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Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (71 reviews)"

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  Hold your horses!

| | See all MrPrister's reviews (5)

This all in all is a good game.

Bad points:
- Ray simply sucks (using him and as a character)
- The endings odd
- Checkpoint saving interrupts flow of game big style!!!!!!
- The first few missions are tedious
Good points:
- Great levels after the first few
- 'Arrow time' slow-mo when using the bow (great for eye shots!)
- Great online
- Horses! (including galloping along a small train track across a 200ft gorge.)
- Revolvers

I'd of given it 5 stars if Ray didn't suck as much and the checkpoint saving didn't murder the games flow.
Anyway the games good if you get into it and use Thomas where possible.
Deffo worth the money and a good game to add to any collection.


| | See all commandowood's reviews (16)

Its ok just that i got bored of it after like 2 weeks

Put i would give it 9 /10

I would get it just that i got bored of it after 2 weeks but its good

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  Where Did I Park My Horse...

| | See all TreXodus's reviews (20)

Got this today and just completed act 2 and its a great game with cool graphics, cool story and the best part for me are the weapons, every gun is different with different rates of fire/damage etc and they do feel/shoot like you see on the western movies.

top game if anybody is thinking of getting this.


| | See all clum999's reviews (3)

This game is 10x's better than i thought. Awesum story and brilliant grafics. Cant think of anything bad to say about it. Dont miss out thats all i can say.

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  Great game!!

| | See all Scooby72's reviews (32)

This is a great game and as some have said COD with horses. I would have given it 5 stars, but it has long cut scenes which slows the game up a bit. The Multiplayer game is also very good.
It's one of the better games out at the moment.

  Fun game !!! great online

| | See all positivelywater's reviews (3)

i was not sure about this game it didnt look to good but i bought it and it is brilliant the gameplay offers 2 diffrent characters Ray and Thomas who both have diffrent abilities such as Ray is able to equip 2 pistols and dismount gatling guns and kick open doors but thomas is very good with rifles can use bows and he can also climb, the gameplay is good but can be glitchy sometimes there is also a cover system inwhich you press up against an item and cover it can sometimes be very frustrating though ! that brings me to the online which is very fun there is 1 mode which is my favourite it is called wild west legends inwhich 2 teams (outlaws + lawmen) have to do objectives the outlaws have to plant explosives while the lawmen have to defuse them. i recomend this game to anyone who is a fan of the Call Of Duty series or wild west fans.

  cowboy COD with HORSES!!!!

| | See all cheeseboy559's reviews (4)

I bought this game yesterday and i am very pleased. The graphics are good and gameplay is superb. The choice to choose which character you can be is a nice touch and the concentration mode is very good. overall this game is must have to put into your PS3 collection.

  good game and fun to play

| | See all Traceyr1969's reviews (1)

i thought this game was really fun to play, i knew it was never going to be game of the year but it is perfect for eating up some lost hours and there is more than enough insentive to go back and play it again, my only complaint for the game was the voice acting for ray and thomas younger brother, it was far to whiney and ruined cutscenes in the game.i would recomend this game and i give it 8/10

  pretty good

| | See all sadact's reviews (17)

The 1st thing that swung me towards this game was a love of western games, Gun, Red Dead Revolver, love them all and this is 1 of the best. A mix of COD shooting, GUN's setting and a nice little cover system, which does sometimes get fustrating. The reason i gave it 4 stars was it doesn't have any 'Stand Out' moments, but don't get me wrong this is a good game.
A good, wide range trophies to collect, very good graphics and a mouth opening setting.
Add me PSN - Blackmore92

  Average In All Area's

| | See all EssexLad's reviews (52)

Right i bought this purely because as per usual the summer games drought has left us with absolutely nothing top notch to play for the next couple months. Its quite enjoyable, nothing amazing but a pretty good game none the less. Ive finished it once and am currently playing back again on pro so it must be alright. The shooting can be annoying its hard to see where the bullets are coming from sometimes cause everything is a brown colour, for this reason i would recomend going nowhere near Very Hard mode!! The story i cant really comment on cause i found the younger brothers voice who does most of the talking bits during the cut scenes so annoying i took to skipping or muting them and just concentrating on the action. The trophies are challenging but good enough to keep you going back for 1 more go, just a shame some of the checkpoints wernt better placed so if you didnt get a certain trophy you didnt have to rewatch a cut scene over and over again followed by some runing about until you got tot he bit you were trying to do. So overall its a fair average game maybe made slightly more enjoyable by the fact theres nothing else to buy atm. We all know R*'s Red Dead Redemption game is gonna blow this away when its released anyway!!