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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (306 reviews)"

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  Best shooter in my opinion

| | See all Theo01's reviews (96)

I have been playing this game since it came out and haven't got bored of it since, mainly because playing online is fun and very unpredictable. There is a great difference with the killstreak rewards compred to the previous one and for those os you making complaints, you are wrong, to the person saying that there should be arenas for the really good players, well, there are hardcore modes which are challenging so be sure to try all modes before saying this game is rubbish and the graphics aren't bad, especially in the story mode, they are great, the controls are very easy to handle and the storyline is solid. I recommend this game to every gamer and it's worth every penny.

  Great Game

| | See all don2000's reviews (1)

this game is so good before i got this game all my friends used to say war games are so good but i used to hate them.But when i played tthis it was so good i loved it so much.

  overpowered weapons

| | See all johnnyrichmond's reviews (2)

Whilst I accept the knife is over powered, it does allow for different types of game play. I like to run alot, and some people like to spend 10 mins hiding in a corner or bush. I think some of the guns are under/over powered and I have lost count of how many times I've been fatally wounded by being shot in the shins!

I also think there should be an area for people of higher levels only - as some people are ridiculouly good (certainly not me) and should have somewhere to test themselves.

  The greatest game ever?

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I got the Platinum trophy for this game because I played it to death. The story mode is just the right length and is very exciting. In my opinion, this is just as good as the first one. The multiplayer mode is fantastic, although most people online are there simply to annoy the other players, which does spoil it a bit. That aside, the special ops and story mode are enough to hook you right in. Also, Hanz Zimmer's soundtrack is simply outstanding.

  Simply Awesome...

| | See all DarkFishy's reviews (2)

This is the game of the year without a doubt. You will get 5+ hours on the campaign, 10+ hours in the spec ops/splitscreen and 30+ days on the multiplayer. Truely astounding action, sounds, storyline, brilliant price, delivery and site. Amazing game 10/10.

  great gaming

| | See all dvdreviewking's reviews (7)

this is one of the best games on ps3 alot off gaming to do on and off line on your own or with friends worth the money brillant

  Fun but can get boring

| | See all bobbbb12's reviews (6)

The game is excellent and, compared to the other Call of Duty titles, has the best graphics. Gameplay is great, especially because of the attention to detail.

Online play makes a welcomed return aswell and is as good as ever, defenitley better than the titles because of the increase of weapons and challenges etc.

However, the game can be a bit repetive, despite the online play. Also, although the online play is great it can get very frustrating if you are having an unlucky bad streak of games.

In conclusion, buy the game but (unless you're very good or have a good temperment) expect to get angry.

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  Worth Buying!!!

| | See all Jade321's reviews (4)

This game is a perfect example of how good Call Of Duty games are, it's quality is a lot better than the first Modern Warfare! I was stunned by the graphics and the game play. The online experience is impressive and levelling up is extremely addictive. I bought this games around last year and I still play on it!!! Would recommend it to anyone who loves these types of games.

  Spot on shooter, but not perfect

| | See all Chriss790's reviews (10)

Not a bad single player campaign, great multiplayer and challenging special ops. It's also one of those games that requires you to hone your skills and it is also quite addictive if you want to actually get better at it. Graphics and sound is pitch perfect. The game also has great achievements and unclokables which get you into it more and more. Especially unlockable weapon add-ons got me into multiplayer as I wanted best quality guns and gameplay.
However, it isn't perfect in my opinion. One of the issues is the priority of a knife which many people tend to point out. You definitely should not be able to kill the enemy with one knife swing. It also affects the priority of short range weapons and makes it way too easy for the player to cope with close combat. Also at least for me, it is really annoying that you have to complete every single challenege over and over again till you have same set of weapons as in the online play especially when playing offline and I'm not talking about my own account. When playing offline split screen it's quite annyoing that me and my friends can't play with the same sets of weapons just because they are not unlocked.
But these are just annoying mistakes. Overall the game is really good and definitely worth a buy, especially if you like shooting games.


| | See all ksharma96's reviews (1)

BRILLIANT! For some dumb reason I was afraid to buy this game because I am not into these type of games, having not played them before because I am more of a GTA and FIFA fan but then I wanted to see what the fuss was about and gosh where have I been? Excellent game, online multiplayer is so addictive too. A MUST HAVE FOR EVERYONE 10 OUT OF 10!!

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