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Resident Evil 5: Limited Edition Steelbook PS3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Great Game!!!

| | See all Piercy13's reviews (9)

Since getting my PS3 iv been waiting for this game as i am a massive fan of the first game.
This installment is brilliant and will give you hours of fun and a few jumps along the way.
Superb Graphics and great story really make this game....HOWEVER, the down sides to this game is the fact that is set in chapters where as the original was a solid straight story which i preferred and also Sheva likes to get in your way quite abit and needs a whack sometimes.
The controls can be hard to get used to if your not a fan of the series but i highly recommend this game and always look forward to playing it.
Worth the price!

  RE 5

| | See all GmanWii's reviews (4)

Its poor enough if you've played the previous RE titles. This one is just too repitive and not scary in any way. I thought the story was poor and i found myself bored pretty quickly.

The lack of space in your inventory is pretty frustrating aswell. overall , buy it if you've never played them before cos its a decent game , but if you are expecting a new Resident Evil, its really not worth getting.

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  All Flash With Very little Substance

| | See all Solid1001's reviews (3)

Having waited eagerly for the new edition to the Resident Evil franchise, I can't help but feel disappointed by the 'new' Resident Evil, the makers have done away with suspense and the survival horror theme opting to go with a more action orientated 'Shoot-em-up'. There are no more puzzles or mysteries to solve instead your provided large quantity of ammos which takes away the vulnerability factor, new fans to the series will be happy but I am sure fans who grew up playing the previous instalments will find it unrecognisable.

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| | See all playstationthree's reviews (5)

always been a big resi fan was really looking forward to this game and boy oh boy was it a big let down u cant carry more than 9 items theres very little ammo through the whole game spend more time saving partner and hunting for ammo than playing the game only good thing about it was the graphics.

  RE - 5

| | See all Pacco212's reviews (3)

Good game but agree with the lack of creepyness the previous games had. Online is good fun though pain you have to restart when you invite a pal on. Still good value for money and a must for fans.


| | See all RAZORJOVAN's reviews (1)

THIS is the best game ive bought this year and is also the first resi game i have ever played and it was epic!!!!! a must buy for any action horror fan!!!"

  Disappointing RES 5

| | See all PSH569908's reviews (2)

I have been waiting nearly two years for this game to come out after playing Res 4 and Code Veronica previously. However I was dissapointed from the word go. I felt that the gameplay resembled a shoot em' up. I would have gone and bought Call of Duty instead.
The previous games involved puzzles and problem solving in order to progress and more often than not, for me anyway it took some time to figure them out. It was not just about killing zombies and bosses which this game is clearly about.
In Res 5 there isn't such a need to conserve ammo as in previous making the game easier. Theres handgun rounds and shotgun shell almost everywhere you look.
Res 5 also lacks the haunting surreal aspect for example the old castles and mansions with something waiting to jump out at you but you couldn't predict when. You had to scour the whole place for clues, especially Code Veronica.
I appreciate games evolve but I feel that it lacks any of the class of previous games. The graphics also don't help.
At one point where you have to utilise sun light and mirrors to open a door, those who have played will know what I mean, I thought the game was improving but sadly not.
New comers may enjoy it but sadly I didn't

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  Get this game!

| | See all blueflame316's reviews (2)

This game does not disappoint unless you are a big resi evil fan then you may see that it has drifted far off from the original even more than RE4 did. However, its still a great game and will keep you playing it over and over again!

  Finally a resident evil game i can sink my teeth in

| | See all GamerOwner911's reviews (1)

I was never a big fan of the resident evil sequels and when i heard this game was coming out i wasnt going to get it. But my friend recommended it to me and i am glad he did. The graphics are amazing from the blood stains on the walls to the zombies heads exploding. I also love the co-op factor of this game, finally a game where co-op mode is fun!!!. I recommend this game to anyone even if you're not too fond on the resident evil series. Take it from me you wont be dissapointed from this

  Best resident evil in the series!

| | See all Scarz08's reviews (7)

This is one of my favorite games of all time! I didn't think it was going to be better that 4 but it is in my opinion!!