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Aliens Vs Predator

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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  Movie Vs Game

| | See all Hookie07's reviews (11)

Although the vast majority of games adapted from movies are average, Aliens Vs Predator is an exception. It ties in really well with the francise and the gameplay is quite brilliant. You have a choice of three campaigns in which you play as either the Predator, the Alien or the Marine. All three are easy to control and although the Marine campaigns are your typical FPS, the Alien and Predator campaigns are very different. There are some unique finishing moves for the latter two and even though the storyline is basic and short, you do want to keep playing until the end.

I am not able to comment on the online feature of this game but the single player mode will certainly entertain you for a good few weeks. At this price, the game is steal.

  good game

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

picked this game up a few months ago i must say it is a ok game good graphics easy to play. fun as well over all a enjoyable game but was a little to short as i had it done within a couple of hours

  good like the films

| | See all Nixonsback's reviews (7)

ive just got it today and i just started playing and got to say its a amazing game the guns are good the graphics are realistic and the campaign is very good

  Good for a licensed shooter....

| | See all GunsOfLiberty's reviews (17)

A good shooter (1/3 shooter) overall. It has three albeit short campaigns which lets you play as a marine, an alien, and a predator. The latter two has some neat tricks and ideas which keeps the game interesting but the marine campaign is a typical average shooter. Graphics are a mixed bag too, with some nice textures here and there. Audio is not bad either! A good title but not to buy for the full price if not for those really hardcore AvP fans.

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  Amazing, let down by online play.

| | See all LiamBond's reviews (41)

The three campaigns are some of the best in a FPS out there. Without a shadow of a doubt. The harder difficulties make this game a true achievement to complete on nightmare mode.
Unfortunatly the online ranked play is woeful, and takes away from the superb singleplayer experience.
At this price, 9.99, it is an utter bargain and a must buy if you haven't played it.

  Great action...

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

This game in my oppinion is pretty underated. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's amazing, but it's pretty damn good for what it is. Most games based around these movies have major failed. But this game lives up to a nice expectation.

To start off the graphics aren't the most amazing, But they aren't the worst I've seen. The gameplay is pretty solid, it reminds me of a bit of a quake feel to it, especially when playing as marine, gameplay can be a bit clumsy at times but it's still pretty good.

The story, well you could say for example yeah it's short for Marine, but then you have Predator and Alien to make up for it so 3 stories combined = 1 long story.

The multiplayer is where this game focussed most I think, a lot of great game modes, and a lot of fun to play with friends on.

Also to add this game playing through on marine was pretty spooky, sorta on the edge of your seat, same kind of atmosphere as dead space, not knowing what to expect. Think the whole heart beat monitor adds to this. Great game though :).

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  what a good game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

this is a good game sure its not the best grahpics on the ps3 but over all it makes up for it with good play good flow and a good taste of what been an alien and a predator is like all 3 have differnt storys well worth getting

  whats wrong with it???

| | See all tomahawk13's reviews (18)

this game is great, highly underated, seriously, graphics=good, gameplay=a little rough but i'm not complaining, story= each side has something to aim for and its a joy to play as each of them (Predator rules) overall=great AvP experiance that i come back to all the time and i haven't mentioned multiplayer (its a blast)

  The best Aliens and Predator based game I've ever played

| | See all DChaundy's reviews (7)

I've played all the previous avp games and I must say that this is definitely the best of the bunch. This game is sooo underrated. The online component is so much fun. The traditional Death Match, Species Team DM and Mixed Species Team DM modes are awesome but its in the other modes such as Infestation and Predator Hunt where the game really shines. The SP campaigns are enjoyable but are merely 'training' for the online modes. If you're a fan of the franchises get this game. It's definitely one of the most atmospheric and enjoyable shooters out on the ps3. Don't miss out!

  we were robbed

| | See all gamerdude1's reviews (1)

i bought this after seeing it on tv and thought wow but when playing the game it was rushed graphics like a ps2 game controls difficult to do never any online matches story mode very short

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