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Dragon Age: Origins

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (42 reviews)"

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  Read this if you are thinking of buying

| | See all ps3forthewin's reviews (6)

I rented the game for a week from a local store instead of buying it when i first turned it on i was put of it seemed rather crude however play for more than 10 minutes and you begin to get hooked on the story without spoilers its hard to describe how cool the story is but it is really worth playing so much work has been put into this game the story is one of the best i have ever heard the reason this isnt a 5 star review is because the gameplay its self is abit to much like world of warcraft and i already play that its a less detailed version but the game is worth playing for the story 4 out of 5 ps human noble story is really nice

  Good RPG game, a few flaws...

| | See all Daisy69's reviews (5)

I was counting the days for this game to be released! (Not literally, haha). Anyway... After eventually grabbing myself a copy at a bargain price (30 pounds for a brand new copy!) I found it strange to begin with, but giving the game time (roughly 30mins, haha) I was hooked and dying to know what was going to happen next!

In my opinion, this game offers many unique systems for the players to work with. Being good or bad, taking the easy route or the hard route towards a situation, the party system and tactic commands (it's always a pain having addtional fighters run all over the place without healing you, just as some huge ass monster is smashing your face in...) The job systems, crafting systems, they all have a unqiue twist!

Overall, I think the gameplay in Dragon Age beats the visuals hands down. I admit, I was dissapointed with those... however, considering the game has been in development for over 5 years, this isn't a huge surprise. No online content either, which was a shame...

Not having these features/improved visuals made me rate 4/5. I think everything that matters in the game is unique, almost perfect battle/party/other systems. Great game, a must buy for any big RPGer fans out there, you won't regret it!

One question I would like to ask, though... does the game have significantly improved graphics on any other platform? This would be interesting to know... Thanks.


| | See all Pike01's reviews (1)

I can't stop playing the game. It's kinda like world of warcraft but on console. They have the weapon enchancements like wow. The gold is exactly the same as wow. You have rogue,warrior,mage that have the same kinda skills as wow as well. So if your into world of warcraft this is the console came for you :)

  top of the class

| | See all nathanob's reviews (1)

to start the character design was terrific and gave you a lot of choices in wot you want your character to look like which is a big plus for me.

secondly the scale of the dialoge is immense and will take you a long time and many play-throughs to get to do and say everything in the game.

third is the scale of the world, its not as free flow and explorable as i had hoped but the scale of some of the locations makes up for that leaving passages and areas that lead away from the main story which leaves me intriged to look beyond the beatten path.

the cusomisable aspects of the characters is genius to leaving you with gaps to fill with the need to do second and mabey even third play-throughs to unlock everything.

the only thing that made me rate it as a 4 star is that the world map isnt purely free roam leaving you to choose where to go and it takes you there, fair enough the game has a lot to it but a free roam world like oblivion wud of made this game a utterly perfect RPG.

over all this game is a must buy and is definatly worth the money and will b for months to come with the expected DLC comming soon for it.


| | See all BeanMGF's reviews (5)

Hmmm im not the biggest RPG fan but after i recently played fallout 3 and LOVED it , i had this recomended to me .... firstly the graphics arnt what i expected pretty much rubbish when you get to create your character not much to choose from at all. the controlls will take a while to get used to BUT from what iv seen so far it looks like the story to it is going to be intresting plus the choices you make have an effect on the storyline also its one of those games that you will get your moneys worth once you get into it purly from the length of the game ... if your a massive fan of RPG u may disagree and love it but for me 3 stars is a fair rating

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  Pure Awesome

| | See all elseftoni83's reviews (4)

Everybody expecting a medievil mass effect should be warned, both by bioware but thats where the similarity ends. This is near perfection, great story and re-playability with 5 different endings and 6 different origin stories. Worth every single penny your going to spend on it. Just hope there's more DLC in the months to come.

  For people who like Real Time RGP's

| | See all ChemicalX's reviews (9)

This game has WoW influence to it and a WoW style of gameplay made very easy on the PS3 control pad. There is alot of questing and exploring which you months of lonevity.

I've only rented this game so far but I will be picking up my own version soon.

  A great RPG for RPG fans

| | See all Ommadawn's reviews (10)

Firstly, I have no doubt that the PC version is the system of choice for this game. It can get busy and I wish the PS3 had the option to zoom out.

That being said, the PS3 version is still very, very good.

I'd read that the graphics were poor and the interface was a mess. I personally feel the graphics are fine. Not the best and not as monstrous as people had led me to believe. The interface (initially) took took a little getting used to. After an hour of so (and considering the complexity of Dragon Age) I was navigating around the menus with ease.

As for the game itself, it's a nice mix of many 'old school' RPG's that makes anyone with a history of this type of game feel at home. I will confess that it doesn't push the bar massively higher, but it is the most fun I've had on my PS3 for a long, long time.

I'm still on my first play through and I'm looking forward to starting my second. Not once have I been bored or wished it would finish.

I will point out that there is a lot of reading/dialogue. Some people will tire of the background story relating to the next quest chain. Because it's so well acted and the decisions you make have such an impact on what happens next, it feels real.

This is not MW2, GOW3 or any other action based game. It's a big RPG with a big heart. It will keep you going for many, many weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Dragon Age and I'm glad I didn't listen to the haters.

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| | See all Deanwills's reviews (1)

Absolute brilliant game except im not sure how the add ons will work cos it would kinda suck if u had to start from the begining


| | See all jayg1357's reviews (6)

brilliant story, loads of options on where to go and what to do, amazing cinimatic clips overall a brilliant adventure

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