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Guitar Hero: Metallica (Game Only)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  a m,ust for gh fans

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

This Guitar Hero game is by far my favorite, great game play, every song has its own unique style and flare from the digital band themselves. You do not have to play through the entire career mode to quickplay any song you want. However customizing your rocker is not as fun considering 80% of the songs that are fun to play are Metallica and you always have to play as the band. I rarely see my rocker at all.

  Very fun!

| | See all FHT3260's reviews (30)

If you are a fan of Metallica then this is a must buy, and even if you are not you may find yourself becoming one after playing this. The game sticks to the concept of all the previous guitar hero games, hitting the corresponding notes on the screen at the correct time. With 28 Metallica tracks and 21 other songs there is enough to keep you entertained. The only reason I gave this game four stars is because there are a few really good Metallica tracks that are missing but that doesnt make it any less of a good game.

Would highly recommend.

  Close to the best music game ever

| | See all deanis91's reviews (3)

This game is truly great amongst music games. The Difficultly is the hardest in the GH series since GH3, the set list is the best of for Metallica and i cant complain about the choices of songs but yes there probably is one or two songs you wish were on here but play all the songs and you wont care. I haven't experienced the Expert+ for drums yet but ive seen what the difficultly is like and it really will give you a run for your money. Deffo the better buy between this and GH:Smash Hits.
The only reason it is the best music game is because it is band centred and for what ever reason your not a Metallica fan (altho you will become one after playing this) then it isn't for you and instead Rock Band 2 will blow your mind for its amazing general track list.

  Best band tie-in so far out of any from GH or RB

| | See all GorJam's reviews (9)

This is THEE best Guitar Hero game for the drums so far, you actually feel like you're playing them no matter what difficulty. My mate (who never really heard METALLICA) loves this game too (he's the lead guitarist).

The graphics/animation is superb its what Aerosmith, AC/DC (rockband) should have been and hopefully the Beatles (rockband) will set the bar even higher.
As in every game their are tracks that u have to endure usually while unlocking tracks in career mode but it just makes u appreciate the good ones once they are unlocked.


  Awsome songs bad game

| | See all Zollaz's reviews (1)

Guitar hero metallica is a great game, since you already heard the songs a houndred times before you may find out that you grow tired og the game. I wish there were more songs and a better career mode.
The career Mode is not interesting at all. On guitar hero world tour you chose gigs, here you just pick a song and play it. and that `s what you do. Therefore you don`t get the feeling of playing a concert.

But even tho there are few songs there are all awsome( maybe 1-3 song i don`t like). There are 28 Metallica songs and 21 guest songs.

Now, there is some things that are kind of cool: On stage i looks like Metallica are playing the songs ( thanks to the motion capture)

Backstage photos and concert videos. They have also inclouded metallicfacts witch is that if you choose a song and coose metallifacts you wont`t have to play the song instead there are comming these facts on screen while Metallica is playing, This is kinda cool.

But if you are a Metallica fan you should buy this game, if not you will still find some fun with it.

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  Absolute Fantastic Game

| | See all DanRSturbo's reviews (9)

I too am a massive Metallice fan and have been since about 1991 when I first heard The Black Album so naturally I had to buy this. I've spent a couple of hours on World Tour and the biggest let down on that was the tunes I grew up with weren't on there. This has all the classic Metallica songs you could ever want. Last night I hammered out For Whom The Bell Tolls to my 6 1/2 month old son. Good Times !

  Metallica fans... In a word, AMAZING!

| | See all thepackage1's reviews (16)

I've had this game now for four days and I haven't left it alone. I have been a big Metallica fan for years but waned when they released St. Anger and the Some Kinda Monster DVD (near career suicide in my opinion). But the release of this game has certainly made me want to dust off my old Metallica albums and crank it up. The GH franchise is nothing short of genius. Who doesn't want to feel 'a bit' like their idols, the air guitar generations wishing they could play and sound as good at their heroes. Well now you can. The game play is slick, the interface is improved from the GHWT game, showing you on the main game screen your number of stars you will achieve with a progress bar that goes up the better you do and hence go up to the next 'star' rating... Also... You can get TROPHIES!!! Massive loss on the Guitar Hero 3 and GHWT formats that you couldn't get, and a major plus point for GH: Metallica. The setlist is excellent, can't really pick any fault, good range and diverse number of other band names (Alice in Chains and Slayer to name a couple... Awesome!) If you like Metallica you'll appreciate the brilliance that this sets. It will definitely open the floodgates for other class live bands to release their own title (can you imagine a MUSE GH!!!) I must for any fan, both of Metallica and Guitar Hero. I just need my other bass pedal now to have a go on Expert+ mode of drums for abit of 'Lars' double bass action!

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| | See all Deanthebeantwenty's reviews (2)

I am a fan of metallica but not a serious hardcore fan. I like most songs by them but im more fond of the melodic/rock songs that they do. I bought this in the mind that i might not enjoy this game as much but i was wrong... i really REALLY enjoyed this game. I prodominantly use the drum set but still am lovin the game.
Great set of songs, great gameplay and love how the game is laid out.

  looks fantastic

| | See all evilhooves's reviews (1)

i saw metallica live at the sheffield arena in feb and they had the game backstage
it looks stunning, i can not wait to play master of puppets !!!

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