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Need For Speed: Shift

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  A great game

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

If you were to rate GT5 most gamers would give it 9/9.5 and Shift is not far behind.

In my opinion, this game has something that is lacking in other racing sims like GT5 and that is visual damage. While you can not compare this game too much to GT5, the damage aspect of Shift is superb.

If you are like me and have played GT5 to death (I have done everything apart from the extreme races) then Shift is a great time filler. It has a lot of races to compete in and a resonable selection of cars which can be modified and tuned to suit your racing needs. The customisation options are vast and you can spend a lot of time personalising your motor.

Graphically, this game is very good and there are some nice touches such as a 'blur' effect when you crash.

If you are looking for a cheap but great racing game then this is one for you.

  Good not as realistic as Grid but more fun

| | See all JohnR29's reviews (5)

I played Grid quite a bit before getting this and EA have definitely steered the NFS franchise towards the realism Codemasters have in Grid but at the same time have made it a more accessible game. If you play racing games a lot it won't take too long to get the hang of it and the single player challenges aren't too difficult. The real fun comes in online play and the crash effects are pretty good at disorienting you when you slam into a wall or if you're lucky your mate, in fact they're so good it encourages you to drive carefully so you don't do it. Definite improvement over NFS Undercover but not as realistic as Grid but that's not a totally bad thing.

  brill :)

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

the best driving simulation game hands down a must have by all need for speed freaks even if your not one .

the graphics of the game are really well detailed and the way the game plays is good as well.

  This game should be a GP GAME not a NASAR GAME

| | See all Monkey1980's reviews (3)

This good. i love the atmosphere and the comemtry. In the demo every (i have not brought it yet i might now) If i paid back my student loan back . I would definelty brought this game by name.

  Excellent Driving Simulater 5* game

| | See all Hughesy19's reviews (3)

I brought this game some time ago when I payed the full retail price. Its still one of my top games. I rarely write reviews but this game is definately worth buying at this price. As your driving experience is earned, so is your ability to unlock different tiers of cars. Also you have the chance to create your own look on your car by personalising. If you're looking for a racing game, this should be the one to buy.

  Still no Ferraris

| | See all Corellia's reviews (3)

It's a very pretty game, lovely graphics, great selection of cars, though still no Ferraris. Although there is the usual issue I find with most driving games... example... racing Porsche Carrera GTs, we all had one exactly the same, but they still fly past when you're at top speed. I was driving a Bugatti Veyron almost flat out... and was overtaken by a Chevvy Camero. Mmhmm. It's hard to keep any interest in the customization after that. The "pimping" of the cars visuals are pretty lame too... think NFS Undercover. Nowhere near as in depth as Carbon or Underground 2 (still my fave). Plus there's no free roaming... its just track, after track, after track, after track, after track.... just like all the other racing games. NFS was always different because you had a plot and a story to follow and you could aimlessly just drive around in your hyper cars. It should get 2 stars for being a bog standard, everyday, seen it all before, nothing special household racing game... but gets and extra star for the graphics. Got bored after the 1st day.

  Ok, but..

| | See all lcfc4life's reviews (1)

when i got this game i couldnt wait to play it, i played it for hours non stop, the graphics are brilliant.. but, after a few hours of gameplay, it gets boring, really boring. There is a wide range of cars from Veyron's to Escorts, but you cannot really customize them in they way i wanted to.

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  Best Racing Game For PS3.

| | See all JoeyBoy92's reviews (17)

This is my favourite racing game to date. the variety of cars are excellent, and are made better with its superb graphics. the tracks are exactly the same as the real thing. and if you set the camera to the driver, its as if you have been put into the seat of your driver. this game is a must have for those who love racing games.

  exceptionally realistic

| | See all casscastillo's reviews (32)

you really feel like you're part of a racecar game though i much prefer need for speed with some sort of story behind it, like need for speed undercover or most wanted, it's still a brilliant game. i didn't find it all that challenging but the graphics are beyond what i expected and like i said, it's exceptionally realistic. definitely a must-have.

  Superb Fun at Amazing Speed!

| | See all Ianjong's reviews (19)

I dont often write reviews for games, and indeed most games seem to be style over substance lately. However, NFSS is brilliant.

I thought the best racing game on the PS3 (albeit a bit too hard) was GRID by a country mile, but this beats it for sheer exhileration and user friendly game play. Yes, you still crash and take damage etc, but unlike GRID, the game doesnt come to a shattering halt when you crash unless you want it to, as the damage settings are variable to taste.

My least favourite view in driving games is from the drivers seat, but on this game it is awesome - the dashboard etc blurring as you get faster, and the middle distance coming into focus to hammer home the speed you are travelling at - its a nice touch and very effective. Its a great feeling accelerating around a corner and almost feeling your back end sliding out before picking up speed again.

Its an easy game to pick up play, and the difficulty curve is set just right as it gets harder as you level up and open up new races and Tiers.

I took a while to buy this game having thought it to be another mediocre racer, but I would recommend this game to anyone, and at 18 pounds it is a bargain!