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Virtua Tennis 2009

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  Great bargain game..

| | See all XFile2708's reviews (2)

Really enjoying this title - great arcade feel to it and some very enjoyable mini-games..

Well worth a pickup if you see it under a fiver... :)

  very good game

| | See all Lucas24's reviews (25)

really enjoyed this game, wanted a tennis game to have a smash about on and this fits the bill perfectly, you can play a full career mode and work your way up the rankings creating your own character or play with one of your favourite tennis players. Its highly competitive and absorbing. You also hav ethe choice of all 4 slams too. Im not the biggest tennis fan and this game is perfect for me but a huge tennis lover might not like it so much as there are few aces and double faults, the ball also rarely goes outside the boundary lines which may put off the big tennis fans due to lack of realism. Still great for a knock about.

  Good but bugged

| | See all jromao's reviews (18)

Game is good, in World Tour we can train our player and keep adding more skills as we progress in training at the same time we buy new gear from the shop, long to rank up but gets more challenging with time. This is much better than VT3, but bugged, there are some small things not polished and the BUG I found/happen was when (in World Tour) I choose to play "Both" (single and pair tournaments), so I won the first Pair match with my team mate, and then I got the screen showing I LOST ??? at that point the game hang up and I need to restart the machine. Since then I avoid to choose to play "Both" and keep going only with "Single" tournaments in World Tour.

Volley, slice, spin, all the shots need to practice, not a game dominated with top spins, if we want to use Drop shots we need to practice.

Nice to have a PRO League after we are done with the AMATEUR League in World Tour but only MINUS is the fact all the amateur league level is somewhat easy if we practice a little, but never gets boring as we have to play the mini-games and academy.

  Best of Virtua Tennis!

| | See all hotshotpiper1190's reviews (7)

I don't see why people are rating this game 1/5. This game is amazing and the World Tour is awesome. I really like the ranking up system + the fancy dress tournaments. There are such a wide variety of players to choose between and there are so many things to buy from the tennis store (in-game on world tour, not the PS Store.)

10/10 =)


| | See all Subwaybud's reviews (1)

The worst version of Virtua Tennis ever made.
The sound effects suck- it'll send you to snooze mode.
The graphics are not much better than VT3
The control ( esp when serving ) is all over the screen.
The player selection sucks- No Kournikova
Get ready to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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| | See all Evolution1234's reviews (5)

You dont have to think about you shots you just hit the ball, power shots seem to dominate, he ranking system they got sucks, it takes a life time to rank up, online play awful, not a big fan im afraidm, maybe 2010 will be better

  Vitruta Tennis 2009

| | See all Patrick1756's reviews (1)

Clearly the most enjoyable tennis game on the ps3. Not to hard a title to be crowned i admit. Its the same virtua tennis we know and love, once your in the mix.

The world tour option is very sluggish to work through. Tho playing on Very hard in arcade mode provides a hearty challenge.
Easy to pick up if your new to VT. The mini games are worth trying, tho wont keep you hooked.

The online option is the Saveing grace. once your matched up with a player of simlar ability, its Very addicticive an bites deep into you.

All in all a great purchase, if you plan to play online, or with friends.


| | See all Dedders's reviews (34)

I owned the first Virtua Tennis game and i expected this version to be as fun, but i was dissapointed as this game seems to have more wrong than right.
Predictable AI
Slow progression up the rankings
Average Graphics
Lack of variety
If you still have the original keep that one and dont upgrade.

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  I give 4 out of 5!

| | See all Proevoking's reviews (5)

I think it's a great game but the only thing that annoys me is the glitching when playing online. I'm a big Virtua Tennis fan and there's lots of unlockables which makes it interesting. If it didn't have the slight glitches i would have given it 5/5.

  Fault...Double Fault!

| | See all sicksingermike's reviews (1)

Virtua Tennis has, in its previous forms, always been a game that you could rely on for a fun sim with an arcade twist. However 2009 couldn't be further from that if it tried.

Whilst playing the World Tour you can't help but feel that something feels extremely sluggish, its then you notice your progression through the ranks is slug like. No matter who you beat (whether it be a player ranked 14 places above you or the same below) you only move up one place in the rankings. The only time this changes is if you take part in the doubles tournament at the same time. Thats not that bad you may think until you find the next gripe.

The AI is somewhat simple. When engaged in a rally you will find that the AI will for some reason not move towards the ball at all, instead opting to watch the ball pass. Whilst this may seem to be a minimal problem, it can be really frustrating when trying to capture the essence of tennis. I mean how many times do you see Federer stand and watch the ball pass?

The graphics are sub standard compared to many games on the market right now. It seems Sega have fallen behind the aesthetic beauty of other software.

Despite it's faults, the inclusion of minigames (as with other Virtua Tennis games) is unique and gives the title an RPG feel to it. Unfortunately this does not save the title from the other bugs and therefore serious consideration should be taken when purchasing this title.