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Aliens Vs Predator

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (76 reviews)"

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  Genius Vs Sloppiness

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Rebellion Software made the original AVP games back in the day on PC, and they were popular. REALLY popular. And so, when we heard Rebellion were reviving this game, we all licked our lips in anticipation. And the final result is.......mixed.

The sad thing about this game is that there are flashes of gaming genius in here, really top quality ideas that have been spoilt by, it would seem, pure laziness. Every single element of the game can be split into brilliant and poor, with no in between.

The story is identical to the AVP film. Humans find Predator pyramid with Aliens inside, release Aliens, Predators get cross and.......fight. And the story is the first good vs bad element. The three indivual stories for each species are really rather good, but you never feel as though they are three sides of THE SAME story. Rarely will you say "Ohhhhhh, that's why that happened when i was a Marine", and there's no fighting a boss battle, say, from each side. It's a missed opportunity.

Graphically, the game generally does well, with some good explosion effects, cracking level design and brilliantly graphic deaths. Predator trophy kills are wonderfully gruesome, as are Alien harvesting, but these also frustrate, as the control system is so picky that pulling these off is often difficult.

Enemy AI is similarly two-faced. First the good-the Alien AI is BRILLIANT. This is how Aliens should behave. They constantly run in the shadows, seek to attack you from unseen angles, and run at you when you least expect it. Rebellion have got this bang on, and fighting them is truly terrifying. And then there's the Marine AI. Utter rubbish. During firefights, they will take 'cover' in full view of your Predator target reticule, allowing you to pick them off. As you would expect then, the most fun is to be had as a Marine. Wandering the corridors of the colony with nothing but a torch and a pistol will scare you to death, and although the later levels aren't quite so scary, they're all pretty good.

Sound is the biggest area of good vs bad though. With this kind of game you expect the sounds from the films; the screams of the Aliens, the airy churn of the Marines' pulse rifles, the weapons sounds of Predator. They all sound truly ace. And the music is gung ho and atmospheric in perfect quantity, really fun to play along to-watch out for the nighclub scene-amazing. But then you have to put up with the voice acting, with three different voice actors saying "Don't relax just yet marines" over and over. Play Chronicles of Riddick or Uncharted 2 for how good voice acting should sound, and you'll see.

Multiplayer is quite a laugh, and although online battles tend to favour the Predator, the different races do make for some intriguing battles.

Overall, this game is fun enough to keep your interest, but scary levels and great music won't hide the shoddy aspects of the game. They won't spoil your experience too much and this is worth a good play, but it's a good game that could, and should have been great. Rebellion, make the next one, and ramp it up!

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  Had so much potential.

| | See all wwekevin's reviews (54)

I had high hopes for this game but then i realised that rebellion and sega were behind it that was it for me. Graphics for this century are apalling and the gameplay could have been alot better. Singleplayer is okay but cant get boring and lacks setting although getting perfectly stealth gory kills with alien and predator makes it good. Gameplay is not bad but can be tricky with alien and the first person view makes it difficult probably better with a third person view i think. Online well not enough to keep me amused. Combat is poor specially playing as alien and theres many glitches like marines shooting through walls getting killed when your 10ft away with alien and predator. Waiting time for a game is far too long and ranking up just unlocking skins is weak for me i mean why cant you improve your abilities or something but in saying that the kills are good, playing as alien and predator is a new experience even the marines have advantages. alien online has to the most vunlerable with no weaponary to use however the speed and the ability to walk on any surface comes in handy like does predator and the marines have their own uniqueness. Overall the game is average but still fun to play cause of alien and predator and the gore is realy good however is just lacking everything could have been so much better but thanks to rebellion and sega for messing up a game that could have been an excellent game. I only purchased it because you can play as alien and predator as theres no other game like that. For fans of the movies don't expect much the word rebellion explains it all.

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  Short but Okay

| | See all CaptainShoe's reviews (23)

I am a big fan of Alien/Predator movies/games in the past and was looking forward to playing this game.
I was slightly disappointed with the game as it is very short (seems to be a problem with a lot of PS3 games), you can easily complete all three storylines within a week.
I wasn't overly keen on the graphics/gameplay, comparing to other games on the PS3 it has been outdone by other titles i.e dead space, Resident Evil, KZ2 etc.
I think it is an enjoyable game but like i said i enjoy all AVP stuff so this may not be for everyone.
Like another reviewer said this game is very short so rent it and finish it that way.

