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The Saboteur

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  My name is... The SABOTEUR!!

| | See all Madgamer331's reviews (12)

Great game this is. I don't know what to say. I have never played GTA so playing this gives me an idea of what GTA is.

  One of the most underrated games ever!

| | See all Sungod's reviews (6)

I did not buy it because it got 6.5 out of ten. What a mistake.
Superb map, roof climbing is great, driving is great, shooting is great.
A must have if you like open world gaming!

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  Great Game !!

| | See all redboroboy's reviews (4)

Got this after reading the other reviews,glad I did,one of the best games I have ever played.Started playing it,stopped only when I had got the platinum trophy.Like gta only more fun.Buy it, play it, save often.

  I'd have happily paid full price at launch!

| | See all ChrisB67's reviews (11)

The prologue is a little slow but it's a necessary evil, as it introduces you to Irish lothario Sean Devlin and explains why he became involved with the French Resistance. It also allows you to become accustomed to the controls.

The game is atmospheric, at times bleak, and the story cleverly draws you in to the extent that every time the likeable Sean kills a Nazi, especially with a stealth move or a head shot with a sniper rifle (lots of blood!), you get a real sense of satisfaction! (Well, I did...)

Completing certain scenarios gives you perks, allowing you to buy more weapons, ammo, maps and improvements to the cars in your garage.

There are so many acts of sabotage to be done it's mental. I've been playing for almost 24 hours, and I've still only scratched the surface.

There ARE a few bugs, as other reviewers have mentioned, but they do not detract from what is a well-made, addictive game with beautiful graphics.

A must-buy, particularly at it's current low price!

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  Surprisingly Good

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

Picked his up due to its very reasonable price tag, but generally very impressed. The game situates itself somewhere between GTA, Assassin's Creed and French film noir. The gameplay is very straightforward and the missions reasonably varied to keep you interested. One negative aspect is the aiming function which is a little awkward and takes some getting used to. Well worth a go!

  Worth it 99% (very good)

| | See all Scholsey555's reviews (11)

-1% due to the driving is love or hate kind of thing. The Graphics are out of this world and can be compared to just cause 2's graphics. For a popular game its better than gran theft auto IV. The actuall saboteuring is brilliantly planned out with a nearly perfect realizm of what it was like when the nazi's were occupying france. The story line is great and really make you feel apart of the resistance. All in all a solid game and with the added addiction its a must buy!

  Flawed yet Genius

| | See all RetroRiley's reviews (4)

I'm a little late with this review, seeing as I actually bought in in december 2009, started playing it in January 2010 and Platinum'd it in June 2010.... June 9th to be exact. I remember the date well because I was gutted Id finished what I believe to be the best game on PS3.. Big statement and Id better start by saying that it is flawed, bugged, and generally not actually finished but all that doesn't matter once you start to 'get' the game. Sean Devlin is a cracking character, very likable with some of the best one liners I've experienced in nearly 33years of being a Gamer, yup, I'm a mature gamer LOL

Graphics are decent, not Uncharted quality but certainly better than Mercs 2, Pandemics previous game which in many ways, shares the same DNA as The Saboteur.

Gameworld is alive and vibrant, the black/White and Nazi Red is with the constant rain is very depressing and the transformation to colour is a joy.

Side Missions, well, there are over 1250 side missions which along with the story, kept me busy for close to 80hrs. It got to the point that real life driving would have me looking at Mobile Phone masts and mentally planting explosives to blow them up :D

Story is decent, amusing in places, reflective and brutal in others.

Bugs, plenty of them, ranging from system crashes to bouncing vehicles, spawning enemies in mid air, unattached telegraph wires, dodgy anti aircraft aiming, ah, the list is endless but it just doesn't matter, the same is brilliant and at little over a tenner, a steal.

One piece of advice, actually two, expect nothing till after the first few hours of play and secondly, save your game often.

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  what a game

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

great game hard to put down good story with lots to do if you want to an open world sub war game a must buy

  GTA 4 During the War

| | See all BomberHarris's reviews (7)

Brilliant game all round, very addictive, lots of fun with funny dialogue, Platinum in 48 hrs of actual game play.