (4)

This game is top fun. I use the Guitar Hero World Tour Drums & Guitar instrumets for this and they work perfect. So you can have the best of both worlds. You can play songs such as Journeys Dont Stop Beleiving, and Baba O'reily by the who. This game ROCKS!

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  Rock Band 2, ROCKS! simple as that

| | See all chazbgood's reviews (2)

I have only been playing these sort of games since GH3 came out last year, and I was instantly hooked. I subsequently bought Rock Band, followed almost immediately by Guitar Hero World Tour, then in late December, unable to wait any longer for the UK release, an imported copy of RB2.
One of the big selling points of this game is that you can play all the songs from Rock Band in RB2 with the use of a 'download key' from PSN. It was initially disappointing that my US version wasn't compatible with my UK songs, so the wait continued. As soon as RB2 was released here I bought another UK copy and all I can say is, if you're at all into these games, this is a must buy.
80 odd songs on the disc, plus all the songs from the original, and any downloaded songs you may have purchased all on one game. No more disc swapping to play that one song you always have to play.
There are easy ways to unlock all the songs on the disc by playing through specific challenges, opening up the game for quick play sessions. and any DLC get included automatically into their own challenges making them part of the game rather than just add-on songs.
This is the ultimate party game. If you have a few mates around or even the rest of the family and assorted kids, get this out and I guarantee you'll have a whale of a time.
My only gripe is that I wish Guitar Hero was as flexible with it's songs as Rock Band.
Oh, lastly, before I forget, it has a fantastic drum tutor for those that have never really had the chance to have a bash before.


  Rock Band 2

| | See all Jacknicholls's reviews (10)

Rock Band 2

Ok firstly I have both so I know what both games are like to play. There are many good and bad things about both games, for example...
Rock Band 2 advantages, the tracks are far better then the ones on GH4 and there is a more wide range of them available to play. The tracks are also better to suit the drums and guitar.
Rock Band 2 disadvantages, the drum kit is too loud when hit so you have to have the volume loud or have your headphones in.
However, if you want to eradicate this problem Rock band have releases a new improved ION Drum Kit, and I just have to say that, that drum kit is amazing it is not loud when hit and just make the game more fun to play.
Overall, Rock Band 2 is very enjoyable and fun to play; the playtime is very long so you will still be playing it for ages before completing it.
Therefore, I am going to give this 10/10 as it is good to play but you would need the ION Drum kit to have with it as it makes it more fun. Great game!

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