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Dead Rising 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  Excelent game

| | See all nopeeeeee's reviews (2)

I enjoyed this game the gameplay leveling up the laughs it is really fun me and my friend have played this game for so many hours but 1 reason why it was kind of ruined phycopaths and mission bosses when i didn't have online i was stuck on the twins boss fight so i had to restart and i couldn't kill them untill about lvl 20 because the were too hard

  What else to say????

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

Im my point of view, I think that this game a is really great, noy awesome but great, I said that cause, exist some aspect that had to be worked in some other way, one of them is defenitely the loading screens, for this i have to give 4 stars, but a great choice if you want to have fun. Great Work Capcom.

  Addicitve, Fun & Frustrating at the same time.

| | See all Moose1973's reviews (8)

For addictiveness and concept, this game would get 5 stars, for it's ability to frustrate the hell out of you, no stars!

Don't get me wrong, I love this game. Potentially endless hours of mindless gore and zombie mashing with as many different weapons as you can imagine. However, what ultimately lets this game down is the constant battle against the clock and poor save functions.

Death results in you have to restart from your last save point, no continuation. So from leaving the safe house to get to a mission on the far side of the map potentially could have seen you kill 100's of zombies using many different weapons, only to run out of suitable weapons and die within inches of reaching the mission start point, massively frustrating! The fact you can only save your game after completing a mission or finding a toilet is massively frustrating!!...

With the constant ticking clock and required mission elelments to the game (failure to do these results in the game ending immediately), leaves very little time and room to free roaming (think GTA).

Online element is fun, competing in various events against people earns cash for use in the main game. The Bike slicing event is top notch and great fun.

In summary, great fun, but could and should have been better!

  Zombie crushing mayhem

| | See all whoaoooo's reviews (9)

Never have i ever found a zombie themed game so addicting. I've completed the story which is great but the best thing i think to do is to go around the finely detailed fortune city and kill as many zombies as possible with the huge variety of weapons.

  Not bad, not as good as had hoped

| | See all GasMark6's reviews (10)

I bought this game stupidly believing that you could wreak havoc split screen with a friend, however you can only do co-op online which is actually quite pointless. But besides that it is a very fun and enjoyable game (but only when you aren't on a constant timer). The most fun i've had with this game is when I let the time run out and simply perused each shop looking at what I could use for a weapon. The story mode normally would be fun and not frustrating but unfortunately no 'checkpoint' system was integrated - not even for boss battles so you will end up at your last save if you die.

  yeah..... not bad

| | See all 19steve82's reviews (54)

the best piece of advice i can give anyone who is yet to play this game is that patience is the key! in large parts this game is VERY frustrating but be patient and make sure you save alot and i mean alot because you have NO checkpoints between saves and this becomes extremely tedious! never the less this game is ok, lots of weapons with thousands of zombies to slaughter and some great clothes to change into. all in all not bad but nowhere near as good as what i was expecting.

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  could of been good but ultimately frustrating!!

| | See all kiedistidus's reviews (4)

First of all let me say when I buy a game my main incentive for a purchase is for the game's main story not for the online side of it.So this is a review based around that fact.

Anyway after many attempts to sit down and really try to enjoy this game I realised it cant be done!
The most frustrating thing about Dead Rising 2 is how every little objective your presented with has a time limit which to me is a complete contradiction of the way the game is presented,here you have the bright lights and glamour of fortune city to explore with legions of the undead to slice,shoot and smash your way through but due to every mission having a set time limit your chances of doing this are few and far between.
For example one of your objectives requires you to locate an item every 24 hours(game time) called zombrex which has to be administered to your young daughter every day to prevent her from turning into one of the walking dead!sounds simple enough right? wrong inbetween this tedious and repetitive challenge you have to also continue completing missions tied into the main story while also being tasked with equally tedious and repetitive rescue missions involving the ironically unfortunate citizens of fortune city all of which need to be completed to achieve the best possible ending and all of which again have time limits.I wouldnt mind so much if these missions where more varied and fun but 90% of the side missions is locate a survivor lead or carry them(depending on the circumstances) to your safehouse through hordes of zombies by running turning round to check they're are not being gang mauled by the undead, running, turning round, running, turning round and occassionly having to repel the undead to clear a safe path for the idiot survivor this gets really repetitive really quickly and the most frustrating thing is your collection of zombie slaying tools are all perishable so you find yourself having to constantly look for maintenance rooms and equipment so you can build "combo weapons" as the majority of weapons(including firearms) you find just lying round fortune city are crap.

I'll stop there as writing this review is nearly as painful as playing this game. just to sum up every aspect of this title indicates you should be given as much time as you want to explore,build weapons and rescue survivors but unfortunately some idiot thought it would be a good idea to give you a set time limit to do all this in which essentially ruins a pretty decent game.

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  Disappointed and bored

| | See all storky15's reviews (1)

Was very excited at the idea of the game and on the good reviews bought it. After a couople of hours of sitting and watching load screens and in game videos the 5secs of zombie slaying inbetween wore thin. The idea is cool and hitting zombies with stuff is fun but the combo weapons are limited to preset and the whole time you are forced through the story line running back and forward over the same ground. Even the graphics arent great it all feels very PS2 and heavy. With such a cool concept they should have done more. It could be fun for awhile but I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it.

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  Fun but has a downside

| | See all ANDYMANSER's reviews (2)

This game is probably the best zombie killing game around and you are able to kill zombies in the most gory ways possible and funny i mean you can kill them with a pink tricycle or even stick a dynamite in there eye socket and watch them explode. The only downside is that the game has irritating loading screens which appears every-time you go to enter a new area of the map which takes about 45 seconds at a time. otherwise this game has good graphics and good gameplay and highly recommendable if you love mindless killing

  3 Stars for game play. -2 stars for time

| | See all Mrmike409's reviews (5)

If this game ran on the same engine as the last one, i.e. missions done when you wanted to do them. then this game would be the best game released on ps3. there are so many places to go, so many zombies to kill and hell of a load of laughs. especially when making the weapons. BUT. everything you do has a time limit. which is rediculous, the side missions, you dont mind so much, cuz there is loooooads of them. but the main story missions, if they time out...its game over. the same thing applies for giving katy zombrex. she dies GAME OVER. but you do keep your level and costume when you start over, so the loss isnt that bad, that is if you do lose lol. your going to want to do something but cant because a story missions NEEDS doing. also, the psychos are mega hard to defeat. (talking from a level 10 perspective). consider this review and see if it helps.

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