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Resident Evil 5: Limited Edition Steelbook PS3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Have trouble letting go

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

This is not like other resident evil games in the fact that you are in Africa and some parts of the game are not as dark as others like you would expect from a resident evil game. The game play is great, the graphics are awesome. When I started to play this game I thought I was still on a cut scene but it was actual gameplay (Awesome Graphics) What makes this game great is once you complete the game you unlock various things from a new game mode to new outfits, weapons, unlimited ammo etc. The game is addictive beacuse I have completed it three times on different difficu;ties and the game is only 75% complete. You have to recover all the hiiden emblems, all the different hidden jewels throughout the game, complete it in certain times to unlock even more goodies. There is co-op mode as well which is a nice experience but resident evil is best played on your own in the dark. A must for those who like the series and enjoy in depth games.

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| | See all Faetz28's reviews (16)

this has just got to be the best ps3 game out, ive just finished it and i think the whole thing was wicked! i just cant wait till they bring another one out! I think the whole partner thing is a great idea and works soooo well, i cant bilieve there are a couple of people on here rating this 1 or 2 star thats just pathetic. 5 Star

  slack, expected so much more!!

| | See all Nobbyuk's reviews (51)

Next generation....? Apart from the graphical quality and great rendered textures this game is lacking an awful lot!! I can think of very few positives about this game and find it hard to justify exactly what capcom have been doing since they released resi 4 (which to be fair is pretty much the same, including mercenaries mode!!!!) The storyline is so short its unbelieveable and their slogan of "fear you cant forget" is rich considering there were no scary moments of horror anywhere in this game. I know the series changed after 4 and they went down the survival/action road but this is really a long way from what made the resident evil series so great in the first place!! I am very disappointed with this game and the controls are about as responsive as a ten tonne truck which is the most frustrating thing about the gameplay. I have had every resident evil in the series and expected big things from this title, but i have been left nothing but disappointed by a game that has failed to live up to any expectations i had of a next gen resi which to be honest the thought was mouth watering. I can clearly see the work that has gone into the visuals but this is not reproduced in the real area of debate which is gameplay. I couldnt help feeling like i was playing a ps2 game and at times this becomes unbearably frustrating especially with the chainsaw or other similar bosses coming towards you and the best tool at your disposal is a 180 degree turn. Capcom really need to look at the direct competition in their market area, titles like dead space wipe the floor with this title. If you want a REAL survival horror get dead space the storyline, narrative and overall gameplay is superb and certainly sets a new benchmark. Plus at least you can move and shoot!! The mercenaries mode is the only real part of the game that is enjoyable and gives the game some much needed added gameplay. This is a survival type mode that you unlock after the main storyline, however after a while even this can get pretty boring and considering the CoD nazi zombie mode and left 4 dead it is a side show to an otherwise very disappointing main act. The unlockables are there for added time consummation but in all fairness most of them arent worth the hassle. I am so glad i borrowed this from a friend (which also says a lot) and didnt buy it because it would have been £40 well wasted. Like i said very little has changed from number 4 and the inclusion of Sheva as your partner just furthur detracts from the survival/horror element of the game, plus she annoyingly seems to get in the way or take an eternity to follow you, as you would have expected, granted its not as bad as some other games in that regard but it think it was a backwards step to include her in the first place. Bring back the resident evil of old, even Capcom themselves concluded the series needs another change of direction, admitting defeast before it had even been launched, which to me says it all. Save your money and seriously buy dead space for less than half the price you will get a better gaming experience and have saved yourself over £20 quid!!

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  Best in the series!

| | See all StevenKenworthy's reviews (5)

I'm so addicted to this game; I've completed it twice and have recently started a 3rd game. I've not been this addicted to a game since Resident Evil 2.
The first time I played the game I found it hard and challenging, then once I completed it a unlocked a beauty of a shotgun with infinite ammo and have an easier (but just as fun) time completing the game blasting the hell out of everything.

The DVD you get with this limited edition version of the game is cool too. It's really interesting to see how the cinematics are made with real actors.

  Fear you cant forget?

| | See all mon5315's reviews (56)

hummmmm.....not scary at all, if u want that go for dead space, but a good little action game and a totaly addictive mini game called the mercenaries that will keep you playing for hrs after you have finished the kind of short single player

  Game of the year!.... so far....

| | See all MrOstrich's reviews (8)

I am a fan of the resident evil franchise (apart from the last two movies). And I liked the zombie element with the occasional super mutant. But the new evolution is even better! The enemies are great! The guns are amazing! and the storyline enthralling. There is also an added bonus. The mercenaries! A fast action packed time limit standoff!! Best in the series in my opinion!


| | See all SamMerchant's reviews (1)

I always liked resident evil games especially resident evil 4, but this game took it to the next level with excellent graphic as well as the gameplay. One of the best thing about this game is the online co-op mode where players can complete the game in story mode with others online. It also has other features, which are unlocked by completing the game, therefore the game lasts long. A very fun and enjoyable game for all hardcore players!

  totally wrecked resident evil

| | See all Tommy4fingers's reviews (2)

i WAS a massive fan of the resident evil series but this game has put pay to that.
the storey line is rubbish and predictable, the gameplay is annoying as you can't move while aiming. the only thing going for it is that the graphics are good but thats not enough to save this game.
im so glad i didt buy the steelbox limited addition as it would of been a massive waste of money. DON'T BUY THIS GAME

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  It's ok

| | See all domandbren's reviews (2)

For a game that took over 4 years to make this was a bit off. It's as if when they came to make this they ran out of ideas. Co-op is fine if your into that thing, but single player is as much fun as watching a cat sleep. The player will be hit with a hammer saying "Deja vu', when the chainsaw guy came i thought the characters where looking at the same piece from RE4. The AI for Sheva is far from perfect and i do amit i miss that annoying girl from RE4 at least she would have the decencies to be captured for about 3/4 of the game. This time around it seems your partner wants to be useful, so i give her ammo and weapons but ales you have her in attack she'll just use the handgun. Another little annoyance is if your hurt a little she'll heal you with a item which is meant to be used when your health is really low. There are times where you health is low but nothing but a small herb can't fix but your partner runs at you with lots of herbs and your run away filed with tension for the first time in the game. Now on to the good points it's fun (a little) and the plot isn't bad but talk about predictable. My advice is to get someone to play co-op with you at least this way you can enjoy working as a team. For survival horror there shore isn't much horror nor any survival, ammo is so plentiful you find your self with anoth ammo to start a small war. The inventory system is a real step back for RE and RE4 inventory system was unique and shore you had to pause to change weapon but at least an grenade is a grenade and not the same size of a rocket launcher The multi player aspect was good idea but with just two of you it can get boring. A DLC has been introduced with a new mode but i just can't see me killing someone stationary. This game got too much hipe and loses what i loved about the RE series. But maybe i should look at it this way the game was made for fans of RE4 and fans are never happy with what you give them. 7/10

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| | See all D0ssman's reviews (6)

this is my first review and i just had to write about how good this game was in every way. Very annoying that ive nearly finished it, but was well worth the money.
Comes highly recommended to all! - my only regret was not playing on hard

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