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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (170 reviews)"

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  Simply put, this is the best football game ever made!

| | See all masterwayne10's reviews (5)

It really is, I mean, how can FIFA 11 get better than this? Only EA knows!

Everything about it is just phenomenal. The realism of players and the way they play is fantastic. The skills, manager mode and everything else is just beautiful. FIFA have done the best with this one.

I can't wait for FIFA 11!

10/10 - 5/5!

  Best fifa so far

| | See all BrianGT's reviews (16)

This fifa unlike the last few alows you to actually get frees and penalties more than once every 5 matches.
The graphics are super but online you can hardely ever connect to the servers or find a match online.
The shooting is better and much more realistic tackling, passing and shooting styles aswell as the ref being actually on the field instead of being invisible.
The game modes are all good with a great create a player section.
Overall an excellent game that i think even if you werent a sport fan you would enjoy.

  brilliant game but got sum faults

| | See all reddevil3's reviews (6)

its brilliant the game play is great and passing the ball feels real and everything but 1 main issue i have is when your on season mode and you finished a year and go onto the next season sometimes its like gets a bug were all ur money is gone and ur in like 500,000 debt with wages like for me i was barcelona and i had 90 million left and 400,000 in wages and on the new season i was in debt of 2 BILLION and in wages debt of 600,000 it has happed 4 times very annoying . but part from tht its pritty much good all round gameplay good game


| | See all willotti's reviews (2)

Its great for football fans and full of fun you can play online with your friends and much more.

  Too many mistakes

| | See all stevehull's reviews (1)

There are some plus sides to the game like having all the kits and badges of all the teams and this could be such a good game, however, there are so many faults on the game:
- the goalkeepers are absoloutely dreadful
- the passing is very often inaccurate- it will always pass it to the person who is offside, even if completely directed to the other side of the pitch
- the left back or right back always plays their attackers onside by standing 10 yards behind the rest of the defence
- the heading is awful
- stats for the players are wrong- completely biased towards the big teams whose players are fine but players for other teams stats have not been changed
- the commentry just doesn't make sense- saying things at the wrong time
- the game is spoiled by constant little fouls that are not fouls and this just ruins the game with too many free kicks
- when it is raining on the game it just spoils it and is completely unrealistic
- when you are defending and you change player, your player jumps forward allowing the other team a clear run through

All of these problems have been there all along but have not been fixed- don't waste your money on it!

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  Really becoming realistic but, still not quite there!

| | See all DBReviewer's reviews (2)

I have had this game for several months and its extremely good,
the pace is great it used to be a very slow game but with the added 360 degree dribbling adds so many dimensions to what was already an immense game lasat year!
HOWEVER if you are looking to play this online be wary that 9/10 times you may be punished not through your own doing but from the run of the ball and the little knocks it takes off players which you cannot stop happening unless you have 100% possesion! Only Flaw!

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  More plus points than minus

| | See all Rob1986's reviews (3)

FIFA 10 is a very good football game. For realism it is the best. The transfer market in manager mode is versatile and the CPU buys players aggresively to make it competitive. The only flaws are...Legendary mode is hard (as it should be) but you get a sense of being conned. For example, I was a defender in a chase with a striker for a loose ball, then suddenly the CPU changed the defender that I was in control of, only for the CPU to run through and score. And the atmosphere from crowds and commentators needs to be a bit better


| | See all mikesssss's reviews (1)

The reason I give this five simple this game is brilliant , couple off points wanna make I play legendary difficulty and its like watching a game on sky sports , I had every fifa since 2001 this is by far the best ever , the pro club championship is mint for playing with mates the manager mode is wicked this game is addictive . I love it .

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  This is Football

| | See all mickey6chins's reviews (26)

The controls are intuitive, when a shot is miscued I genuinely feel thats is because I have snatched at opportunity and not allowed my striker to balance, the way the mechanics of gravity and balance impacts what happens is amazing i could almost be playing the game on the pitch. Players skill rating and ability are set to real life Wayne Rooneys box of tricks cannot be completed by Bobby Zamora for instance. The general feel of the play mimics what you would see on matcfh of the day strong forwards hold the ball up, Arsenal pass the ball to death, Tevez animationw hen falling to the ground is just like his real life reactions.

I particularly like the chance to pick your own celebration after scoring each goal nothing more satisfying than doing the robot,

The reason I have scored this a 4 and not a 5 is because in manager mode when you are in control of a strong team like Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City etc if you lose or draw one game against lower opposition your board confidence rating can drop 50% and your reputation will drop one level, this is irrelevant of being in the middle of a 20 match unbeaten run, 10 points clear at top of the league and in a cup final or euro semi finals.