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Resident Evil 5: Limited Edition Steelbook PS3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  fear factor

| | See all poolernut's reviews (3)

I love resident evil games espcaily first 4 which where sceary and cool at the same time but the fear feactor which this one seams to be missing in this game . Saying that the gameplay is awsome it loses a star for the lack of fear in the game

  Must buy!

| | See all Stevo35's reviews (74)

I am a massive Resi fan & have played them all.
This game is very different to the traditional resi games & I have to say I am missing the puzzles, zombies & slower pace of game.
I would also say that this game is not as scary as the other resi games which used to make the hairs stand on the back of your neck.
The co-op mode is brilliant, you don't just have to play with a total stranger as you can invite a friend from your PSN friends list, play along & chat through a headset at the same time which is great fun & the best way to play this game.
You can also save your game during & after this.
The graphics are just stunning, can not fault them at all & the controls will take you about 30 mins to master.
Players new to Resident Evil will love this game, older fans may think something is missing but there have been some great improvements.
This will be there with Killzone 2 & CoD6 for game of the year.

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  Resident Evil 5

| | See all BIGDAVID's reviews (2)

Finally a usefull sidekick, and what a kick she has too!! only downside like all the resident evil titles: no first person perspective, but who cares, this game is ace, very playable as always and really gets you hooked. Start playing at 6pm, look up at the clock after a moment and its midnight!!!!!!

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| | See all PS3LOYAL's reviews (4)

this lastest installment of Resident Evil is just bloody marvellous. Just cant stop playing. Graphics are just stunning and the zombies and mad monsters are brilliant. This is a must game for R-E fans

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| | See all senghenydd's reviews (18)

This game is absolutley class in my opinoin the best game 4 the ps3 along wid cod 4,graphics a superb an the gameplay is awesome an usually games only take me a few hours 2 complete bt this is a long game an its nt at all tedious every chapter there is sumin new cant w8 for res 6 now

  A must own title

| | See all CJSD1984's reviews (5)

If you have been following the game's development since it's announcement you will know that Resident Evil 5 is very much action based and less focused on scares than the previous games. You won't care though because the game is a total blast to play from start to finish. First off the visuals are truly amazing Capcom know how bring out the best with the current next-gen consoles. The graphics are so polished and detailed that my jaw dropped a lot when traveling through certain areas of the game and I didn't notice any graphical glitches either. At first I didn't like the idea of having to manage two people in co-op mode but it works really well although your partner (Sheva) doesn't tend to take the initiative to take items if say she is out of ammo or health (herbs). It's clear that Capcom wanted to reach a more mainstream audience with Resident Evil 5 with it's Hollywood production values and high development costs but the game is fun, intense and even experienced some cheap scares because you never know what is around the corner next. The "Making Of Video" DVD that comes with the steelbook copy of Resident Evil 5 is decent and pretty indepth but I didn't find it all that interesting to watch. Hardcore Resident Evil fans may get a lot more of it though. All in all I feel Resident Evil 5 is must own provided you realize this game isn't like the previous titles and is alot more about non- stop action and much less involving Horror. The Limited Edition steelbook looks cool and is nice to have if you are a fan of the series as well. Rumour has it that there will be a Resident Evil 6 I can't wait to see where Capcom will take the series for the next chapter in the franchise.

  Good addition to the Resi series...but is it Resi?

| | See all DanielVale's reviews (10)

Well - being an avid Resident Evil fanatic - I only felt a joy of a delight when I heard Resident Evil 5 would be making its way onto the Playstation3. What with Resident Evil being perhaps the second best franchise behind Metal Gear Solid (perhaps it could even top it after this installment) - I couldn't wait to play it. I didn't even bother with the demo - as usually - demo's are a pretty rough indication of games anyway.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of owning the Resident Evil series games from day dot - Chris Redfield returns to action - one of the original surviving members of S.T.A.R.S. from the Spencer Mansion incident all those years back. The great thing about this game, is that you can actually read the history of the RE series as you play - so this game was made for new gamers of the franchise to join in on the history of the game - as well as sticking to the routes for the old school RE fans. However - something is missing here for the old schoolers - and I'll get that in a moment. Something which made my playthrough bitterly dissappointing.

Graphically - the game is stunning. Its flawless. You can't take your eyes off the detail that has gone into this game. The graphics all over the RE series has been nothing short of phenominal - in my opinion some of the best graphics I have seen in a long time since MGS4. Lighting effects are down to a T - and the dark moments are abit eerie to say the least! The voice acting is back to its cheese grating best - a step back from RE4 where it seemed to be actually breaking the sound barrier (RE is notorious for having awful voice acting) in the franchise.

New players picking up this game, will absolutely love RE5. Its action packed, its shooting evil things and blowing up gas cylinders and killing over the top giant monsters. Plus you can blast away baddies with your mate as a co-op option - and on the PSNetwork, where people can JOIN your game! Which is a little bit cool! But do you really want other people playing the king of survival horror with you?

Die hard fans of RE will feel abit left out here. RE5, felt too discriminated to the other half of its audience. The worst thing they could have done - was base the game on a co-op module of play. Let me put this straight - RE was never co-op. There were one or two moments of AI co-op in the previous games, but enough to pass judgment, and enough for an enjoyability level - but not solely based on working together. RE5 has quickly withdrawn its cards on the RE fans around the globe. RE stamped its seal of approval on the survival horror genre - but this game feels too action packed. Infact - its purely action packed. This isn't what RE is about. Its about solving puzzles, backtracking to your goals and discovering sinister plots to the storyline.

The game itself is far too short - you spend most of your time spamming at enemies, and near enough, you will find yourself looking at a cut-scene to every new scenario - to which you'll find yourself shooting your way through another 20 people. This is repeated through 6 very short chapters. The co-op style of play in this game sucked the life out of RE. And thats the truth.

For me - the RE factor vanished in this game. It didn't feel like RE. It felt like another game completely. And although there was the same lovable characters - I felt gutted. RE5 is not better than RE4. Its not better than RE2. Its not better than RE1 - but it IS better than RE3. In my opinion, it could have really boosted the franchise in the right direction. Instead, its taken a huge step back.

If you LOVE action - you will love this game. If your a Resident Evil old schooler - you may feel a sour taste in your mouth.

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  There Is No Better Game!

| | See all SpeakerOfTruth's reviews (1)

This game is worth every penny,
I picked mine up on friday and havent stopped playing it since.
The graphics, the gameplay, jsut everything in this game is genius.
I reccomened you buy this, you will not be diisapointed.

  ps3 widow

| | See all tankgirl83's reviews (1)

really looking forward to this one, disappointing at first but does get better as you get into it.Great graphics realistic baddies..... plus a lot harder than the other games