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Alice: Madness Returns

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all tabedu002's reviews (3)

Short review for it has all been said. I am die hard RPGs. Bethesda style open world free roam or nothing. That is to say nothing except this exceptional title. It has it all, quirky, action, story, puzzles. Jesus! I am doing nothing til I finish this baby and then I will lament the fact that it is done. Bravo Alice.


| | See all dontheduck's reviews (4)

What a game fun to play just beautful everything about this game say's beautful go alice go great story loved it 10/10 in my book

  alice master piece returns

| | See all dhill96's reviews (76)

what a game loved the look of this game and it had pretty good reviews so thought i`d take a gamble and what a game for those who are put of by alice in wonderland fear not its got a deep dark story with a good mix of battles, puzzles etc some cool weapons and plenty of gaming hours a great fun game once you start its hard to put down you won`t find any thing else like this on the market give it a go

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| | See all BALDYMAN1's reviews (60)

This is a quality game but like the title
Suggests its mad but at this price buy it
I saw a preowned copy for 24.99 last week in gamestation

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  An engrossing, off-the-wall classic

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

Having not played the original Alice game, I picked this up thinking it might offer somehting a little different. What I expected was something of a puzzle-based fantasy RPG, when what I got is perhaps closer to 'Dante's Inferno' - a lithe, beautifully rendered action-adventure 3rd person action-adventure set aginst the twin backdrops of Victorian London and a warped envisioning of Lewis-Carol's Wonderland.
The storyline picks up where the previous title is said to ended, but having not played this title I didn't feel that I was missing any essential information as most of the back story is filled in courtesy of flashbacks. Obviously you play the character of Alice who is suffering from quite a collection of psychological issues, not least of which is guilt for her parent's demise. From this point on Alice returns to a Wonderland that has been warped and twisted by an evil presence and it is your job to sort this mess out.
The controls are slick, the levels are really quite beautiful in a gothic come avant-garde way and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through all of them. Most of the game requires you to make a series of well-time jumps and dashes, which is made all the more interesting by utilising Alice's many skills and weapons which you aquire as the game develops. You frequently have to defeat level bosses and a variety of lesser foes, which adds a nice combat dimension to the game.
Overall this is an very enjoyable game with a good storyline and a strong narrative.

  2 Great Games

| | See all DuncanStyles's reviews (27)

I bought this on the spur of the moment without any idea on what to expect.

This game is a sequel to an 11 year old game, one that I vaguely remember but hadnt played. You get a downloadable copy of that game with this by way of a code you enter into the voucher redeem function of the PS3. I played the old game first so here are my thoughts and comments on that.

For an 11 year old game it looks pretty good, its built on the Quake 3 Arena engine and while the locations are quite blocky the abstract nature or the artwork manages to hide this for the most part. The game is rendered in HD so dont expect PS1 standard resolution, the conversion to 16:9 seems to lop off the top and bottom of the picture during cut scenes. Sound is good, only the sound Alice makes when she jumps could annoy after a while. Voice acting is good throughout. There are are fair few challenges but its all pretty straight forward and clear as to what you have to do. The swimming sections are the most annoying, underwater enemies are hard to target. You can save whenever you like which makes progress easier as you can save after every tricky moment. You should expect to finish in 8 to 10 hours. Trophies are unlocked through progress only so by the time you are done you will have them all. This is a great bonus and its worth playing first, not only do you get the backstory but you will be able to see just how far graphics have come in those 11 years.

Now on to Alice: Madness Returns. The game begins with Alice in the real world of London as she talks to a doctor about her mental state. A short trip through the streets has Alice fall back into Wonderland. This time Wonderland looks green and lush, populated by suitable strange creatures and objects. As you progress though the opening level things starts to fall apart and there is a gradual return to the dark twisted Wonderland seen in the first game. The graphics are great, direct from the imagination. Alices animation is greatly improved with smooth movement and flowing hair. Controls are similar but there are subtle differences, you can enter a 1st person view and shoot as you might in any 1st person shooter. Alice can no longer hang from or pull herself up onto platforms but she can now double jump and float across large gaps. Alice can alter her size at will to gain access to small keyholes which in turn give you access to some form of reward, shrinking also enables you to see hidden messages and other secrets You can no longer save at will so its worth making a decent amount of progress to the next auto save point. Worth noting that the content of Madness Returns is more adult and not really child friendly with disturbing images and some strong language.

I really enjoy these games and the worlds they create and would recommend them.

  Great :)

| | See all Rosielouu's reviews (1)

This game is brill! the music, storylines and levels are all interesting, not too challenging but i enjoyed every single bit! Some veryy freaky stuff in this game too! worth the money!

  Wonderland is still full of wonder

| | See all mitchjay92's reviews (6)

I've written a full written review of this but I'm just going to say that the art and music are what shines the most in this game - we really don't have enough platformers so this is a nice change in a market flooded by shooters.

You'd be doing yourself a favour by getting this and get it new - you get a code for the original American McGee's Alice too then and that's also well worth a playthrough.

2 great games for what is now a lower price than one!

  Excellent story, not so excellent level design

| | See all Draken's reviews (3)

I found this to be a rather entertaining game, however for a 15 rated I'd of expected alittle more complexity from the puzzles and paths etc, nothing was mind boggling, they took at most a couple of glances to figure out.

The story was amazing, really gripping I loved the twist on the classic alice in wonderland. The story gripped and drove you to continue playing it was well thought outt.

The only 'downside' I found with this game is the zones were exactly the same( to travel through, I mean) .. it was just doing the same thing over and over in different textured enviroments.

Considering it's come down to 26pounds now aswell its well worth the cost!

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  One of my favourite games to date!

| | See all WanderingMaster's reviews (1)

If your a lover of rpgs & fantasy like myself then you really can't go wrong with Alice Madness Returns.

The game world is rich & beautiful to look at, & it is easy to get totally immersed in this game for hours on end, with a great storyline as well, this game kept me interested throughout & above all was really fun to play.

The first Alice game also isn't bad considering it's age & is definitely worth a look, hoping more games come out in this series already!

All in all an excellent gaming experience ticking all my boxes!

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