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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (62 reviews)"

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  Game based on a film?

| | See all xNinjaCaTx's reviews (11)

Usually you are ment to stay away from these kind of games that are based on a film, but with this it is a good game it is worth more of a 3.5.

Riiight well the graphics are pretty good and how you can just rip people apart is very good too, voice acting is also pretty good.

Bad points about this game, the main problem is it feels unfinished its sooo glitchy, thers soo many problems with it but you can over look that and is still a good game, it just feels unfinished. The game also gets a bit reptitive doing the same thing over and over again.

On a whole it is an okay game, its a relativly long game its not too short and is very enjoyble i just dont think it has any replay value afterwards. Definatly worth a rent just for ripping people 2 pieces and been a very dark game like the move should have been.


| | See all Petarded's reviews (19)

We all know that movies that turn in to games are never good, there has only once been an exception to this rule (Goldeneye) but I'm happy to report that finally, a new tie in has been paid the attention is deserves. Wolverine is finally on my PS3 in the way that fans intended it to be!
The storyline is no surprise, it's the movie, nuff said.
What's so great about this is that there's not been any compromise in Wolverine's character, style or brutality. It's great, simply great being able to actually tear people apart with his claws, I will never tire of this. The ragdoll mechanics work pretty well and when you pull off a brutal kill (when an enemy has less than 10% hp) and the action slows down so you can see the trail of blood floating in mid-air from the fresh corpse to Wolverine's claws, you'll be amazed at how cool it looks and how cool you feel! There's no shortage of baddies in this game, a lot of the time, you'll find yourself totally surrounded and going mental to keep them down. There's a huge array of moves to be used from your standard combos to special spinny manouvres to lunging at people from a distance, the action never gets tiring or samey. It also means you can pull off a fairly structured strategy as to you attacks as opposed to button mashing all the time.
The only gripe you could have here is that a lot of the bogger enemies use the same attack strategy, forcing you to have the same kill strategy. Basically, roll out of the way to get behind them, jump on its back and hack away. It's the only thing I could really pick fault with but not anywhere near a big enough issue to put anyone off.
The graphics are pretty good. There are odd moments where you'll kinda wince and think 'well, that could've been better polished' but there's not that many of them. On the whole, the graphics are great, Wolverine looks like Jackman and that's the goal so job done there. The environments are pretty good, not a huge variation but the game is very much focused on action so you're not playing this to look at pretty pictures. One of the best things is watching him regenerate. The amount of times I've blown up a barrel just to see his skin fly off and grow back is a bit ridiculous.
All the usual upgrade paths are there, gain experience and spend it, you can tweak quite a lot from piling strength into special attacks to just upgrading your health limit, it's all there as you'd expect.
No reasons not to get this game, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the occasional framerate drops and the sometimes slightly sketchy graphics, nothing that would make me regret it, ace game, get it!

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| | See all abarron's reviews (77)

Great game
Played it through already and am taking another go to get all the throphies.
Well worth buying
The storyline differs a little to the move with a couple of different characters.
Get game and if you like x-men you should pick it up

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  Great game

| | See all SykoEdis90's reviews (3)

The game was great.
You could play it over every now and then, not a game you can get sick off. I loved how you can keep advanceing his level and skills and more, so your always trying o get stronger.
Only bad thing is that you cannot play online

  Avenging the Action Genre!

| | See all Plato67's reviews (45)

Having initially based my opinion on the deeply rooted preconception that film tie-ins have never been exactly brilliant in their video-game transition, I had been rather remiss in judging this game before it even came out, having also strong reservations about renting it. Even so, being an action video-gaming aficionado, I just could not miss out on trying my hand at one of the few adventure-action releases ( still a limited variety in the Playstation 3 franchise), so I eventually "forced" myself to give it a go. Was it worth it? My answer is an emphatic 'yes!'

Seeing that many a reviewer shares my opinion about the surprise element that the game has brought forth in terms of the flawless rendition of its on-screen counterpart, I would like to share with them what bits of the game I enjoyed the most and what - in my opinion- made it stand out in the endless queue of all dismal film-based video-games.

From a story standpoint, I appreciated its plot, which, although significantly faithful to the film, encompasses a vast assortment of back stories, which both offer insights into Wolverine's past and salvage the game from falling into the archetypal, simplistic sequences of platform video-gaming, giving the story that flair of surprise capable of holding players spellbound through the end of the game. In this matter, I enjoyed travelling to the past and being catapulted into the future each time Wolverine came across key locations or key characters in his adventure, for such structure truly gave me a comprehensive explanation for the development of the story.

