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Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Great fun!

| | See all itsgot2go's reviews (3)

Not so much like the burnouts I used to play to death on the gamecube, but more like Midnight club. Having missed out on this the first time I decided to buy, and can say Im not dissapointed. Dispite the review below saying the only added extra to this box is the motorbikes - and what an addition they are (I find it just as fun to free-roam on these as I do actually performing in challenges!) - this package also gives you multiplayer which although at first came as a dissapointment (as you do not get the option to race one another), proved to be good fun and are more like the 'crash' challenges in previous burnouts.
All in all this is a huge game and definately worth the price-tag, the free roaming aspect is almost as fun as the tasks and the graphics are crisp if slightly dated now PS3 wise.

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  Ok so..

| | See all tinsk18's reviews (1)

The game, yeah its good
But to be honest, if you have the old burnout paradise, you really dont need this one.
Its exactly the same, place, cars, soundtrack etc.
And the only extra good thing is it has motorbikes
But you can download that online for like 3 pounds
So my advice.. Buy the old cheaper one, and just download th motorbikes, and hey, you have the new game!

Peace out x

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  great game and selection of cars but need better graphics

| | See all romechris's reviews (4)

Burnout is a great game and will give many hours of fun doing the different challenges there are to do. There are 75 cars to unlock in the game not to mention that there are also bikes as well. The only reason i give the game 4 star is that the graphics could be a touch better as its on ps3 but still the game looks good. So its a must buy.

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  Very Good

| | See all alxcoates's reviews (3)

This game is brilliant
The cars in the game vary and their are many challenges and things to do in paradise city
Plus the bikes are awsome and the handling is very realistic

  Incredible game !

| | See all SRG572's reviews (1)

For sure the best racing game i've ever played !
Visually stunning, really fun to play, lot of things to do in the game, to unlock, to discover. The paradise city is huge, well designed, with a lot of tracks, buildings, parkings, roads, hidden passages, and all in all the game is just really great.


| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Smash! Crash! Let's see that again...in super slo mo!

A simple concept executed to perfection. You have an open world, riddled with conveniently placed ramps, collapsed bridges and derelict railway lines. Equipped with either a high powered car or motorbike you can leap from railway to motorway to walkway and back again... For extra style. What makes it even more enjoyable is when it all goes wrong. The camera cuts to close up and super slow motion to watch your car crumple in amazing detail. The world is littered with events (every junction), these include straight races, stunt runs and the ubiquitous "road rage". During a race you are encouraged to be aggressive towards your fellow racer (road rage demands it) and when you knock them into a wall the camera cuts away to let you see it in all its slow motion glory. These events are required to advance but you can do them when and where you like, explore the local area first to familiarize yourself with local shortcuts and routes.
The multiplayer and online aspects are so simple and easy. A simple flick of the d-pad and you are online in one shape or another. There is also an in game browser for news and updates.
The game is an absolute joy and a must for anyone who enjoys a good arcade racer. Just one thing missing... A driver. All the cars are empty, while you don't notice when you are driving you certainly do when you are close up and in slow motion. Strangely enough the bike rider disappears when you crash a bike to. I understand that if they had implemented something like flatouts drivers flying through the windscreen it may have seemed controversial, especially if you imagine the result in slow motion. Still, i think there should be the option to switch it on or off

  buy it dont download

| | See all KrillerKio's reviews (2)

Its a good game. If you like fast car/bikes, online game play and mad stunts. But if your going to get it buy it, dont download it. You can get it from the psn (playstation network store) its the full game and thing run a littel faster as there is no disc to read and ok its on your hard drive so you can have two games ready (hard drive and disc). But it take about a hour to do in full (download and install) also costs the full rrp (29.99) which is nuts as you dont get anything apart from the softwear, so buy it, its cheaper!

  So Entertaining

| | See all yeates's reviews (3)

Coming from a person that normally enjoys sports games I thought I'd try something new. After a friends recommendation I bought this game with all the added bits and pieces from the original.

The graphics are very impressive the crash scenes especially so.
5*'s for graphics.

Gameplay- Very good fun, although I havent played the game too much it is very easy to pick up and play (which is good for a part - time gamer like myself).

The amount of tasks and cars is simply mind blowing, its going to take a good for months to complete this one!

For £25 it is a bargin, hows of gaming!

  the missing driver lol

| | See all milkman4356's reviews (29)

i found this game to be ok but if you own the first one not much point in buying it its just the same i dont understand why they just didnt bring a hole new game out with bikes but hey. but burnout being burnout still lots of fun and i have to say the bikes a pure brillance they have even got the gear changes down with the let off of the throttle to seeing hes left foot move to change just great for all you people who like tiny details. but your gonna hate this one why o why did they miss a driver out in the cars when the glass brakes its a self driving car lol anyway on the hole bikes are great (when you can use them) but if you own the one before dont bother your just paying for 4 bikes

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  A year on and still going strong

| | See all Allenfamily's reviews (4)

almost a year on the dev's for this game are still bringing out epansion packs and im still playing it ive spent a good 60 hours on it so far and ui havnet yet completed it this game has alot to offer especially for 25.99

also i may add the expansions really are as good as they are made out

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