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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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| | See all daninbristol's reviews (2)

Tiger Woods 2010 is a fantastic all round game which can be played by anyone regardless of their knowledge of golf itself. The stunning graphics in HD enhances the game play to a level which I have not experienced with any of the previous Tiger Woods games. The career mode gives you so many options with which to alter your golfer and I like the touch of having to win the big tournaments in order to buy the top clubs and it always gives you a challenge on each hole against other peoples scores and drives. If i had to be a little critical it would be the camera angle once a shot was played making it difficult to judge the spin but apart from this, it is a brilliant game, top value for money!!!


| | See all redunited's reviews (16)

Mint courses mint graphics EA gamer net shows you the best shot in the world played on that course. And easpors website lets you create an avatar so that your career player looks just like you! I am recomending this game.

  Really good

| | See all Peg2patch's reviews (78)

The best Tiger Woods game going. 08 was great 09 poor and 10 has pulled it back round. Great courses and the addition of weather and the new putting system make it a game well worth buying. Fully reccomended to anyone

  A Great Continuation Of A Great Franchise...

| | See all Uzumaki's reviews (9)

The graphics have been improved and are visually very impressive in HD, and the gameplay is enough to provide hours of entertainment in both single player and multiplayer modes with friends. The new precision putting tool is also very good and offers a "Pick up and play" ability as it is quite quick to get the hang of.

The only reason i haven't given the game 5* is because you have to pay so much to download further course content. Personally i think it's just a tight way to make a few extra £££

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  just buy 09

| | See all shoooter's reviews (28)

It just seems thease days EA are just geting lazy this is just 09 in a different box they just added the pointless precision putting feture.

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  Not fives Stars, deserves 10

| | See all JacobKreed's reviews (14)

Now what is great about TW10 you can upload your face into the game via usb camera or via easports website. This really adds to very techincal update to TW10, you can still set it into TW9 mode if you wish. The graphics are great, if you do upload your pictures remember that you cant change the your skin tone in the game, so do all that you can before, simply take a picture. The gameplay is excellent the online features are great.. The only issue is using multiple profiles on the machine you have to keep loading the other profiles into the game. The sound is excellent, its worth every penny ...if you have everybodys golf this is an excellent update to it

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  Reply To: 'what a load'

| | See all NastroAzzurro's reviews (1)

I think you need to give a quick thought to what you have just wrote about the tournament challenges. The reason you have to hit every fairway (7 FIR) is because there are 9 holes and 2 Par 3's. Now if you're clever that means there is only 7 FIR available. The game is not a total waste of money infact i would say its worth every penny, its addictive, challenging yet satisfying. Great game and this is the first time i used Photo Face and i was well impressed.. also this is great for when the lads come round and you want to give them a good hidin!

  what a load!!!

| | See all lizardking4371's reviews (1)

totally disappointed with this game...graphics not that much better...why do you have to pay for extra courses!
Commentry totally out of sync...why do i get told i am in the rough when i am clearly in fairway or on the green.
On tournament challenges states hit 7 FIR and 7 GIR but when i miss a fairway it states as a failure..
thats just a few of the stuff thats wrong with it
think they need a complete rethink of this game before the inevitable TW 11 becomes available.

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| | See all Tolsoon's reviews (2)

I was aspecting this game to be rubbish as I hated the demo and all the previous Tiger Woods Games. But This One Is Great. It is so realistic and there is a mode you can play the pros when a major is on this game blew me away and they finally put a true Northern Irish Boy In it Good Old Rory Machalroy. Must Buy !

  More realism is a step in the right direction.

| | See all Murray1976's reviews (2)

EA has gone for realism with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. The course selection features all the classics but none of the off-putting "fantasy courses" (although one of these, Predator, can be downloaded for a fee). The introduction of weather is a nice challenge although you may wish you were playing in fairer climes as the courses' proclivity for downpours can get rather tiresome.

Online modes are as good as before, with the novel "Play the Pros" feature enabling players to participate in real tournaments against live scores from actual players. Yet niggles remain: dynamic skills, whilst an improvement on the previous system of skilling up from scratch, still penalise players for strategically played rounds. And the realism even extends to the option to actually pay for clubs and kit in a bid to bypass earning items through play. From day one players were able to maximise skills and equipment for various small fees - an insidious tactic, particularly galling when you want to challenge others online.

Tiger works best when it concentrates on realism and this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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