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Dead Rising 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (31 reviews)"

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  A welcome addition to the PS3 game library

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Ive been playing Dead Rising 2 for about 3 hours now and have enjoyed it so far. The game reminds me of Grand Theft Auto but with zombies. Its basically a sandbox game where you can mess around with the various game features in the large game world until youre hearts content. Very similar to GTA where you may find yourself tearing up the city and not actually progressing the story. However, in DR2 this is a little trickier as you have a timed game of about 72 hours to progress the story. You do get time to abuse the mass horde of zombies during this period but I found its best to have a mess around, finding items and locations and ignore the story timeline. Once you have got your bearings just reload your last save point and you will be able to know your way around quicker and where all the items are located. The weapon combos are good fun too, I wont spoil the surprise and reveal the combos but there are lots and some are quite amusing. There are many side missions to the main story which largely involve rescuing a survivor back to the safe area, these get you lots of experience points but can become repetitive, thankfully these missions are optional.

Something I want to comment on is some reviews say the game is almost identical to Dead Rising 1 and the game looks dated. DR1 was an Xbox 360 exclusive release meaning anyone without a 360 may of never played Dead Rising. DR2 however was a multi platform release. DR1 came out a few years ago so if Capcom have simply tweaked the same game engine then the game may look very similar. I cant confirm if it is the same game engine but viewing the game in HD on a 1080p LCD looks good to me.

The game is not natively rendered in 1080p but according to the rear of the case, the game supports 720p and 1080i. Strangely on my setup I cannot get the game to run in 1080i by changing the PS3 video output settings nor in game. I can only get 720p or lower. This may be irrelevant anyway as 720p is likely a superior image to 1080i due to the progressive scanning but I was baffled why I couldnt get 1080i to work.

All in all a good fun game, the varied zombies, vehicles, weapon combos and ability to change your clothing give many moments of laughter. Theres nothing funnier than dressing the lead character in a ridiculous oufit complete with novelty glasses and moustache and then watching the ingame cutscenes. You cant take the game story seriously when your character is decked out in a crop-top, hot pants, welly boots and a straw hat!

  Very overrated

| | See all Marino77's reviews (7)

This game looks about 5-6 years old. There's a lot of dialogue between characters that's not spoken but instead you get subtitles like pc games from 10 years ago, the loading screens(there's a lot of them) take ages, up to about a minute and there's no check points so if you die and you didn't get a chance to save it could set you back about 15 minutes. Very disappointing and frustrating game. We expect a lot better than that in 2010.

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  Blood slaughtering game

| | See all ArnoldKILLER's reviews (308)

Dead rising 2 is a brillant game. It's not just evil zombies and scary. It's a funny game. There's lots of slaughtering and gore. I love the combo weapons. I love combining the chainsaws with the bike, it's a beast. I like wearing funny clothes and masks. Now all of that seems good but if there were to be a third one there would be a number of things they could change. I don't like the fact that you have to do the cases within time and that you have three days and ones it's complete you have to restart it if you want to go back and kill more zombies and muck about. Also when you have to kill a human in a level they are hard to kill. Even when you have to kill a guard it takes a whole mag on a machine gun to kill them. It's really had. It's a great game just you should be able set a what difficulty you want. You shouldn't have to complete mission in a time limit and you should be able to do it when you want. Apart from that it's a mind slaughtering game.

  great fun gaming

| | See all womble1983's reviews (5)

Played this game through with a friend online in co-op mode, fantastic. So much to do many weapons to make and a great game. Only reason for it not to get five, gets a bit same old after a while of playing, well recommended


| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I played the first one on the 360 and to be honest, this game hasn't really improved on the series at all. It's the same concept, just with a different storyline. Fair enough, slaying zombies with a guitar is cool, but there's only so much of it I can do before I want to put Fifa on.

Mediocre at best.

  DEAD good fun!

| | See all Ghostbuster's reviews (14)

The only thing stopping the 5 stars is the loading screens. There are so many and take so long (especially considering the initial installation that takes place) - they really let the side down.

BUT....its a small price to pay for this game. Dawn of the Dead meets State of Emergency. A multitude of weapons to use, and combo cards earned throughout the game to combine them (baseball bat and nails still one of my faves). Fistcuffs, or how about a little Shaun of the Dead and throw LPs at them?
Run them down with a wheelchair, kiddies bike, golf cart - you get the idea. Everything is a weapon to be used to eliminate the zombie threat.
Follow the missions or just freelance and commit zombie genocide. Little niggle is it can be a bit Ressie Evil with the too-ing and fro-ing from the safehouse with survivors. However it looks splendid, great graphics, great backdrops and multiple animations for decimated zombies! Buy it and turn out the lights!

  Good zombie killing game

| | See all foster101's reviews (1)

The game is good fun a variety of weapons you can create and go round killing zombies. As well the psychopaths are a challenge as well as majority of the trophies which makes it a lengthy game. And if as well there is co-op + online which is all good fun :). so if you enjoy killing zombies and a challenge then this game is for you.


| | See all B3S3LL3R123's reviews (30)

1st getting this game i didnt know what to expect but was very impressed and shocked how many zombies there really is,all kind of weapons to pick up and can hold 4 at a time,gameplay and story is good and hard at time when you have 4 life bar and if you cant make it to a restroom to save your game you can lose all your kills which is sooo annoying thing about it that..thats all id knock this game for..because you have to jump through 1000s zombies without getting touched on 1 life to try survive and get your kills saved..there is snacks and drinks about to up your life but zombies are surround by half of them so dont get to pick many up..also further i got into it cars and bikes are class,alot quicker and see how you get 10,000 kills easier running them all down in the market ha,chainsaw good aswell literally cuts limbs off and in half.quite fun game all round and blood.survivors i was wondering is there only 1 safe house does anyone know?? because am far away from it with 2 survivors do i go all the way back to drop them off?

  Fantastic, with a great amount of things to do and see!

| | See all Wallywee's reviews (25)

Deadrising 1 was a record breaking game, with very few, if any games similar to its gory humour. Now the great thing is, deadrising 2 has improved on every aspect of its predecessor. Chuck Greene, after losing his wife by the zombies, has to attend a horrific zombie killing game show, called "Terror is Reality" to pay for "Zombrex" medication for his infected daughter Katy.
After winning an episode of this show, the zombies are let in by some sort of terrorist act, framing Chuck to be the suspect. Whilst keeping his daughter alive and working with his few friends, he frantically tries to clear his name before the military come to clear the mess in 72 hours.
This game also has a very unique style to its main story, by having a kind of planner, showing what time you will be assigned missions and when you will have to give Katy zombrex. Each mission also has time in between each one, allowing you some free zombie killing time.
With great physics and new additions like Combining weapons, and new mission spacing, you cant go wrong with buying this game it is fantastic, and with the brilliant online co op, to add to the replay time. you will never run out of ways to kill the bloodhungry monsters. Buy, and enjoy.
Graphics 8/10
Story 9/10
Online 10/10

  Great Fun

| | See all EssexLad's reviews (52)

There are 3 ways i can explain how much i enjoy playing this game. 1. im deffo gonna be playing through again because its damn near impossible to do all missions in 1 playthrough. 2. I love winning trophies but ive gladly sunk about 10 hours into this game despite only winning a few bronze's. 3. And this is the biggie, ive enjoyed Dead Rising 2 so much that my copy of FIFA 11 has remained pretty much untouched.