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  AVP.Very gd game!better than i expected!3 campaigns & online

| | See all B3S3LL3R123's reviews (30)

well worth it in anyone1s collection is a very gd shooter.and 3 campaigns it offers,marine,predator and alien are the main reason a gave it a 5star.a wouldnt say grapchics would have to improve,cause gameplay makes up for it.movement of the aliens and speed can run and walk upside down on walls and smash out the lights and lead the marines into a trap.marine must be the hardest campaign.also had a go online and is very very good loved it.for 24.99 cant complain about anything.is its own game and worth playing.gd trophys and gameplay.i've took my time..playing socom and flicking back to it and progressing bit by bit..on each campaign once u get to end of 1 mission u can continue alien or pick predator or marine.do few missions with each 1 to get used to the differences there offer!well recommended

  Great game let down by niggling faults

| | See all activ8's reviews (17)

I was really eager to get my hands on this game - lets face it the very thought of being able to play the part of three of the most iconic movie characters of all time is an incedible opportunity.

I went straight in as the predator and I was amazed first by the story line and then by the level of graphics in this game. The predator has some incredible technology. Fans of the movie will enjoy using his heat signature tracking or his cloaking and laser targeting. There are also some nice touches like being able to mimic the marines voices to lead them into a trap. I think this is probably the best predator experience I have played so far. The way the predator moves - leaps - and targets enemies is authentic to the movies and the death moves are fantastic to watch.

Playing as the Alien is a slightly different affair. Raised in a test tube before managing to escape you receive messages from the hive and the queen on what to do. One of the best things about this games design is the way the tutorials are seamlessly weaved into the game play for each of the characters and each has their own story line. As the Alien your tutorial is their process of trying to domesticate you. I thought The Aliens movements were totally authentic and the death moves have to be seen to be believed. I thought the controls for the alien were polished but a little disorientating you can run on the ground or on the ceilng but sometimes this ability seemed to turn on and off at will. Still the speed at which you can run through the corridors is incredible.

To truly witness the suspenseful nature of this game though requires you to play through as the marine. Tough and able to stand his ground the marine missions is where I witnessed the full levels of this game. All that toughness though only barely manages to even the odds. There are some scary scenes which had me jumping. The majority of the stages are just so dark and eerie I found my racing the second I heard the tracker beep that there was an alien presence nearby. It is here that I found the storyline most engaging.

In terms of criticism I found the whole game way too short. There is just not enough of the game to play. I went online but in my view I found it only marginally better. There are some niggling faults too with online play. The game modes are good but I found it took me too long to get started and once the match is over it takes you back to the main screen without offering a chance to do a rematch. There also arent enough stages to play on. The cost of buying more stages as download content I thought was a little cheeky when there just could have been more of the game to start with.

Taken as a whole though I think that this game still has lots to offer - the action the sounds the moves and the content of this game are very authentic and entertaining. There is no denying that this game both looks and plays well. Once there is a reduction in price this game should definitely be on you hit list. There are bound to be cynics who compare this to other first person shooters on the market but I could only take so many missions in war torn areas before I wanted a change of scenery. This game offers an opportunity to do just that. And what a great opportunity it is.

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  AvP a Rushed Game

| | See all zetec16v's reviews (3)

this game is alot better than the avp that came out in 2000 but it still has its let downs. this game feels very rushed with graphics not beening the best quality and the control system seems to be rushed as well and for a fps game when you play as the marines it feels like your playing a fps on the ps1 so its not very good for shooting but ive found this game to be abit of a laugh so ive giving 3 stars.

if your looking for a good fps game i wouldnt buy this game.
if your a fan of alien or predator this is a good way to get in there shoes and can be loads of fun

  Short but very good

| | See all LewisJames's reviews (5)

Alien Vs Predator has been a strange pairing for ages now, the first games were good and I cannot say this one wasn't good. However although AvP is a very good and enjoyable game it does have some pretty major and minor flaws. First and foremost, although there being 3 three campaigns I expected a much longer and more thought out campaign however I was wrong, the campaigns being only around 4-5 missions each and hardly cinematic (Not that I was expecting a Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid dialogue) plus the fact there's no proper plot to the story. For example (SPOILERS) the Alien Campaign, Number 6 (I.e you) is experimented on at the facility and you break out etc... However all of a sudden you see the Queen burning and there's no answer to how this happened or why and to top that all off you get found by Marines and taken off world as this happens the inside of the ship is littered with bodies and blood and you see number 6 who (Bizarrely) sheds his skin, grows in size and becomes...A Queen. (SPOILER END)