From a game-play perspective, I just could not help feasting my eyes on the off-the-chart graphics and enjoy the 360-degree interaction with the environment. In terms of graphics, the game is virtually unprecedented. Featuring an impeccable digital rendition of Hugh Jackman, Activision have really put emphasis on the 'details' of this game, thus delivering a realistic video-gaming experience in each of its aspects; for instance, when sustaining damage caused by gunfire, explosions as well as anything that involves wiping out the protagonist, you will see Wolverine's shirt tearing up bit by bit and skin tissues detach and hang from his body, only to grow back on his layers progressively! In addition to that, many kudos go to the fully fledged interaction with the environment, which, along with the outstanding mechanics, has had a prominent role in the success of this game. Unlike many other action games, 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition' sports a wide array of combinations whose only limit is your imagination. Whether impaling foes on electricity poles hacking off their limbs with Wolverine's adamantium claws or simply behead them through helicopter blades, the simple control scheme is no drawback to the thousands of combinations that Wolverine can execute; on the contrary, it puts you in "charge of the game", letting you conform it to your own demands and making it impossible for you to put it down until you are through with it!

In conclusion, if I were to find a downside to this game - which is quite hard- I might well look at its longevity. Notwithstanding that I truly believe this game warrants each of the five stars I will give it, I cannot help pointing out that the absence of an online feature does not help its lasting appeal. Furthermore, the fact that gaining trophies is much too easy might well be another reason to put it aside after completing it - unless you happen to be a video-games collector.

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| | See all Lostinprisonbreak's reviews (2)

I personally have never been into mission games because you have to be very patient, but this game is great - its a mission type game but its very simple- and the graphics what can i say one of the best i've seen especialy the slow motions whens attacking. Would defos recommend to buy

  xmen wolvernine game

| | See all dvdkid1's reviews (13)

it is a not a bad game to play and the grafics are quit good it does not go with the lastest flim wolverine the movie i would not recomend it to my friends i give it 3 out of 10 not good for marvel fans

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  the best game ive ever owned

| | See all tiggzy's reviews (34)

as i am a huge fan of x men, especially wolverine, this was the game for me. the graphics are amazing, but i think it could have been longer. it only took me 2 days to complete, and since i know what to do now it will only take me 1 day to complete.
this is a must buy for anyone who is a fan of wolverine

  Slasher horror meets Drakes Fortune...

| | See all sduck1984's reviews (5)

Being female and largely supportive of games such as TR and The Sims...I was surprised that when I downloaded the demo for this (spurned on by the fact I LOVED the film and Hugh himself of course) that I was bouncing off my chair with excitement from the word go! It is a fantastic game, really gets your adrenaline going and a nice relief from constantly missing jumps in games like Mirrors Edge... I would say a highly satisfying game to play, and well worth the money (altho i paid less through another site)...graphics are great too. Thumbs up!

  At last, a good film to game conversion...

| | See all Sambostrat's reviews (7)

I say a good conversion but in actual fact, the game plays out a little differently to the film with different settings for certain scenes and alternative dialogue.

One of the most shocking things you'll realise from the outset is how brutal and violent this depiction of Wolverine is in comparison to the rather lightweight (but still cool!) character played in the film. It's no bad thing in my opinion and is perhaps a better representation of the dark past endured by the lead character but I don't recall the the severed limbs and eviscerated enemies in the 12A-rated film - note very closely that this is an 18-rated title for a reason!

The game itself is surprisingly addictive despite how repetitive the gameplay can be at times but somehow you always manage to gleen as much satisfaction out of gutting the next bad guy as you did the last.

The fact that you are nigh on invincible offers the gamer a different approach to the run-of-the-mill sneaking missions involved in other games and you can pretty much run fearlessly into any situation where the odds would otherwise be stacked against you and still be the last man standing after all of the bullets have stopped flying. I find this great although I have doubts as to how much replay value you can get from such an approach. We'll see...

Graphics are fairly standard but nothing special. The cut-scene dialogue is absolutely dire, despite having Hugh Jackman as the official voice-over artist for his character, and I don't understand why they had to veer so far from the film with certain key events that take place.

It was nice that they involved Mystique in the additional plot-line to pad the game out and the inclusion of the Sentinels was a brilliant touch and a welcome blast from the past - shame they didn't feature in the film.

All in all, a good, addictive game and long enough IMO to warrant the £29.99 I paid for it before it jumped up to £40. Replay value may suffer due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay but worth picking up when it drops in price.

Easily 4 stars.