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Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  almost 5 stars

| | See all hayzee08's reviews (4)

this game is very good and i cant see how the guy below gave it one star but thats his opinion i guess. For the price that its at i think its a must buy :)

  age is no matter

| | See all cindertoots's reviews (6)

wo i was stunned but than i got stuck.They make it to hard to handle. But its not a waste of money


| | See all Chubzy's reviews (6)

What a shame, i had high hopes for this game and as other people have said, i expected this title to be like Fable or Nier. Unfortunatly i was completely wrong, the game play is shocking and the sensitivity is awful! The whole game seems to stutter as you move your carractor from one place to another. So dissapointed, hence the 1 star.

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  Great, Buy it, But it does have faults

| | See all Deviloffuel's reviews (32)

To be fair, there's loads to love about this game, enough people have said it, so I'm just going to jump into the faults, of which there aren't many:
1) The Graphics, Everyone says they're awesome, and they are, but at the end of the day, being another EA game, they're sticky and jumpy, and it really interrupts smooth gameplay.
2) The Difficulty, To be fair, playing it on anything below nightmare after you've played through once makes it a little boring, you can just stand on anything that gets in your way.
3) Abilities, they turn themselves off when you enter another section of a dungeon, and that's seriously annoying.

Otherwise, awesome game, great expansions (I'm yet to try awakening), and definately recommended, Nightmoare mode will have you pulling your hair out, thats for sure =P

  5 star RPG

| | See all Godfather77's reviews (14)

I bought this game when it was full price and have to say it is the best RPG I've played to date. At the sale price Play.com are selling this game at they are virtually giving it away.

Whilst this game doesn't employ a completely open world system such as games like Oblivion, the world you explore via a map system is fairly large indeed & the animation, voice acting & music is very good. The difficulty setting at normal is quite challenging and if this is too difficult there is an easier option and also 2 more difficult settings.

As with many RPGs you can select to play as a male/female rogue, warrior or mage and can select one of 6 different classes, each with thier own differing starting story which offers good replay value.

What sets this game apart from other RPGs is the character voice acting and interaction system. Your actions and the way you converse with your allies throughout the game can affect their feelings towards you making them respect/like you which increases their skills or can lead them to dislike you or even betray you. You also have the option of buying and giving items to your allies to increase their approval rating. Their is even the option of romance with certain characters.

There are quite a lot of side quests to complete in addition to the main story so in total you can rack up at least 80 hours of playtime as one character alone. Additionally their is a number of downloadable content which you can purchase from Playstation Store available to increase gameplay, the most recent being the Dragon Age Awakening.

A word of advice, if you haven't got your PS3 linked to the internet I would recomend it, as the recent PS3 firmware patch 3.30 did cause major freezing issues with this particular game which can be fixed by game update 1.02. I haven't had any problems with latest firmware update 3.40.

If your still reading this review I can't sing enough praise for this game and would recomend it to any RPG fans.

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  A first class RPG

| | See all Caramon's reviews (77)

Bioware has a long and well deserved reputation for producing excellent story-driver RPGs, and Dragon Age: Origins is no exception.

Set in the continent of Ferelden on the world of Thedas, an army of evil creatures called Darkspawn is invading, led by a powerful Archdemon, and only the legendary Grey Wardens, knights devoted to destroying the Darkspawn, can fully eradicate this Blight.

This is where you come in. As a newly recruited Grey Warden (chosen from one of three Races and three Professions) you travel to the fortress of Ostagar, where in a titanic battle most of the Grey Wardens are slain along with Fereldens King. With the help of a fellow Grey Warden known as Alastair, it is up to the two of you to gather an army, slay the Archdemon and stop the Blight.

You may select a group of up to four members for your party, from a collection of various characters you meet and recruit along the way, and you will need at least a Rogue in your group at all times, to deal with any locked doors or chests you may encounter, of which there are plenty.

Combat is fast, exciting and bloody. You may give orders to one or more characters on the battlefield, as and when you wish, or assign actions to each in various circumstances - instructing a Mage to case a Fireball at any nearby enemy archers, for instance. In battle the X button is used for a simple attack, with the other three buttons being reserved for special attacks you assign after learning them.

The game is very speech-heavy, particularly in the early stages, but you may skip through dialogue and cut scenes you have seen before. The story is beautifully crafted, with plenty of banter passing between party members as you travel. Each character is fully realised, with their own history, attitudes and prejudices, and which characters are within your party in certain circumstances may open up new questing opportunities, which is a great aid to replayability.

There is a large map with numerous locations to explore, which are revealed when you accept certain quests, and these are numerous. The main quest is ever present, but the scores of side quests gain much needed experience and gold, and help to flesh out Ferelden and its characters.

Dragon Age: Origins is an old-school RPG with months of play involved, a large collection of Trophies, an ever expanding assortment of Downloadable Content and enough player immersion to see you complete it a good two or three times. Three completions is enough to gain every possible Trophy the game has to offer, but it is a pleasure to replay with a different type and class of character, and to see how different party members influence key plot lines. Another sure-fire winner from Bioware.

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  Game of the year , so far

| | See all leprechaun's reviews (21)

where can I begin?? this is one amazing gaming experience, amazing graphics and sound... the dialogue between thr characters in your party while you travel around will have you in stitches. this game will obviously get compared to world of warcraft, but it ha s much better graphics and gameplay. it might not be to everyones taste but I was a big fan of Baldur's Gate and this was just what I've been looking for, I played almost 90 hours and completed the main story and missed out on about half of the side quests... definately worth the money, although you need to have some time to actually play it because it consumes days of your life ha ha

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  Brillant a must buy game !

| | See all Beasty22's reviews (6)

Dragon age is a great game. The graphics are amazing and the movie scenes are awesome. At first I thought it would be really hard to play a game like this on console but how wrong I was. The game play is easy to master and the controls are easy to use.

You have the freedom to walk around and go where ever you want, which sometimes leads you to finding a few enemys that are a lot tougher than you so be warned.

There is a great selection of weapons to choose from as well as characters to have in your party.

Great class selection as well from mages to sword users which is really nice to have a wide choice as well as choosing your class you can determine what skills he will use or how you want his style of fighting to be, be that a massive two handed sword or sword and shield. So many choices and this game will keep you hooked for hours and hours.

Easily will want to play again and again in different classes to experience the different game play.

A must buy game !

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| | See all rogon1's reviews (1)

has texts in Spanish or other languages?
I know it has voices and manual in English, but I don't know if you can change the language of the text in the game.


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| | See all fruitdot's reviews (3)

I usually don't play RPG's and I bought this game with no real expectations. A friend of mine recommended it and said he thought I'd like it - and he was right! Despite me being quite new to RPG's I got into the game very quickly. The story is great (being able to choose your own character and background is real fun!) and I love the fact that each decision you make in the game really effects the outcome! It is probably one of the most addictive games I've played! A must have, even if you're not a hardcore RPG'er!