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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (170 reviews)"

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  no passion

| | See all paulandfiona's reviews (2)

Just to start out if you want the closest game to reality in gameplay then just go and buy it. However, the reason it's only 2 stars is because of 2 reasons. Firstly it lacks soul, no atmosphere in the champs league final and the manager mode hasn't changed AT ALL since 06. Secondly the online is woeful as it plainly doesn't work properly and gameface? um no that doesn't work either. Although the gameplay is very good, it lacks the passion of the 90th minute goal in the cup final... the commentator will just say what he said when you scored in the 50th minute in the group stage.

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  The Greatest

| | See all mcnik31's reviews (3)

Anyone who thinks this isn't better than 09, just give it more time (and I know this will sound patronising but..) and think more about how teams and individuals play the game for real. Yes it's true that unlike 09 you can't just skip past defenders at will, they will use their strength against you, but that is what happens in real life. The controls, especially the ability to knock the ball away from you at the first touch opens up almost infinite opportunities, tactics are also easy to alter and seem even more key to success than in 09. There are one or two small niggles. The commentary whilst generally exemplary, is prone to more errors than 09's, maybe as often as once a match they will say something incorrect or completely random. Despite this, it is quite simply the closest any game has ever come to truly replicating the beautiful game in all its glory. GO BUY IT!

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  awesome but one problem

| | See all savery1's reviews (1)

Awesome game and i would defonately recommend buying it however, if I could suggest one thing to EA I would suggest that when you have won a trophy there should be a trophy presentation or at least even have a trophy for the players to dance around instead of them dancingd round thin air! However takes nothing away form the game!


| | See all Stevomc7's reviews (1)

Well EA have produced a masterclass here, I don't know how they will ever top this, the gameplay is second to none, tackles deflections weather conditions are everything you would expect for realism. The manager mode is top notch too, I have laughed out loud at reading some of the negative comments on here, get real and lower the difficulty if you find it too hard.. I play on world class or legendary and find the gameplay realistic and spot on dependant on the level of opponant

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  Fifa contines to beat pro evo senseless

| | See all BenJamin2008INC's reviews (11)

I bought both pro evo and fifa 10 this year and the comparsion is no where close fifa is miles better, in every aspect. Pro evo stll dosen't haven't all the players and team liscenses and fails to go further than the primership which if your a southend fan like me is no good. Fifa have ironed out last years creases with the re-introduction of editing kit numbers and reastical goals for lower teams to achieve.

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  Dont bother!

| | See all Jursey's reviews (3)

I have been playing the game for a few weeks and I can honestly say it is no better than 09, in fact it could be worse! The full backs are always further back than the centre backs creating massive gaps at the back. When the on a high level and losing, it is impossible to get the ball back. Again the goalies are terrible, they just watch the ball roll past their feet! And dont get me started on the new strenght aspect which is just a joke and nothing like real football!!

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| | See all Peg2patch's reviews (78)

It justs gets better and better. The gameplay is brilliant as usual even though its better with the dribbling. Graphics are top notch too. The manager mode is even better with the improved transfer system and also the player growth. More players have better ratings too which i like and you dont have to buy the same players each time, however the game has plenty of glitches and its frustrating when you play for hours and the game messes up on you, still the positive far outweigh the negative


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This is one of the very best sporting games i have played and EA have really outdone themselves this time. The graphics are once again top notch and the gameplay so much better than ever before which makes it a hard to ignore for a long period of time. Enjoy

  if fifa made beer it proberly be the best in the world

| | See all stevekelly123's reviews (4)

this fifa 10 is the best football game ive played so far.
You can make your own team and apply them into a league and play your team against your mates serious its good a must have