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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots (Platinum)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (95 reviews)"

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  This is a great game!

| | See all HideWithin's reviews (8)

If you are a fan of metal gear, this is a must have.
For other player`s this could be a little disapointment due to the gameplay (it take`s a little time to get used to).

The graphic`s is awsome, and the gameplay as well.
Yes, there is a lot of video clip`s, but you can skip and pause this as you want.
You have a bunch of weapons to choose from and you can mod the weapons as you self see fit.

The sad part is there is too much loading between the different map`s and clip`s.

The online part of this game is a big disaster. Just getting started takes forever and the online menu`s are not very good.
The gameplay online is also a big disaster.
A.I. vs real people can not be compared.

Play the game and don`t waste your time on the online gameplay.


| | See all casper2uk's reviews (8)

this is a great game. but to much video movie . most of the time . apart from that its a good game

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  COD4, Uncharted2 and MGS4...The Ultimate PS3 Line-up!

| | See all lozyb93's reviews (3)

As long as you have at least two days of free time and a bucket of popcorn youll have no problem realising that this is one of the best games ever to be made by those genius folk over to the east !
This game puts itself up there with the greatest games ever :
Uncharted 2
Timesplitters 1,2+3
Crash Team Racing
Worms World Party
and now MGS4.
I would highly reccomend it to anyone who wants hours of glorious japanese animation for their money !

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| | See all jamashie's reviews (29)

this and uncharted 2 are the BEST games this gen. this is the 2nd best game on ps3 (uncharted 2 1st) and every1 should experience it! and the future for ps3 looks all the better.

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  Takes Metal Gear to a new level

| | See all johnohull's reviews (3)

First of all having played all metal gear games i was going into this with a little caution, with the time of release and konami's money problems could have hurt the game allot, but my god have kojima and konami delivered, it is every bit as epic as all the other metal gear games, and that in it self is an achievement.

With the epicness that is the cutscenes in mgs you never really expected the gameplay to be up to scratch, but it was achieved in other games but not to the level it has been in this game. It really is a joy to play and the graphics help this also with a step up in class for the series.

With every mgs game you also get a good story and this game doesn't dissapoint, palying as solid snake we get another chapter in his life with is just as thrilling as when people left the cinema after watching the dark knight.

All in all this is the best game to date on the ps3 and for me the only game that can beat this is mgs: Rising which will be a tough job to do.


| | See all Mik6886's reviews (1)

Ignore reviews saying this game isnt anything but great the storyline is amazing, the gameplay great and the overall experience is one the best single player campaigns ever and worth a buy for anyone fans of the previous games or not


| | See all kss8ar's reviews (6)

I have to admit this for me was the biggest dissapointment in gaming in terms of next gen gaming.

This games lacks soul, but it tries to hard to be more then what it really is (definatlly not an epic).
The graphics are not very impressive in comaprison to the jump in graphics from mgs1 on ps to mgs2 on ps2. The gameplay lacks a sense of stealth, however you could argue that thsi game was not meant to be stealth however the gameplay doesnt exaclty make you feel your in a great action game.

The worst part of this game is the story... Its like they just went crazy... bring in all sorts of uninteresting characters and a plot that is just so all over the place it doesnt get you gripped into the game but bores you. The boss fights are not bad however the bosses themselfs are annoying and repetitive, especially when you beat them than you get a loooong life story on them and why how they came to be like that.

In reading a recent article about the game even the creator himself admitted that the game was not what it was supppose to be so that says alot. I just want to be honest to people still considering buying this game.

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  BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all kimipower's reviews (2)

I was amazed at how great this game was the first time i played it. In my opinion best game ever on PS3, great gameplay and incredible graphics. There are so many secrets and extras in this game that i have finished the game 5 times and still haven't collected everything. Great story and confusing if you skip any cutscene however amazing game!!! MGS 4 life :)

  Metal Gear

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

A truly amazing game that surly sets a new gold standard in terms of detail and plot development. Be prepared, however, for some seriously lengthy cutscenes. My only criticism of this game would have be the relentless nature of the cutscenes, which in some instances sees you wading through over half an hour of video and codec updates before finally arriving at the action. For those already familiar with the series this will come as no surprise as MGS has always led the way with expansive plot, but I do feel that they went a little too far this time. Don't get me wrong, it's all very well done but I did find myself skipping through scenes towards the end.
Worth buying and lots of replay potential.

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