Anyway that's the major flaws out of the way and now time for some good parts. For example the Xenos (Alien for you newbies to AvP) have unmatched agility and the ability to climb any surface which I must say I love as there's nothing more satisfying than scuttling around dropping down and ripping someone to shred or even harvesting some poor sap to one of them Facehuggers. Now then onto the tactical guy, Mr. Predator, who obviously gets the better deal with weaponry here. First off your most relied piece of gear, the wrist blades, your vital weapon. The Shoulder Cannon for taking down them pesky ranged marines or Xenos. The Combi Stick which is like a spear and can be thrown with accuracy to create lethal kills, and finally the The Nifty Disk (Can't remember the name) which can be hurled like a boomerang to saw people in half from a distance. The Marines I won't go into much detail as I don't personally play as them but they do have some minor advantages such as the motion tracker and flashlight.

So all in all AvP is a balanced deal with good and bad features. The three campaigns give you wide variety of elements to use as the Marine is the traditional FPS while the Predator uses a tactical or strategic element making you plan to attack or things can go wrong and finally the Alien campaign makes you use stealth and agility to overcome enemies by smashing lights out and hissing at the marines to (foolishly) come out of their protective squads and get slaughtered by you.

AvP = 7/10

  Action, Fear and Excitement.

| | See all sfx12377's reviews (2)

Aliens, Predators and Marines each with their own, but different attributes. This has nothing to do with the disappointing AVP movies and more with the comic books which first introduced us to the clash of the best Sci Fi movie monsters ever, with marines thrown in to mix it up a bit.
The 3 different campaigns are short, but have four difficulty levels with unlocks for character skins for on-line play.
The on-line play is what makes the game enjoyable ranked matches earn points that again unlock skins as you go up the ranks, but the varied types of matches and different scenarios make this a never ending battle for survival.
I have found the on-line play more and more exhilarating and the marine the most challenging character to play with, now with additional maps available on-line, I hope this game just gets bigger better and scarier than it already does.

  Not bad but not the best

| | See all MattyR80's reviews (11)

I was given this game by a mate who played it for about 20 minutes and quickly dismissed it as complete rubbish. After completing the campaign mode for all three classes, I think he didn't give the game a fair chance but have to admit that I have been left a little disappointed.

All three classes (Alien, Predator and Marine) are enjoyable in different ways but none are particularly outstanding. I enjoyed playing as the marine the most because the game created a really tense and exciting atmosphere with some great battle sequences. The battle scene in the disco with the strobe lighting and dance music was pretty awesome.

I've read some reviews where other gamers have accused this of having PS2 graphics and I don't think that's particularly fair. Its been a while since the PS3 was launched and maybe people have forgotten what PS2 graphics were actually like but what's on offer in AVP is pretty decent. The perspective used doesn't allow you to see much of yourself as a character which is disappointing and the graphics are not as good as other titles available such as COD, Uncharted, Assassins Creed & MGS (to name a few).

Where AVP fails is each class has a different style of gameplay and for each different style on offer there is a better game available. As the marine its a bit of a survival horror/ shoot em up which is good but not as good as Dead Space, Resident Evil 5 or COD. As the predator you have to use stealth and discretion but for this style of gameplay you'd play Metal Gear Solid which has better graphics, a better story and better gameplay. The Alien mode is fun with the ability to climb walls and ceilings but this has been done before in Dead Space (in the zero gravity sections) and to a lesser extent in Assassins Creed.

For fans of the films and for the gamers out there who are feeling a bit nostalgic, this is a bit of fun and worth a blast. Its not the best but its fun and definitely worth picking up when it drops in price.

  which will you be

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Exellent game, great campain, good online. Really exiting. The campain was short on all 3 characters but i supose there are 3 campains. My favourite campain was the alien. My favourite character is the predator. The marine campain is just the normal campain and it was really good. Online i play well as the marine. The predators visions and invisabilaty is great. This game is great and soon aliens colonial marines is comming out soon so lets hope thats going to be good. Exellent game, theres been exellent films of the alien and predator and well done.

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