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Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (53 reviews)"

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  Highly addictive

| | See all joeriddell16's reviews (58)

I usually get bored of racing or rally games after a few hours. Not with this one. I wasn't even a fan of Dirt 1 to be honest.
I'm 70% through the races and there's still tons left to do. The variety of cars and tracks is brilliant, and you never get bored of winning. Fairly easy trophies, and the individual challenges are fun too. There's also a nice touch with a tribute to Colin McCrae too and you get to drive his iconic Impreza. Fantastic.

  grrreat racing game

| | See all Quinton1's reviews (3)

This game is fantastic, the handling is really great, you could get really stuck into this game for hours or you could pick and play for 5 minutes. the A.I are great to race against, they are not impossible to beat, they don't follow the same line, they crash and spin etc all the time. every time you win a race you're rewarded with in-game items or trophies. This is awsome with the logitech driving force gt wheel. One of the best games out there!


| | See all Zinger7's reviews (1)

A Fantastic Game, I really didn't think they could do any better than the first one, but the have. attention to detail is brilliant, 10out of 10

  It's a game!!!

| | See all NickKAng86ITA's reviews (2)

It's really a Game!!!
Fun, fast, with a lot of option, a career to choose how to run, a lot of races and pretty difficult at the max cartegory. Enjoy the fun in the name of Colin exept if you search the extreme simulation.
Anyway i love this game the best after GRID in the last 2 years


| | See all PS3Ownage's reviews (3)

I love this game. Im more of a online gamer and i was not dissapointed with the online at all. Very smooth bug free game. Dirt Tour mode can get abit boaring but you expect that, after all it is a racing game and all your going to do is race. VERY GOOD GAME!


| | See all pgeoand's reviews (5)

Colin used to be great, but as another review said,this game has become half uk and half American. Trust me if you liked C.mcray on ps2 its not the same now. Its ruined. Took mine back.

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  Great game!

| | See all Scotty24's reviews (27)

I've been looking forward to Dirt 2 for a while now because it's been so long since there was a good rally game and if your looking for a good rally game this doesn't disappoint. However if your looking for a realistic rally game you better keep on looking.

Dirt 2 certainly looks good, all the tracks and cars look awesome. It also has some pretty good damage and it wont take you many crashes to wreck your car.

There is a good selection of tracks from around the world. From China and Utah (America) to the big cities London, Tokyo and LA. The game has a good selection of cars too with all the rally cars you'd expect (no monster trucks though!).

It also has pretty a pretty good music. BUT you''ll hardly notice it because you can only hear music when your in the menus. Yes really, a racing game with no music in the races, meaning that the races feel pretty boring.

The other problem with the game is the terrible car controls and physics. Dirt 2 is very arcadey, meaning that it has some pretty awesome drifts, that's if your car doesn't go flying off the track and into a tree.

The last problem with the game is how short it is, you can complete 25% in one night and the trophies are far too easy.

Lastly the online so far has been alright. It's good when it's a trailblazer race and there's nobody to bump into you. But the actual races are frustrating, everyone just rams you most of the time.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, I was frustrated sometimes but that didn't ruin the game for me.

  Love it, love it.... love it!

| | See all bl0f3ld's reviews (9)

Easily the best driving fun you have on the PS3 (so far!!!).
At first i hated the 'Americanised' feel that the game had, and as a true fan not only to the Colin McRae Rally franchise going back to the Playstation 1 days, but also having the honour of also meeting the man himself and being a fan, I felt quite uneasy about Ken Block and Dave Mirra having such a big part in the 'game'.
I was not too happy with the original Colin McRae Dirt losing it's 'Rally feel' but found it enjoyable. Dirt 2, really has gone out to attract a wider international audience, mainly aimed at America. The other drivers call you 'Dude' now and again and you will also make a visit to the 'X-Games'. I was expecting Tony Hawk to show up at any moment. Beside Colin's name on the cover and a respectful tribute video to him, nothing else really warrents the Colin McRae estate allowing his name to be used... anyway this was my only annoyance, back to the game.
It is BRILLIANT, the graphics (scenery, damage, cars) the physics (all vehicles, cars, trucks and buggys have a different feel to them), and sound are great. I have honestly never overall enjoyed a driving game so much and I have pretty much played most. I loved the single player 'career' mode and the online multiplayer mode is excellent, working together as a team or being on your own is great. Alot of effort has gone into making the online mode as enjoyable as possible, even making anyone that decides to cause an accident by going around tracks the wrong way; into a ghost car. There are plenty of differnt styles/modes to keep you busy and it just does not lose any appeal over time. As I stated earlier, if you really want to have some fun, this is the game for you. 100% highly recommended.