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Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Give it time

| | See all Hievery1's reviews (2)

This for me was one of the very first RPG games were i felt that i was actually in a proper sword fighting battle between many NPC and your playable charectors....i recomend this game to all RPG lovers.....my only critisism of this can is that it takes some time to get into it, but mark my words when i say that once you choose a charector and stick with it you will not be able to put the controller down....but other that this game is outstanding with brilliant graphic's and Epic storyline and is a must for all gamers who love this style of game :D


| | See all Myatt94's reviews (32)

I bought this game in great anticipation that it was going to be a game similar to that of the likes of fable. I was wrong. This game was good in many ways. The graphics were good. The storyline was thoroughly thought out and the way you could make your character unique was superb. The game itself however was a bit too complex for me and i found it annoying the way the fight scenes were played. I was expecting more. So a bit of a dissapointment but i am not a big fan of this sort of game.

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| | See all BigBiscuits's reviews (2)

amazing game, can't praise it enought, good graphics, gameplay everything. im a big RBG fan and like to think i know my stuff :) this is definitely a game i would recomend. only thing i would say is i don't like the fact that is your a warrior you don't have any magic which you can't understand but if your a mage you don't have the ability to learn any swordplay, not even to learn them slowly, your mage will always be rubbish with a sword. i would've loved to have been a mage but with a strong ability in duel swordplay.
anyway, really good buy, gutted i bought it at 40 pound i week before i was reduced to 25 pound. enjoy :)

  Breath-taking! A must buy for RPG fans!

| | See all SpiSpi's reviews (4)

I was blown away by this game. The mixture of characters and the different landscapes are fantastic! From a inconsiderate witch to the assassin elf! A must buy!

This game will literally have you gripped to your seat. I also love how each actions have their own consequences. There is multiple endings too which is amazing! Become romantically involved and witness your followers engaging in their own conversations - Breath-takingly hilarious! You will NOT regret buying this as it must have at least 50+ hours of pain-stakingly hilarious gameplay!

  If you liked Knights Of The Old Republic You'll love this

| | See all Uzumaki's reviews (9)

A must have game for RPG fans. The graphics are great, and there is a great deal of character development that can add infinte amounts of enjoyment to the game for regular RPG players.

There are also countless ways to customise your main characters and tactics and a number of plotlines you can take. Meaning the game has a high RE-playability.

In short, this game is truly excellent

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  A-MAY-ZING! Superb RPG!

| | See all xhosaboy's reviews (2)

Have to say I was a little sceptical from the previous reviews I read and tried the website of the game makers to check the product out - lets just say its real-action live sword-and-sorcery adventure which grabs you by the balls within the first hour. Reached the first real boss after 4 hours of game time which is more than enough to get used to the controls... the tactics however are a little trickier and some trial and error goes a long way!! Needless to say this game will have you waking up in the middle of the night itching to play a few more hours time and time again.
Definately worth it.. just make sure you hide it from the missus!

  Dragon Praise!

| | See all Icarus's reviews (29)

Having just completed this game now (clocking in over 100+ hours to do so) I was left still wanting more from this fantastic title.

Bioware's first venture on to the PS3 has been a very welcomed one. While there isn't a shortage of RPG's based in the fantasy realm none really made me feel engrossed in it until now.

The characters you work along with are a real mixed bag of people, ranging from a power driven witch to a religious believing lady who loves violence. As you can see you will get a real mixed bag of people to saddle up with.

The gameplay is great and very tactical, however the console version of this game comes up short as you are only limited to 6 shortcuts to spells which really slowed and made the fighting rather tedious in some places. If you wished to use a different spell or perk you would have to resort to pausing the game and then selecting it from a a round table. If you have played Mass Effect on the Xbox 360 then it's very similar here.

Another thing to pull this game down from being a 5 star is the mass amouts of loading. You will need to wait around 2-3 minutes to login to play the game a further minute to load up your save file and then if you walk in to a hut or a different zone another loading screen will welcome you. It never really bothered me to begin with but after a while you cant help but sigh when that loading screen pops up again.

The majoirty of the missions were very well laid out and a lot of exploration was needed to cover them, the main storyline quests were a particular highlight where in some places had me really torn on what outcome I would of liked.

Overall this game crams in a tonne of gameplay for you to enjoy but sadly this game was built for the PC in mind which is why I cannot give this game the top marks as you have to always resort to messing about in menus for some spells which really yanks you out of the flow of gameplay.

However, this game is a top notch RPG and with plenty of DLC now and in the future you can bet there will be even more action and adventure in the fields of Ferelden!

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  Truly excellent story driven RPG.

| | See all GregW79's reviews (6)

I've been waiting for an epic RPG to get my teeth into for quite some time and I have to say that Dragon Age Origins certainly delivered.

The Grey Wardens stand on the brink of extinction and a vast and seemingly impossible task is laid out before you. Chose to be a rogue, warrior or mage and prepare for many hours of adventuring, looting and demon slaying with your trusty companions.

Personally I found the control system to work very well, it simply takes some getting used to, and though the graphics appear slightly dated when compared to other recent titles, the presentation of the game is very appealing.

If you're thinking of buying this game, ask yourself a question. Do you take the time to follow a game's story and watch the cut scenes and actually read the dialogue as you interact with other characters?

If the answer is yes, then you will love this game. The story is sweeping and engrossing, moral choices of great significance must be made, and the development of relations with the other denziens of an intricate world, is handled brilliantly.

Overall I would consider this a must buy for RPG fans, and I certainly havent been this hooked since the glory days of Final Fantasy 7.

  A good game with tons of repeat play

| | See all Pete84's reviews (1)

I have just started this and admittedly it takes a bit of getting used to. The combat is a little dated. I.e. hitting one button to strike this can get a little repetitive. The graphics are not as detailed or as sharp as recent titles i.e. assassins creed 2 but you do get used to it. However putting all that to one side. This is a good game. It has an amazing amount of customization that really makes the game feel personnel. Also you decide what path you take i.e. being good or evil. Every decision makes and impact on how the game flows. The controls are relatively easy to pick up, however you do have to keep reverting back to the map as its very easy to get lost which can slow play down. The voice acting is very good and you can talk to just about everyone in the game. All in all this is one of the best free roam out there. If you like World of Warcraft then you will love this and with expansion packs imminent and this could be a game your playing for a long time to come.

  Must buy for RPG fans

| | See all Playdan's reviews (4)

I have played this game 6 times through already and i think it is immense. Its a great overall RPG, with the storyline, combat tactics, many quests, a large amount of explorable area and decent graphics all adding to the experience. There are multiple choices you can make as you play through the game which determine the plot and the ending, as well as quite a few interesting characters which join your "team" on the way. It is very hard to sum up the game as there is so much to say about it, but in my oppinion it is a cross between World of Warcraft and Elder scrolls: Oblivion. Amazing game and definately worth buying!