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Need For Speed: Shift

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  Similar to Grid with more cars = Brilliant.

| | See all ShadzE16's reviews (13)

3 stars and lower is a very harsh rating to give a N4S game considering the previous ones starting form Pro Street were just terrible. This is similar to grid which was an excellent game. This has better customization for cars and has a wider range. Very realistic and good racing views. Epic racing game. Contender to destroy this would be Gran Turismo 5.

  Smarter than your average bear

| | See all spawngti's reviews (1)

I've read a lot of other reviews about this game and can't really understand how some have only rated this game as one star. Yes EA may have rushed this game to market and in some areas it could have been improved, but it's very playable and offers great competition.

At the very start when you start playing this game, you realise that the sensitivity needs to be adjusted. What some people have said is that they've only played this game for a short while and couldn't deal with the handling. Well i have found that once you start to modify the cars they handle a lot better (as they would in real life). Yes this game needs concentration and skill to play, and yes it can be hard at times, but that's what i want from a driving game. GRID was a great game, but when you play it online, only the extremely experienced players using steering wheels are the faster drivers as the game is far to easy to play. With this game you need to slow down for corners and take the racing line, if you don't there is a huge difference between lap times and making racing online very realistic. Also you don't have to have the same cars as your opponents to race online, which makes for some very interesting races. The cars are very different, so you could choose to modify a nissan gtr etc and race it against a ford gt, obviously the gt is faster in a straight, but slower around corners.

I really do love this game and love the controls and the controls seem to be sensible (apart from gear changes), using the shoulder buttons helps with the realism.

Yes there are some faults with the game, such as the frame rate slows down on the very odd occasion and the sound does stutter at times. Apart from that the tracks are nice looking, graphics are above average and sound effects are both noisey and realistic.

If you like the GT games then you'll see this game for what it is, a pretty good racer that had the potential of being great.

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  Could be better

| | See all duffyorchez's reviews (9)

The game is spoilt by lack of 1080 res and what seems to be a poor frame rate, Better than the other NFS games but no match for GT5.

  best racing game ever played

| | See all marty118's reviews (4)

Ok i am a huge fan of the racing genre and all of them on the ps3 so far have been ok. But need for speed shift is the one perfect game. Fast paced, addictive and great fun. Shame it doesn't have offline multiplayer and the music choice is pretty poor. But you can't hear the music during a race so it's ok. This is the 1st racing game i have ever played in my life where i prefer to be in the driver's view rather than outside the car. They have really done well on this one.

  Had the potential.........

| | See all Stiggy1986's reviews (4)

but failed quite miserably. yes in places it looks quite good but as so many others say its far to annoying to get a decent rating....touch the grass and you have to stop to regain control, drift mode is awful the customisation is by far the worse from any need for speed game as it limits how big you can have certain vinyls and you cant change the colour on most. but by far the most annoying thing......EA have obviously watched a kangaroo documentary and thought "thats a good idea" and apllied a kangaroo effect to the faster cars making them uncontrollable. i have watched racing for many years and i have never seen a car bounce through eau rouge like they do in this game. Come on EA ...you are the biggest game developer in the world and you present us with this tatt......I HOPE YOU TRY HARDER NEXT TIME !!!!

  Need For Speed SHIFT

| | See all doomsdayjesus's reviews (1)

This is the best nfs title i have played since hot pursuit! Yes i did like all of them inbetween, but theres just something not too fun about playing a racing game where you can take every corner at full speed! its been so long since i had to use the brake button on an nfs title!
That will be why certain people will give this poor reviews. sorry guys, but if street racing is what youre into, then this is not the game for you. if the likes of gran turismo, project gothem, forza get your "engines" revving (sorry, couldnt help), then this is for you.
while still being a decent racing sim, the guys at EA have still kept some of the fun stuff from previous nfs titles, such as fitting fat body kits, ludicrous spoilers, and nos injections (although this time its a bit more realistic!). they still have a wide range of 'boy racer' cars, and theyve added a points system which, depending on how you drive, decides if youre aggresive or smooth.
the only problem i have with this game is the button configuration... you cant change it! if you prefer using manual shifting, the buttons for this are below the accelerate and brake buttons, which, is extremely awkward. bad move EA!
apart from that, all in all, a very good racing sim. will never beat gran turismo for realism, but its getting there.

and just a quick note, if youre struggling to keep the cars on the road, ADJUST YOUR DOWNFORCE and SUSPENSION :)

  Needs something

| | See all muddyfunksta's reviews (17)

This is my first NFS title, i've always stayed away from them for some reason, and now I think I know why. The handling isn't the best for one. The graphics are very good, but something wrong with the frame rate? If you're bombing it, it goes stuttery, at first I thought it was part of the game experience but no. There are a few bugs that i'm sure will be fixed, one is at the start of most races the flag girl is standing inside my car with her head poking out the roof.
The game's got too much going on it, you seem to earn these pointless badges all the time.
You can tweak the cars performance but not as much as you could with Forza Xbox 360 title), but handling the car at speed is slippery. You can buy cars through the Ps store, BUT the Bugatti Veyron is tier 4 and you can't race in any of the tiers one to five (thats hours of play before you reach tier 5) so whats the point?! only for online?
I've had this a week now, i'm getting bored of playing it. I decided to sell it, it aint anything new, same old same old.

  This game is awsome dudes

| | See all pgeoand's reviews (5)

If u dont like sliding all over the place, adjust in game settings. Graphics best ive seen in a game.Dont listen to nfs die hards, this game rocks.

  Need for speed SHI(f)T

| | See all bl0f3ld's reviews (9)

Did someone in the EA office come in one day and reminded everyone that they have not done a NFS game this year? An absolute mess of a game... I cannot believe that such a great driving game; Colin McRae DIRT 2 and Need For Speed SHIFT came out in the same year, let alone month! DIRT 2 is miles ahead (No pun intended) in terms of graphics, physics and playability.
The driving physics of NFS are 'floaty' and you never really feel in anyway truly in control of the car, when you go off the track, instead of feeling that you are 'losing it', the car (and controller) just vibrate violently until you just go back on track and to not even be able to configure your own controls is just unbelivable; who honestly likes to accelerate and brake using shoulder buttons. (Burnout only got away with this as it's a great game!) Sorry EA, I was really looking forward to this, but its a massive letdown, rather go get Dirrrty with Colin!

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  Great game

| | See all Mutley1972's reviews (2)

This is one of the first games i have on my ps3 slim and i personally think its very good. everyone is going on about GT5 but prologue that i also have ive played once becuase their doesnt seem to be any real feel of speed and also no damage which is always a fun extra to a game. this is more like gotham racing. if you like that type of arcade/sim then this is defo for you. its very easy to pickup and get into without having to spend ages learning how to drive a car properly