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Need For Speed: Shift

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  Need for furious speed

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Great game, im not so into racing games but this is a good one. Im starting to like racing games a lot more now. This game is good but it does get a bit anoying after a while, but it still is good. I got this game with my ps3 at xmas and im glad i picked this one and not the other two game choice. I hope they bring another nfs game out soon because im into the need for speed.

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  Great Gameplay!

| | See all Swayney's reviews (1)

Only had it 3 days but gameplay is awsome. Racing games have moved on since i last played one. Just one more race.....

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  The best racing game so far!

| | See all ArcticAce's reviews (2)

Absolutely best simulation racing game what has been release to PS3 (...until GT5 will be released). NFS shift takes its place focusing on simulation racing rather than the arcade racing of previous titles in the series. I didn't like earlier street arcade NFS's...

There are 19 tracks in total including real world circuits such as Brands Hatch, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Road America, Spa, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Silverstone, Willow Springs, Donington Park National and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

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  Not as good as GT - but at least it's on the market!

| | See all ChrisB67's reviews (11)

This is a challenging racing game which you won't want to put down!

You can choose your own driving style to earn points in order to unlock new levels & earn stars, badges & trophies. Cars can be upgraded and car settings tweaked to get the most out of them.

One crash, though, can put you out of a race and see you screaming at the TV screen!

It's not as good as Gran Turismo, no.

However, with GT5 not now due out until 2099, it's a fantastic substitute!

  Took me ages to choose to buy it, but i'm glad i did.

| | See all LeMole's reviews (22)

I absolutely adore this revamp of the need for speed franchise.

It took me ages to buy this game though because of the hugely mixed bag of reviews, but i got it cheap in the sales and i haven't looked back.

First off, the graphics are truely remarkable, whether your car has pearlecent paint or a standard metallic sheen, the light hits them perfectly and reflects back a plethora of stunning effects. The tracks are very well detailed with the only real graphical drawback being the rather dissapointing damage system.

Lots of people have countless opinions on the handling system, and to be honest, at first i didn't like it, but i spent 10 minutes fiddling with the driving controls, as changing how much you can steer and how quickly can vastly change your cornering, and to me, it changes the game. When i first picked it up it felt far to twitchy at high speeds yet somehow sluggish when hitting an apex, spending the time to tweak the controls (not individual cars downforce) fixed my issues and to me, has attained the second best car handling game i've played, second only to Gran Turismo.

The game has a wide array of tracks to drive, which all have been mapped rather perfectly (i've drove alot of the tracks I.R.L.). Laguna Seca's corkscrew is as blind as it should be while sticking to paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch is superbly challenging. I honestly don't have a REAL bad point about the tracks, just that there can always be MORE.

The new system of disorientation upon immpact is an interesting concept which is best experienced when set to sound AND visual effects. A slam will blur skew your vision all over while your ears ring with great realism. A tap will simply send a pulse of concentration to you, almost making you more aware of how close you are to an opponent, or a wall. At best, this new feature works great, but it does niggle every now and then, a tiny graze has blinded me for several seconds before, but thankfully this rarely happens.

You may wonder why i'm giving 4 stars, and it's a simple as this: There are little niggles all over the game.

For a start, I use the hardest difficulty and yet still find it to be quite often far too easy. I know i'm a good driver but i'm not doing it for a living so i can't be THAT good.

On some tracks, the A.I. will launch off the grid, and turn full lock to get onto the racing line, instead of progressing straight, in a realistic way, thus leaving you to be able to pass all the opponents by the first corner.

Applying decals to your car has been made tremendously irritating by not allowing you to have a fully controllable camera angle, this means your racing stripe down the centre will be skewed, mis aligned, or even the wrong colour, because no matter how hard you try you can't get that exact angle you need.

Some of the paintwork options are just stupid. Manufacturers colour schemes cannot merely be switched to a different colour pair, the greatest example of which is the Bugatti Veyron. Everyone knows the iconic paint style of this car, yet, you cannot simply select your own two colour scheme for it, you'd have to fiddle endlessly with decals to get the desired effect, time i'd rather spend racing.

All over though, this game is generally fantastic, and well worth a purchase. If like me you don't like the look of all these reviews, give it a rent to test the handling. If you end up with this game, you'll love it.

Thanks for reading ALL of this.

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  Best Need for Speed game but still could improve

| | See all BestRallyGame's reviews (11)

I think this is among the great racing games like GRID and DIRT (2) There are some falls in all fairness, in high speed turns its hard to control as when the back end steps out its hard to correct without tapping the wall. The other bad thing is the handling. I noticed this before i bought the game so i was expecting it. When you turn 99 percent of the time you will drift. The rrealy good thing that i liked about this though was the way you could choose a racing style. I am precision, i always am on racing games. The graphics are excellent, and although people complain about how the screen becomes blury when you crash in all fairness i race go karts and when you crash at 50+ mph it can become slightly disorientating.

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  unrealistic, hard at the start but amazing

| | See all pauldude's reviews (6)

the game controls get some getting use to but once you got the hang of them you start to realise how good the game is.
graphics - 9/10
gameplay - 9/10
you should not miss out.
the only fault i find with it is when you crash the screen does go bad and you will strugle to find your self again.
there are loads of races to do so you will not complete the game veryy quickly.


| | See all stichupman's reviews (5)

in my personal opinion its the best nfs so far may not be realistic as gt but it way mre fun and very addictive already at driver level 50 lol.ENJOY.

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| | See all Quayyum18's reviews (6)

Need for speed shift is very good:
graphics 9/10
cars 9/10
gameplay 8/10
BUT!!! the only thing i do not like is when you crash the screen goes funny and you lose track of what's happened. played it on the demo.

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  Need for Speed back at the top?

| | See all TheoVision's reviews (4)

The NfS series has made a tumble the last few years, but is back in the upper regions of arcade racing. Well... arcade racing with a bit of a twist: Shift is not a tech-tweak-and-sim-game, but some strategy is needed to complete the courses. And to be completely honest, it's just the flavour I like. It's arcade enough to have fun and play it with your friends, but not too simple that every idiot can play it with his eyes shut.

Is this the best NfS ever? No, it sometimes has it's flaws in handling the car and loading times are a bit long, but it is absolute a great game to play!