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Dante's Inferno

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (56 reviews)"

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I ordered this game on a whim and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable ( and frustrating ) titles I have recently played.

First off, graphically the game is stunning. Hell is really brought to life through the ps3's graphics and a dark and depressing world is masterfully created.
The story itself isn't going to win any oscars, Dante sets off in order to save his women's soul from Satan but it is enough to keep your attention for the duration but you will find yourself focussing more on character upgrades and taking in the aforementioned graphics than really giving two hoots about her.
The control system is your typical button basher, however, unless you play this game on hard you will miss out on one of the most challenging games to grace the console, and the only other title I felt as relieved to finish was dark souls which I hope puts into perspective the challenge it brings, and I feel if you played it on easy it would lose a lot of its appeal. Although be warned, there will be times when you are tearing your hair out and my respect goes out to those who have completed it on the unlockable inferno difficulty mode as you have more patience than me.

I do feel the need to mention the camera system however as sometimes I found it annoying as it would position itself at an odd angle meaning you cannot directly see your enemy until he appears suddenly at the side of you and has you hacked to pieces.

Overall if your looking for a challenge I truly recommend picking it up on the cheap, as through unlockables it does offer a certain replayabilty meaning it will keep you entertained for a few weeks.

The only thing I can't comment on is its online features which you can download from ps store hence why it is not featured in this review.

  great hack and slash

| | See all gameing4life's reviews (104)

picked this game up with not knowing anything about it but was amazed by how good this game actually was like dmc meets gow over all a really great game easy to 100% as well

  Hellish, Gory and fun!!

| | See all Nathan444's reviews (274)

I didnt know what to expect from this game. but i picked up the death edition for around a tenna, which wasnt bad at all.

this really is a great game. button mashing hours of fun. the storyline is very good picking up from the original dantes infrno anime.

its going to be very good to see where they go with thus they could easily bring this into the seven deadly sins or other things around the hell topic.

you dont get achievements for the difficukty setting and can change this during game play. you just have to keep a good wit about yourelf to find all the collectibles scattered around the place.

if you like this game i also recommend darksiders.

overall 4/5!!

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  Its allright

| | See all OneTwothreeABC's reviews (4)

entertaining, worthplaying. but its no master piece. enjoyable environments and scenes but you cant really look around, the camera just points in whatever direction your supposed to go so you cant enjoy it that much

  A Must Have for Hack N Slash Fan

| | See all zen2me's reviews (35)

I must admited, this game is very good, the reasons?:
A good History and Gameplay, the only fault is the high difficult of some levels. But... is a Game.
Buy it & Try it.

  Good game.

| | See all Dillpazir's reviews (10)

There is only one real word to use when describing the game...Graphic. This game is 18 for a reason its full on. I enjoyed playing this game but I love hack and slash games. If you liked playing the God of War series you'll love this, it's basically God of War repackaged with a different story line.

  Top Buy

| | See all Kendellstein's reviews (7)

What an amazing game, devil may cry is awsum but this wipes the floor with it its one of the best games iv ever played and when you complete it theres lots of other features after the game which gets you more addicted, i must have played this game for at least 48 hours so far since iv had it, it never fails to dissapoint graphics awsum gameplay awsum, story line awsum. fantastic game and at this price a bargain. this game should have easily been no1 in game charts when it was released. 5* hope they make no2 but even better

  Makes Bioshock look like Sesame Street!!!

| | See all MarkLittleVai's reviews (22)

When i first put this game on i thought it was going to be another one of those cheap hack n slash games where you walk around the corner and tap the square button to kill zombies, then walk around another corner and tap the sqaure button to kill more zombies.. but this game has a lot more to it than that! take it from me. it starts off pretty wild, you'll encounter a load of huge bosses at the beginning with some amazing apmospheres and scenery and then as the game progresses it blends in to more tomb raider style puzzles and climbing - but it a very dark and twisted way, seriously if you have kids about, do not let them even glimpse at this game as there are boobs, blood and torture everywhere!
i am currently quite a bit in to the game, but getting close to the end i think. this is a LONG game! i know people here are saying it's short but BIOSHOCK was shorter than this, and i'm still playing it now..for how much longer i don't know as i ain't completed it yet. there is a part in the game where your convinced that the end of the game in coming and your getting ready for it, and then about 20 check points later you realise your not near then end! lol it's just a very climactic middle (so i CAN'T WAIT for the end-gonne be BIG)
to some it up, this game deserves 5 stars as it's cheap, it's fun, it's not too deep, not too light, it's just right and by that i mean it's the type of game you can not put the controller down until the next save, and then again until the next save etc, then the next thing you know 2 hours have gone by.

Great puzzles, not too frustrating but still time lapse parts where your adrenalin will pump hard.. and the boobs, i can't count how many boobs i've seen in this game, i mean who made this game? lol

the only thing a bit annoying is the sound get a bit repetative when you get stuck on the same bit for ages.. but i just turned the sound down soft so i can concentrate on getting out of that bit, and then turn it straight back up again when i've done it.

well worth it.
Twisted, Sick, Gory, Disturbing Imagery, Marvelous!

  GREAT Game!! Even if it is a bit short!!

| | See all ToniBriffa's reviews (7)

This is a great game... even if it can be completed in a little over 6 hours on Zealot difficulty. I completed it 2 times to get everything maxed and every trophy... Well worth the money especially at this price!!