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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (170 reviews)"

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  quality again

| | See all toaly77's reviews (1)

Played the demo lastnight and i think the gameplay just keeps getting better every year, i dont know how some people can slag this game off. I have pre ordered it and it is a must buy game!

  amazing !

| | See all damienspurs's reviews (9)

Just played the demo and first impressions are it reminds me of the good old pro evo soccer games when the were legend ! Zipping the ball around with pace so realistic gameplay added with amazing graphics sound effects kits ! This game looks great and plays great.cant wait to play the full game in oct.
Ea sports take a bow !!!


| | See all TysonPNEFan's reviews (10)

I havent yet played the demo but i have seen my mates have a match on it and my words for the gameplay compared to fifa 09 is outstanding and brilliant. The graphics have been improved even though i believed that they couldnt get better from fifa 10 and there are new modes of gameplay where you can create a player and instead of just be a pro season mode, you can set him up in any gameplay mode that you please of and build his stats on them

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  Great Game Worth Buying!

| | See all shaunyy's reviews (2)

This is great! Its much improved then the last one with 360 degrees dribbling and better keeper plus player animations! The best football game on the market for me, a definate buy!

  better than 09

| | See all JackPrior's reviews (1)

Got the demo yesterday and although the game is not revolutionary in terms of looks compared to 09, the actual gameplay is incomparable. The passes seem much smoother and seem to glide across the pitch, making the play look incredible, but the best is the 360 dribbling, with the feeling of gliding down the touchline at any angle is incredible, and it also makes it not easier as such, but more intelligent ways of getting past your defender.

  Brilliant, best footy game ever. Based on the Demo

| | See all roonster85's reviews (4)

Love it, love it, love it. The demo is amazing, the 360 movement makes it more realistic, its a bit hard to start off with but when you get use to it then your off. Cant wait until the full game come out.

  its alright

| | See all thewestley's reviews (2)

Not sure if it is that much better than last year.

I have only played the demo (availble on ps3 network) but i must say that there were only a few improvements in my mind. The 360 dribbling is a little bit weird. But the movements the players make are much better.

The game play is very much like playing pro eve. I like it and will buy the actual game but im just not sure about it yet. Not quite sold on it. Yet. Maybe i need to play the demo more

  Just gets better and better....

| | See all LordJack's reviews (3)

This francise never seems to stop reinventing itself, from state of the art interaction with the AI to finally giving the consumer a worthy Manager mode. This will surely be crowned king of football games once and for all.

Note: I wish they would stop Man Utd scoring against Chelsea in every single game trailer they create, not always the case.

  Fifa just gets better and better!!!

| | See all Benderinho's reviews (2)

I just downloaded the demo and what a great footy game this is. FIFA get better and better every year. The gameplay is ten times better. The graphics are top notch. The 360 controls are fantastic. The tricks are even better than last year. The full game is going to be amazing. If you haven't downloaded the demo yet then you are missing out big time!!!

  Based on Demo

| | See all palm14's reviews (20)

After downloading the demo yesterday and playing it over and over again really tells you everything, what an improvement. The atacking is alot more difficult now as the deffending has really gone up a notch and that gives it a realistic feel, the shooting is so much better, you have more time to hold down circle when you shoot instead of having to rush it, the 360 degrees dribbling is superb, you have alot of freedom on the pitch which really does make the game so much better than 09, the goalkeepers are also exellent now and make all the saves that seemed easy to make in 09 but went in, Graphics are top notch as always, crowd isn't bad, its good when you score especially if your at home, maybe they could improve that for next year but its still ok, commentating is good, and also the referees are even better aswel, if ball is coming towards them they try and jump out of the way which is pretty cool. All this based on just a demo, tells alot really as there will be so much more in the real game, i can't wait and i would reccomend this game to everyone after playing the demo.