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Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Super addictive, rewards anyone who dives into it's world.

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anyone who gives this game a bad review and claim to be an jrpg fan, well this proves you are not. This game is the third in the series, it's very deep and addictive. It rewards people who sink the time into it. Anyone who plays an rpg for 1 or 2 hours and gives it a review doesn't do the game any justice.

What is nice about the game is that you gain everything through battles, you upgrade your items that way too. It's a tactical turn based rpg. Expect long battles full of excitement and crazyness. The character level is capped at 9999 for a reason. The more you sink time into it the more rewards you get.

Each item can be entered in Item world, and the more levels you clear the more stats you add to the item. This alone provides you with infinite levels. The more you play the stronger you get.

Each world has residents that give an item special abilities, like more HP, more Mana, paralysis power or magic resistance. If you defeat one of those specialists, you can move them from item to item, altering that item's characteristics and statistics.

The sheer number of classes and jobs you can create is immense.

Each character has promotion rank, that can be gained by going into a special battle. Each rank gives you more influence over the dark/classroom assembly. If you want to pass a notion, let's say more expensive items in shop, or increased movement range, you can either be nice and bride the senates that wont say yes, or if the notion fails,you can beat them up and force them into passing it.

The game is full of politics, funny story lines and down right crazyness.

If you want one JRPG on your ps3, this is it. The graphics are cartoony for a reason, it's not about the high tech 3D graphics, it's all about the crazy combat moments and funny story line bits.

There is months worth of content in this game, very highly recommended by a fan of the series from the first part.

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  not FF7

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Don't buy this game expecting FF7 or you'll be greatly disappointed. Disgaea 3 dosen't take itself seriously like most RPGs but there in lies the fun. you can take from this game what you will. you can play the story mode to it's conclusion and be satisfied with whichever of the multiple endings you get or you can get deep into it's number crunching core.

behind the cartoonish exterior lies a complex world of numbers and side quests. with well over 100 hours of game play this game had me hooked with the first game and is the reason i bought a ps3

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This game is tripe, and I am an avid RPG fan and a great lover of the creator of this style of game, Vandal Hearts which was released in 1997 but still blows this pathetic excuse of a game out of the water. I purchased this game based on previous reviews and now I am clearly flabbergasted why it has been given such praise, it really is annoying and just gives me a headache to keep playing. The only conclusion I can come to is that the people who gave this a good review were actually being sarcastic. Yes thats it!!

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| | See all Exstra's reviews (1)

I bought this looking at reviews which all tended to be quite high, however I could only bring myself to play it for an hour. The voices in the game were terrible and the storyline seemed worse. I like RPG's myself but this was by far the worst I have ever played.

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| | See all darkskull's reviews (6)

when i first started playing this game i was very disappointed.
didnt think alot of it after a couple of hours.
i then thought id switch it back on the following day.
from this moment onwards i become addicted.
ok not best of graphics when place on 52" screen but doesnt take long for you to forget this and get stuck into the great humoured storyline. was strange at first but certainly cant get enough of it now.
plenty to do on this game. loads of characters to collect and build there levels up with, tones of combination moves to try out.
many hours of game play. you certainly get more for your money than most games when you take gameplay time into account.
lost count of time spent.


| | See all paultsmith1980's reviews (4)

This game kept me occupied for over 95 hours... One of the longest games I have ever played (apart from the Final Fantasy Series).
The storyline is a bit out there, but easily skipped. Actual story can be completed in about 20 hours, but after this the game really takes off, with new and improved levels and once you start aiming for that ultimate level 9999 character, you will not be able to put the game down.....
Amazing game....

  Waste of time & money

| | See all Sinsi101's reviews (3)

I'm shocked at the ratings that this has recieved!! For the price this is by far the worse game I have ever played on any console. I love a decent rpg but this fell short in every department. The graphics are so bad it seems like they accidently put a PS1 game on a PS3 disc. I'll admit that I have only given it 2-3 hours of my time but it was more than enough, It's 2009 not 1994!! Out dated and definately one to avoid like the plague.

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  Amazing !!

| | See all Pekype's reviews (2)

I bought this game a few days ago and I've already racked up 90 hours of Gameplay , It's so addictive !!
Great RPG great game overall , catchy little song's and some weird humour.

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  A Must Buy For The PS3

| | See all sammycbrooks's reviews (1)

In my personal opinion this is probably one of the greatest and longest games i have played in recent years. It is quite clearly the best PS3 exclusive to date and well worth the price. Also has good trophies (but you do have to download them off PSN)

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  400 Hours gameply?

| | See all Vherostar's reviews (18)

When i'm into my 400th hour of the game you know its good i mean no racing game or fps does that these days especially without online play! I had the game for a few months as i bought on import and never regretted it, most definetly the best rpg on the ps3 to date and no doubt gonna be super rare in months to come so get a copy asap.

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