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Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Dragon Rave!

| | See all Seraph87's reviews (17)

I have personally spent over 150 hours on this game, it is a very immersive and fantastically detailed RPG (I think the first RPG i have played) with an epic storyline and some well written characters.

Some people have mentioned graphics issues and these can be traced and solved by turning off the auto save feature. (just remember to save your game frequently!)

  good rpg

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

There are 150+ reviews now so I won't waste my time telling you all what has already been said. I will just say the game is really good and enjoyable with 50+ hours of gameplay and tons of replay value. With that being said 5 stars. For more specific reviews read the other 90+ 5 star reviews. Just know the game is worth every penny and even more so now that the price has dropped to half or lower. you can't go wrong with Dragon Age.

  Best Bioware RPG since KOTOR

| | See all MeanMrPringel's reviews (33)

to me this is the best Bioware rpg since KOTOR (Knights of the old Republic) the game is just huge without the DLC u have about 100 plus hours of gameplay with the DLC u have the biggest RPG since Oblivion the story is realy well told u really fell like ur actually a part of this amazing world when u chose an action some party members may like/dislike it and if they hate u to much they will leave/betray u this is one of the best RPGS ive ever had the pleasure of playing I hope Dragon Age 2 is just as good


| | See all elgreenmachine18's reviews (14)

Bioware has created a giant in Dragon Age. Most RPGs dont have such compelling stories, they are filled with extra pointless quest that take up your time. Some people like pointless, i completed this game at least 4 times, each time took me about 50 hours. I did everyting i could possibly do, plus the DLC is great, bringing extra content to an already brilliant game. The world of dragon age, is basically the 21st centurys answer to Lord of the rings. Unfortunely some people truly have no understanding of what a good game is.....Shame.

  Just not big enough.

| | See all LiamSimey's reviews (7)

This game is half decent and worth at least a week of your gaming time, but for an RPG it is way too linear and short. I'd say the price on release should have been around 15 quid given the lack of content. There is a lot of DLC available but for what you would have to spend on it you can get 2 or 3 new games instead.

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  fantastic game

| | See all daveps3's reviews (1)

i thought this game for the ps3 was fantastic the story and detail were spot on ignore what other people might say this game was ace plus there are still loads of add-ons u can get two make the game even longer from the playstation store thats why the ps3 is the best console out there when u got games like this one two chose from

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  Absolutely Brilliant!!

| | See all dooku17's reviews (1)

If you liked starwars knights of the old republic 1 & 2, u'll like dragon age origins, its like kotor 1 & 2 in many ways as in your party members personal quests, equipping armor and weapons and upgrading them, a place where all your party members are together, gaining your party members trust or disapproving you, travel to different places etc etc, i got this game as it was made by bioware as i'm a big kotor 1 & 2 fan, now i'm a big dragon age origins fan and cannot wait for the second!! a must get!!!

  Pretty insane

| | See all Sagster's reviews (1)

Cant believe its lowered to 15 quid now! Great price for a great game. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are awesome and the storyline is awesome. But as others have said, while the graphics are good they do slow the game down a bit. What makes you want to play Dragon Age for hours and hours every day is the relationship you build with your character and other companions. Some of the various storylines to quests are also quite emotional because when something good/bad happens to your character, you feel that its impacted yourself personally. All i can say is that this is in the top 3 games on my list


| | See all Daleywyatt's reviews (1)

this is by far the best rpg i have ever played. i do agree it has fults like it gives u 6 or more start story lines which are all different but after u play them for like 30 mins the game just repeats itself but other then that it amazing. the story line and interation with other charicters is cool and some of the diologe is quite funny. for this price its a must own...........dont think about it just buy it

  Enter the world you'll never want to leave.

| | See all bumblebee2000's reviews (39)

Brilliant! I am not a big role playing game fan. I got this simply to see what all the fuss was about. Well i can see now why people disappear for hours on it, its immersive and you care about the characters. The combat is cool and your character is customisable to the extreme, even being able ot change the facial features. The graphics are brilliant and the world is full of quests and subquests. Recommended to everyone whos old enough to buy it.