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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (306 reviews)"

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| | See all spidersim's reviews (1)

it's not the best battle game i've played....i'll always say Battlefield games totally walk all over MW games hands down....and the multiplayer function from Battlefield blows MW to kingdom come......the 1 thing i will say abouit MW2 is it has the best musical score i have ever heard in any game i've played in 30 years of gaming......Hans Zimmer really delivers with his music here and the tune at the very end of the game is (in my opinion)Oscar winning material......
Average game.....but rated on the music........11 out of 10

  online is awesome

| | See all chindo's reviews (6)

all about the multiplayer. massively addictive, highly playable and will give you hundreds of hours worth of fun.


| | See all MRDAMO666's reviews (4)

True game of class. It is so much faster in multiplater than Black Ops. The 1-player game is great (ignoring other comment), and they have tried to vary the content of the game. Top marks!!!!

  Game of the Century!

| | See all NaeemTheMan's reviews (2)

This game is truly amazing and in my opinion the best CoD ever made is outclasses all of the other installments by far. This review is mostly about the multiplayer experience which is great. The guns, perks etc. are just amazing. the single player is good I just play it to earn trophies. and the Spec Ops is not too bad either although I do prefer Zombies in the lastest installment of the franchise which is Black Ops


| | See all bosekae's reviews (5)

Best FPS shooter of all time. Very addictive multiplayer, very nice campain and the Special Ops mode is challenging, but very nice too. The game is easy for platinum.


| | See all gilo1596's reviews (6)

Online so much fun with an enjoyable campaign and great storyline. Amazing graphics and one of the best follow ups to a game, cant wait for MW3.

  Top Notch

| | See all HMacTrader's reviews (2)

I have been a follower of Call of Duty4, and i feel this is the best one, including Black Ops. The way you earn titles and emblems is a greater attraction than buying them, as you can uncover titles/emblems that are rare and haven't seen many of them.

Also, a lot of negative reviews here about camping and nube tubers. I have to say, although i have never had a nuke (due to 25 killstreak) you are going to have campers in every Call of Duty.

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

What can i say.....with this game its all about the multiplayer....and it totally delivers. it has sooo many new things. you get points for saving a friend/avenging a friend/ long distance kill and so many other things. it feels like its easier to play in a way. shotguns are now you secondary weapon.

also a really good story to it as well over all a 10/10 game

  Great game but Preferred the original

| | See all oldsocomfan's reviews (5)

This is a top game but I have to say I prefer the original as you we're able play more as a team and be more tactical. I reckon that's because it was cleaner, I'm not a big fan of all these extra bonus' its keeps you self focused instead of team focused. That being said it's still an enjoyable game but the none team focus and difficulties joining up with people to play, knock this game for me a little.

  best first person shooter

| | See all Bluemonkey13's reviews (13)

no other game can compare to it, it's a must buy. advise getting the first one if wanting to play the story mode as they interlink. but online is sensational.