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Resident Evil 5: Limited Edition Steelbook PS3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (48 reviews)"

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  Cannot wait for this game!

| | See all MauingtonMau's reviews (5)

Having played the demo, I am left eager for the release of this game - heck, I even played Resi 4 through again (excellent game) just to get me up to speed. I think the co-op aspect to this game is a master stroke and I think it adds another welcome layer to the game play. The demo looked gorgeous and the controls were easy to pick up and felt like second nature after a few moments of playing. As for not being able to move whilst shooting, er, hello, this is Resident Evil, its always been this way, and makes the game original, not like every other tedious shooter clone there is out there. I for one cannot wait for this game, I think Capcom have done it again! Excellent!

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  Resident evil 5

| | See all Rayman's reviews (6)

Having played the game demo with my mate a lot, i can say that this is a massive improvment from number 4 ( even if number 4 was the best game ever on gamecube). I just hope that they have a wide range of weapons and upgrades aswell. I don't think they will change the no shooting and running i know it is hard to get used to but it will get easier as u play the game more
Cannot wait

  Good and must buy, all from demo

| | See all dianimator's reviews (1)

Well, from the demo, it takes all of the elements from the previous game - Res 4 - and makes them better, they do this by keeping the main aiming system in place, also the graphics are quite astouding.

With the return of Chris it also makes it good, although with Chris shooting with his right hand and then Cheva shooting with her left, it takes some time to get to grips with the reverse, but, this could be made by allowing you to change hands, hopefully this will incoperated into the final verison.

But one slight problem with it, this is the ability to change the difficulty, as from the demo, these must be the easiest parts of the campaign as you can breeze through each between 5 and 10 minutes.

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  Am soo getting this game**

| | See all PS3G4M3SSS's reviews (13)

Definately based on the demo this gameplay & graphics are outstanding.very much a team work game with 2 players taking on the infected.is quite hard some parts in the game especially when the bosses arrive on scene..take soo long to kill..ammo is a right problem when you run out you gota run..like hell to get away from them & try not get cornered but overall the game is amazing.u have a knife that is a life saver.look 4 boxes or things to smash & you'll find bullets about..otherwise have to kill to earn & not all die & leave ammo on the floor to pick up..& insert urselft.mint multi player game***** 5 star game

  Based on the demo

| | See all natasyppah's reviews (3)

Based on the demo, Resident evil 5 looks to be just as amazing as resident evil 4. The actual gameplay is simillar to resident evil 4 but with two people. This isn't by any measure a bad thing, i mean how good was resident evil 4 right. The online co op mode looks like it will be a great feature for the game too.

The graphics are outstanding, the controls are a little different to resident evil 4 but take just a couple of minutes to get used to, nothing major.

Overall its gonna be worth what ever you pay for it, if you liked resident evil 4 your gonna love this.

  Score based on Demo play so far

| | See all Shame164's reviews (6)

I have waited for this game for some time and so far i am a little disapointed with whats in the demo. It looks awesome and that is why it gets a 3 and not a 2 star score. The game is way to linear for my liking, its almost as if the game developers think gamers are all thick and cant make decisions for themselves. I like freedom to roam and move rather than being herded in one location albeit through different routes, and like already mentioned the lack of the ability to move and aim/fire at the same time in this day and age of gaming is utterly ridiculous, makes the whole experience frustrating and cumbersome. I can only hope that this is purely a demo and not completed sections of the final release otherwise it will be going back quicker than you can say "Umbrella"........

  Brilliant as always.

| | See all Stilolos's reviews (2)

Having been an avid follower of the Resident Evil series, getting my hands on the demo of Resident Evil 5 was like christmas coming early! It didn't dissappoint. The controls do take a bit of time to relearn but once you know them, they're almost perfect. The demo is missing a few moves however, namely the ability to dodge oncoming attacks like in RE4. The full version will most likely have this feature. As the previous review, aiming does not allow movement. Thats the way its always been in RE. It may not be very realistic but it means you have to always be aware of your surroundings while taking out the bad guys.

As for gameplay, it was just like every other Resident Evil, but thats a very good thing. It may be a whole new setting but its works to perfection. It had me on edge and rather excited to be honest! Maybe its because i love RE...

I've got the limited edition version pre ordered and i really can't wait...


| | See all hitman45's reviews (2)

Demo is very entertaining, controls take time to get used to but very good gamplay, and I like the online co-op mode.

The graphics are outstanding.

One the main annoyances is with the fact you can't aim and move.
When you aim you stay in one spot and can't move backwards away from the creatures.

But being a demo, I'm sure the final version will be much better.

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