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Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  One of the best racers

| | See all Alvstar's reviews (27)

Burnout paradise isn't to everyones taste mainly because a lot of people don't like the open world gameplay. At first i wasn't too keen on it myself but after sitting on my shelf for over 2 years i recently decided to give it another try and i was hooked. The added bikes make it even better, they are really great fun to drive.

  Great Socializing Experience

| | See all JayZeeStorm's reviews (3)

anyone saying this game is not as good as GT5 or any of the Need for Speed franchise .. clearly needs to READ THE BOX !! although this is an incredibly fun game offline, online ; other racing games just cant compare !! & lets face it .. any serious gamer is all about the ONLINE side of the PS3 world !!. little annoying that you have to buy Surf island separately, but overall still a great deal for a game that will go down as a classic must have in years to come.

  Great Game!!

| | See all ToniBriffa's reviews (7)

I don't usually play racing games, however I really enjoyed playing this one. The crashes are great which is a nice thing since not many racing games give this point of view. If you want some fun destroying cars while racing this is the game for you.

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  Every man and his dog had played Burnout paradise

| | See all PacmanOwnage's reviews (25)

And it's easy to see why, it has everything you would expect from a Burnout game, and slightly more.The only problem i found with it, and it's a biggy, is it's just Burnout, with a open environment and better graphics. Takedown will always be the best game in the series, but this does give it a small run for it's money. The collisions are steal greatly over the top and fun, the graphics are still slick and the sound and soundtrack is still top-notch. If you are a racing fan, you have already bought this, and if you are not then you have already played it and though about purchasing it, so go on, you will get value for money and with the bonus content you will enjoy yourself even more on your own and with mates. Even the online is still kicking.

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  Most entertaining and fun racing game ever created :]

| | See all Chriss790's reviews (10)

I give it a 4 for a simple reason. It is great and fun !
I love racing when you actually have to worry about the environment around you unlike in some games. It makes the game believable.
Cars, crash animations, events, races, colours, goals (billboards, smash gates), freeburn challenges, city, day + night, motorcycles! Everything is spot on. I can go on for hours to count advantages of this game. The biggest one is probably that you WANT to play it again and again and motivates you if you fail to meet the goal in a race.
But.. There are also some .. let's say, slip-ups. I really feel shocked that in such a great game there is no split-screen mode. It would have made it so much better. I hate to swap over the controller with my mates so they can actually have a go on it. Also one annoying detail is amount of loading time in the menu. I don't know whether it annoys you, but I hate to wait for all the buttons to come up and then go on to the next one to select the option I need.

Really great game, but if there was a patch to it to bring in some improvements then it would clearly be in the top 3 of the racing games ever.

  Inshaal A

| | See all Inshaal's reviews (8)

For all racing and cruising lovers this is truly paradise. There are 75 awesome cars to unlock including brilliant dlc (downloadable content) that isn't going to rob your wallet. This gets 5 stars due to its awesome handling which is easy for beginners and sparkling graphics.

. Brilliant Online game to play with mates or online with strangers
. Amazing graphics
. Free roaming is fun
. Expansive scenery and weather changes so that you don't get bored.

. party mode is limited and two remotes can't be used together

So if any of you are still in doubt don't be because this is a must buy for the PS3 and for 15 quid you can't argue!

  Great but...

| | See all tommyalma's reviews (6)

Burnout Paradise is a great racing game, great for all the road rage events and what not. However, there are 2 main problems which may put you off. One of the problems is there is no multi player mode other than party play. Although party play can be a lot of fun it doesn't have the normal events such as racing, road rage etc. The second problem is the majority of the extras mentioned on the box, such as extra cars, have to be purchased separately from the Playstation store. I would recommend getting the normal version of the game and saving yourself a few quid. Basically, the game is great as long as you don't mind playing it on your lonesome, just don't expect to get it and have a great multi-player game because party play is extremely limited.

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  Looking for a great thrill, then come down to paradise city!

| | See all bigman3's reviews (1)

If you are looking for a good game and have at least 50 hours if you blitz it then this is the game for you. This is a great racing game with amazing graphics, great jumps and is very long.

Big surf island doesn't come with the game or any extra cars except bikes so that is a real let down. Your smashes and billboards don't count when you're on a bike though.

With 120 events in paradise and more in big surf island, 120 billboards and more in big surf island and 400 smashes and more in big surf island, this game will have you up for hours.

All in all great game great graphics and good on ps3 and xbox 360

  It is Very Good, but, it is missing lots of things

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

I am a massive fan of Burnout games, to me they are the best game series in existence apart from Gran Turismo, this new one, however, actually dissapointed me.
Technically, it's brilliant, graphics are top notch, soundtrack is great, and the cars are good too.
The racing does get a little tedious as you are basically taking the same routes over and over again as there are only 8 different locations to finish at, however, if you just do a few races at a time, it's not so bad.
Road rage, just like the older games, is brilliant. There's something really satisfying about watching you're opponents drive into a wall.
The biggest weakness though, comes the moment you start the game up. There is no speedometer, no rev counter like older burnouts, and as a result you are forced to have the automatic transmission. Which is pretty terrible in most games, but in Burnout Paradise, it's appalling, it will not make up it's mind what gear it wants, and when you hit the boost, all of a sudden, each car has about 15 gears.
Other weaknesses include the autosave system, which, so far as I can tell does NOT work at all. Then there's the difficulty of the game. There isn't any, it's just far too easy, and who's idea was it to re-set all the races you completeed when you level up? It's the most idiotic thing I've ever seen.
To conclude, you should at least try this game out, it is fantastic fun, but, all the stupid mistakes have downgraded this from a 5/5 game (Which every other burnout is) to a 3/5 game.
In all honesty, I want Burnout Takedown back.

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  best car game on the ps3?

| | See all pcflump's reviews (63)

if you like arcade style car games and are tired of waiting for a car game that has real cars in thats never gonna come out this year or next then this is the ultimate box. all round fun, online or solo, great tunes, or add your own. love the bikes!!!